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This deck takes the most popular combo priest deck on hsreplay ( and removes the highly RNG Psychopomps, replacing them with cards that work better (IMO) with the goal of effectively getting a big minion that you can hit with Divine Spirit(s) and Inner Fire for the win.

The Psychopomps have, at worst, 11 bad resurrect targets, and at most 5 good resurrect targets in the original list (and no, you do not get to cheat and assume that High Priest Amet will always be on the board to make your rez targets have 7 health). I do not like those odds at all. The original list also has a TON of possible healing included, and only one good turn one play anyways, Northshire Cleric. So, the deck loses almost nothing by playing Activate the Obelisk on turn 1, and gains a TON by including it. And all you have to sacrifice is a card that has low odds of being good, the Psychopomps. That leaves just one question - what should replace the other Psychopomp? I went with Quartz Elemental because of the high health and the many ways to get him to full health on an OTK turn. He's the perfect card to use for the Divine Spirit, Inner Fire combo, since he has the magical 8 health (where 2x Divine Spirit + Inner Fire = 32 damage).

Initial play testing shows that this deck can be quite powerful, and probably better than the version that includes the Psychopomps and no quest.

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