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Been a while since my last deck post, but I finally have something I'm proud of: Taunt Warrior!

Now I'm not talking about control warrior with a couple taunt minions sprinkled in, this is full blown taunt centric warrior complete with 2 Infested Goblins and 2 Into the Frays. The deck operates in a more midrange style and actually closes games out instead of awaiting a concede like control does. The deck performs well in aggro and combo matchups while the control matchups get dicey if not ended with an early Frothing Berserker.

Neat Synergies

-Amani War Bear/Zilliax + Town Crier - By removing the typical rush minions used by warrior decks we are able to guarantee that Town Crier always draws us a taunt minion ready to hand buff.

-Infested Goblin + Into the Fray - This one is a little weirder, by allowing this goblin to die in the early turns we can use the scarabs to immediately recover the early board with Into the Fray. Putting up to 10/10 worth of taunt onto the board on turn 4.


The deck fairs well against the Highlander Hunter and due to the nature of Taunt, it has a good matchup against the Murloc decks that are leading this post nerf world. As I mentioned in the intro we do struggle a bit against our Control counterparts but the matchup isn't impossible and Frothing Berserker provides a pretty solid trump card in the matchup. Overall I'd say the deck is well positioned in the meta, and we have the added benefit of people mulliganing for the control matchup.

Hope you guys enjoy the deck, if you try it out come back and leave me a comment!


Edit: Made the front page on decks for the first time ever! Thanks everyone for the support!


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    Posted 4 years ago

    Great deck, but not sure about mad genius, I don't think he is that important since he was slowed down quite a bit

    • MasseBre007's Avatar
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      Posted 4 years ago

      Mad Genius can definitely be replaced if you don't need a late game powerhouse in your meta, but if you're against a lot of druids and warriors I'd recommend leaving him in. Beefed up tomb wardens with rush are incredibly good to close out games.


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