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Ever since the introduction of the rewards track, each expansion has always brought us a handful of achievements to complete in order to gain more rewards: while some of them are relatively easy to complete, some others may take some time or a proper set up. In case you're wondering what's the best way to gain all that sweet sweet XP locked behind Voyage To The Sunken City's achievements, do not fret, as we have the answer you're looking for!

In this guide we'll focus our attention on the Sunken City Demon Hunter achievements and provide at least one way to complete each of them so that you'll be able to get closer to the end of your reward track.

Novelty: starting from the Voyage To The Sunken City Achievement Guides, we're introducing the Related Achievements criterion, which basically goes to show if a certain achievement has a strong relation with another one (be it from the same class or from the Neutral section), and therefore if they are beneficial for each other from the completion point of view. All in all, it says if you can hit two (or more) birds with a single stone!

Disclaimer: as always, all expansion achievements can be completed in Ranked Standard, Ranked Wild, Arena, Casual & Heroic Duels and Classic - Casual Standard, Casual Wild and Tavern Brawl will not count towards your hunt! Moreover, we'll always take Ranked Standard as the default game format for our strategies: if we happen to have some strategies or particular interactions belonging to other modes to highlight, we'll be sure to specify it.

Here are all the achievements we're going to complete together:

  1. Light 'Em Up - Trigger Kotori Lightblade's effect on 25/50/75 minions.
  2. Soy Glad to Be Here - Restore 20 Health in one turn with Holy Maki Roll.
  3. Under the Radar - Draw 5 Mechs with a single Radar Detector.
  4. Maximum Occupancy: 14 - Summon 50/100 minions with Front Lines.

Sunken City Paladin Achievements Overview

It is reasonable to say that Paladin has the easiest achievement set of the entire Voyage To The Sunken City expansion.

Edit: guide updated with the Throne of the Tides Mini-Set achievements.

How to Complete the "Light 'Em Up" Paladin Achievement

It is clear that Light 'Em Up would've been much easier to complete if Ashes of Outland's Librams were still in Standard, but they aren't here anymore.

Fortunately for us, there's another rather viable way of getting this achievement done with not much effort, and it revolves around Holy Maki Roll. Here's what we're going to do.

  • Although it's not required, Cariel Roame's discount effect may come in handy.
  • Veteran Warmedic does not help towards the achievement's progression, but it generates decent board pressure so that you can get to turn 10 more safely.

There's also a Wild method that could potentially allow you to complete Light 'Em Up in a single turn, with APM skills being the only real limitation. For such a strategy to be viable, we need a 4-card-combo enabled by one Emperor Thaurissan discount tic: to be more specific, we're talking about Generous Mummy, Silas Darkmoon, Kotori Lightblade and Holy Maki Roll. Here's what you need to do:

How to Complete the "Soy Glad to Be Here" Paladin Achievement

  • Requirement: Restore 20 Health in one turn with Holy Maki Roll.
  • Speed Rating: 5/5.
  • Related Achievementsno specific ones; however, given how we're going to complete this, you can pair it with with basically any Neutral achievement you want!

Very, very easy achievement for Paladin, where it basically asks you to lose, but not too hard. When you're below 10 Health, just cast Holy Maki Roll on yourself 10 times and you're done.

It's useful to keep in mind that Soy Glad to Be Here does not require you to heal yourself: restoring health to your minions, your opponent's minions or even your opponent's face will count as well!

The strategy we suggest is simple:

  • Create a deck with two copies of Knight of Anointment and two copies of Holy Maki Roll.
  • Fill the rest of the deck with card draw and cards for other achievements.
  • Try to stall the game until you have 10 mana available.
    • Taking damage is more than fine: just make sure to not die!
  • Cast Holy Maki Roll 10 times (doesn't matter the target, as long as you can restore the entire 2 health).

How to Complete the "Under the Radar" Paladin Achievement

  • Requirement: Draw 5 Mechs with a single Radar Detector.
  • Speed Rating: 5/5.
  • Related Achievements: none.

Another incredibly easy achievement to complete: just create a deck with 28 Mechs and two copies of Radar Detector. Unfortunately, the Standard pool does not have enough Mechs: the total amount (considering Amalgam of the Deep as well) is 26 cards. How do we fill the remaining two spots? Stonehearth Vindicator is by far the best choice, as it tutors Radar Detector for a potential turn 3 achievement completion.

As for Wild, you'll have no problem in including 28 Mechs in your deck.

How to Complete the "Maximum Occupancy: 14" Paladin Achievement

  • Requirement: Summon 50/100 minions with Front Lines.
  • Speed Rating: 2/5 in Standard, 4/5 in Wild
  • Related Achievements: none.

Maximum Occupancy: 14 is annoying for the fact that Front Lines stops summoning minions once one side of the board is full: if you're behind on the board (something which is likely to happen), you'll struggle to progress the achievement remarkably.

With this being said, here are two ways to complete Maximum Occupancy: 14. The first one is for Standard and consists of playing Big Paladin: nothing particularly fancy about this.

The other way is much faster and consists of building a Wild deck featuring as many cheap drops as possible, some card draw in the form of minions, two copies of Front Lines and two copies of Prismatic Lens.

  • Once casted, Prismatic Lens will always draw the other Lens or Front Lines, which are going to be heavily discounted.
  • Play Front Lines.
  • In this way, you should be able to get around 10 progression points for each cast, making the achievement's completion rather fast.

Other Resources

In case you're still deep in your achievement hunt, worry not: we prepared a guide for each class (and neutrals!) for you to take inspiration from, so that you'll be able to complete them in no time for those sweet sweet XP points.

Our clever community members set up a forum thread to share your achievement progression journey, and we have added an #achievements channel on our Discord server if you want to talk with others in real-time. If you need an assist, you can also respond to this guide and we'll do our best to help you out; the comments are also a great way to share your own decks that you've used to complete the achievements above.

Good luck tackling any of these achievements for your experience boost or just for the sake of satisfying completion!