Amara's Omelet Buffet (Midrange Egg Quest Priest)

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This just might be my favorite deck to come out of Saviors of Uldum.  Embalming Ritual, Wretched Reclaimer and Psychopomp enable some crazy deathrattle shenanigans and Kobold Sandtrooper can really get a lot of face damage done if you copy it enough.

The cool thing about this deck is that it plays a bit differently every time depending on whatever the first deathrattle you play is since you can make so many copies of it.

Pick and choose what ingredients you want to put in each omelet to cook up the perfect batch!

The Eggs

If you want to make a good omelet, you'll need to start with a strong base.  And that, of course, is the eggs! Nerubian Egg has been the best card to play on turn 2 from my experience so far.  On the next turn, Popping it right away with Wretched Reclaimer, buffing it with Extra Arms, or copying it with Mirage Caller can lead to a pretty large board rather quickly since after killing the egg, you can summon more with Twilight's Call which is essentialy a 3 mana 10/10 if it hits two [Hearthstone Card (Nerubian Eggs) Not Found]. I've even included a Serpent Egg for consistency since having an egg on 2 is so good.

The Spice

Want to add a bit of a kick to your omelet? [Hearthstone Card (Kobold Santrooper) Not Found] will make sure someone is burning at the end of the meal! Playing Kobold Sandtrooper first and copying/triggering it a bunch turns the deck into Face Priest, just copying it or giving it Reborn once makes the combined deathrattles a Fireball straight to the dome!  If you can hold back on playing many other deathrattles so Twilight's Call is very likely to summon two, you can pull off some bursty combos involving Spiritsinger Umbra to close out the game.

Keep Em Comin'

Finish eating too quickly and want a refill?  These two guys will make sure your hands are never empty! Loot Hoarder and Dead Ringer can make sure you never run out of cards, but I've found they're often the deathrattle I want to copy the least since it makes Twilight's Call have relatively low impact.

Love from Grandma

All of our Omelets are cooked with love and care from your very own Grandmummy! Copying a bunch of Grandmummys is the quickest way to complete the quest since every copy you summon is 2 quest ticks in one.  The interaction with Wretched Reclaimer is also pretty cute.  You can use it one a Grandmummy that has died already and come back without Reborn to make Reclaimer a 4/4 and the resummoned Grandmummy will come back with Reborn!

Alternatives on the Menu

If you're going second and find yourself without a 2 drop to play, you can coin Piloted Shredder on turn 3, then on turn 4, trade it into something and resurrect it with Psychopomp as a 4 mana 11/5 that summons two random 2-drops if you add up the stats of all the minions from it, that's like 12 mana worth of stats!

In the later game, using Carnivorous Cube on Amara, Warden of Hope, Piloted Shredder, or a Nerubian can provide some large and sticky boards, especially if used with Spiritsinger Umbra.  Speaking of Amara, don't be afraid to just play it for tempo.  It is a 5 mana 8/8 with Taunt after all.


I've cut the Serpent Egg since it wasn't performing as well as I had hoped.  Instead I am now running Leeroy Jenkins as a finisher option since pairing him with Embalming Ritual and Wretched Reclaimer can be a 9 mana, 18 damage burst combo.

Uldum Nerfs Update

Extra Arms is sadly getting hit with the nerf hammer because of Standard Combo Priest.  I recommend either Velen's Chosen or Unidentified Elixir as replacements since the main function of arms was to give Nerubian Egg attack.  I'm leaning more toward Unidentified Elixir since the Spell Damage from Velen's Chosen is largely irrelevant for this deck and getting a Elixir of Shadows or Elixir of Hope would be great for summoning more Deathrattle copies.

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    I just stumbled across this deck, and I found it to be very interesting. Considering this deck is over a year old, do you have any updates?

  • Neitsabes's Avatar
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    Posted 3 years, 9 months ago

    very funny deck and useful to do priest quest ! thx


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    Love the idea and the guide. Will try it for sure!

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    Posted 3 years, 9 months ago

    Love this deck! Fun to play and already got the dream of endless Grandmummy.

    Thank you for posting! :)


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