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"Only Beasts are above deceit" - Rexxar  

Link to Hearthpwn Guide: https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1242988-62-wr-legend-control-meta-hunter

Recently hit Legend for the first time (after 4 years) using this deck! (Editor won't let me directly link images themselves so I've left the links instead for proof).

*Proof of Legend*


*Proof of Deck Winrate*


On my last 10 games of my climb to Legend (with the final, perfected version of the deck) I managed an ~80% winrate.

Overall winrate where I was changing and teching different cards to revise my deck from rank 5 and onwards would be 62% (56-35).

Prior to this, I tried a vast variety of common meta decks ranging from Cubelock, Control Lock, Wall Priest, Dragon Priest and Odd Warrior to no avail (kept falling between rank 5 and 3). Finally, went with a more control oriented version of Deathrattle hunter along with the underrated stars of the show:

Swamp King Dred Card Image  Houndmaster Shaw Card Image  Defender of Argus Card Image

Swamp King Dred This card is extremely underrated and not commonly run in the current meta. Many tend to overlook/forget his active effect, and can often act as a "pseudo" taunt or as a nice juicy 7 mana 9/9 from Kathrena. (I've also had him eat a Lich King b/c the opponent overlooked his active effect. Nifty).

Houndmaster Shaw Was extremely underrated when he came out but he's a pretty powerful card. Even better when you manage to use him in synergy with your eggs, deathrattles, and cubes to clear a board instantly. At worst, he's a scary 4 mana 3/6!

Defender of Argus This card is EXTREMELY good. Great synergy with your eggs, shutting down aggro, Face Hunter, Odd Pally, etc. Even if they get your eggs down, you get free juicy 5/5 Devilsaurs. Overall good card for delaying the game or for extra tempo.

Other Highlights:

Deadly Shot x2 (Control aspect of deck) Good against those pesky Even Locks and their turn 3-4 Giants or Wall Priests with their beefy 2/14 taunts ready to smorc your face!

Kathrena Winterwisp Best if you can play it on curve. Can fish for a Grizzly when you need a juicy taunt to protect your face, or [Hearthstone Card (King Crush) Not Found] to smorc your opponent in style! Pulling Dred isn't too bad either.

Zilliax Glorious card. Good for healing in this deck when you need it. Good against aggro, and sometimes on control to push through a taunt.

Faceless Manipulator Great for your cubes or King Krush, or to even the playing field against your opponent. (My highlights have been against an Odd Warrior who was cubing Direhorns, Ysera, a Warlock's Voidlord, or an Egg Pally's buffed Tirion, followed by a deadly shot.) If too greedy, replace with tech of your choice.

King Krush Most satisfying card in the game. Change my mind.

Oondasta is an expensive but pretty powerful card if you can manage to pull King Krush or Charged Devilsaur from your hand and go face. Could save you the game if you ended up with all your big beasts in hand and Kathrena has nothing good left to pull. But it proved a bit too slow, so it's something to keep in mind if you'd like to test yourself.

General Mulligan:

You generally want to keep Devilsaur EggTerrorscale Stalker, and maybe a Play Dead for early board pressure.

Against Aggro:

Generally the same mulligan, but you may also want to keep/fish for a Candleshot (good against pally/face hunter), Flanking Strike, and maybe Deadly Shot.

Against Control:

Again the same mulligan, but keep/fish for Deadly Shot, (good against Even locks and Wall Priest), or a Spider Bomb. Against Odd Warrior you'll need to either pressure him at the start with your Eggs/Kathrena or rely on Deathstalker to outvalue the lategame, (especially if he goes Dr.Boom early)

***Keep in mind the tempo aspect of this deck and many games can be finished with your hero power. Only go Deathstalker Rexxar when appropriate to outvalue your opponent.

Optional variants:

Zul'jin Card Image Oondasta Card Image  Charged Devilsaur Card Image

This is a mix between control and the common deathrattle hunter with the inclusion of Dred. You can also try Charged Devilsaur instead as a more bursty deck, but often found it useless when stuck in hand.

Fungalmancer and Defender of Argus have great synergy with your eggs and Shaw or for a more tempo play with any other minions you've got going on.

***I have been tampering with a spell oriented version of this deck to synergize with Zul'jin, but it's entirely experimental at this point. Fun, but wonky.

***If you're facing an excessive amount of aggro I've found a Tar Creeper seems to help out.

Edit: Added video above compiling my games to legend along with a few other decks I initially tried (e.g Wall Priest, Cubelock, Odd Warrior). Comes with a few spicy memes of course. (Climb to legend with this deck starts at 0:49)

I hope this deck also helps you reach legend if you're willing to give it a try and wish you the best!

I can also include a guide vs. each class/deck type if this get a bit more upvotes. Thank you and take care!


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