Totem Shaman - Murder at Castle Nathria Day 1 Decks

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It seems like every year, Blizzard prints several totem tribal support cards, and it is that time of the year again where I go to the grindstone and force them in constructed for a week. The main support card this time around is The Stonewright, which turns all the totems into strictly better Silver Hand Recruit. While strong on its own, it becomes sillier when it is able to be repeated through Brilliant Macaw, making each totem into a fairly large threat. The rest of the deck is designed around flooding the board with as much totems as possible. Cards like Carving Chisel, Party Favor Totem and Wildpaw Cavern all put up consistent pressure, aiming to run opponents out of removal, to which the game can be closed out with Bloodlust.

Another route the deck can go is with Gigantotem, which can come down fairly cheap early on. Due to the small amount of totems in standard, theres around a 50% of finding one of these massive totems through Amalgam of the Deep, resulting in the card being fairly good at dumping large amounts of power onto the board.

The last part of the deck is based around Multicaster with the goal of turning it into a 4 mana draw 3 through the use of fire, nature and frost spells.

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