Singleton maly druid! V2

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Just like a skyrim character that's doing the dawnguard DLC this deck has been revamped and guess what? It actually works now! :D


Here's the combo: Dreampetal florist on the goose to get a 2 mana goose, if the florals misses that's alright that's why we run floop anyway, 2 mana goose, with swipe moonfire and elise in hand you play elise, getting copies of the goose moonfire and swipe cards, then play emperor that blizzard has so kindly decided to bring back for standard and the combo is.

1 mana Malygos, 1 mana Malygos,3 mana Swipe for 14 dmg twice and then Moonfire for 11 twice, for a total of 50 damage.


If you noticed that's only 8 mana for the combo and you'd be right, but there's nothing i can think to add to it for damage maybe a thalnos or something if you need the +1 but i don't think it's necessary

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