Welcome, fellow achievement hunter.

Ever since the introduction of the rewards track, each expansion has always brought us a handful of achievements to complete in order to gain more rewards: while some of them are relatively easy to complete, some others may take some time or a proper set up. In case you're wondering what's the best way to gain all that sweet sweet XP locked behind Voyage To The Sunken City's achievements, do not fret, as we have the answer you're looking for!

In this guide we'll focus our attention on the Sunken City Neutral achievements (here's the full list of all the Sunken City gameplay achievements) and provide at least one way to complete each of them so that you'll be able to get closer to the end of your reward track.

Novelty: starting from the Voyage To The Sunken City Achievement Guides, we're introducing the Related Achievements criterion, which basically goes to show if a certain achievement has a strong relation with another one (be it from the same class or from the Neutral section), and therefore if they are beneficial for each other from the completion point of view. All in all, it says if you can hit two (or more) birds with a single stone!

Disclaimer: as always, all expansion achievements can be completed in Ranked Standard, Ranked Wild, Arena, Casual & Heroic Duels and Classic - Casual Standard, Casual Wild and Tavern Brawl will not count towards your hunt! Moreover, we'll always take Ranked Standard as the default game format for our strategies: if we happen to have some strategies or particular interactions belonging to other modes to highlight, we'll be sure to specify it.

Here are all the achievements we're going to complete together:

  1. All Your Mechs Are Belong to Us - Summon 75 Mechs with Mothership.
  2. Amalgam AquariumDiscover minions of 10 different minion types with Amalgam of the Deep.
  3. Army of Azshara - Summon 100/200/300 Naga.
  4. Hold Your Breath - Attack with Divers 60 times.
  5. Just an Old Fish Tale - Deal 90 damage with Baba Naga.
  6. Might and Magic - Reduce the Cost of a spell in your hand by 7 using Barbaric Sorceress.
  7. Minesweeper - Deal 120 damage with Naval Mines.
  8. Rock, Paper, BLADE! - Counter a minion and a spell that cost (5) or more with Blademaster Okani.
  9. Seashells by the Seafloor - Dredge 50/100/200 times.
  10. Seven-Sided Strike - End your turn with a Vicious Slitherspear with 7 Attack or higher.
  11. Shale University - Teach Nagalings 16 different spells.
  12. Shiny Hunting - Draw 30 cards with Treasure Guard.
  13. Squelched - Silence 30/60/120 minions with Smothering Starfish.
  14. Treasures Once Lost - Play all 4 of Queen Azshara's Ancient Relics.
  15. Under Da Sea - Play 25/50 Sunken cards.
  16. Upside Down and Turned Around - Swap 3/7 cards in hand with ones that didn't start in your deck using Sir Finley, Sea Guide.
  17. What Lurks Below - Destroy 40/75/150 enemies with your Colossal minions or their limbs.
  18. Harold Who?Trigger the Battlecry effects of 25/50 Herald Naga.
  19. Killamari - Destroy 3/6 enemies at once with Ozumat’s Deathrattle effect.

Sunken City Neutral Achievements Overview

This is an all-encompassing category where gradual or even full progress across many achievements just happens by simply playing the game. If you get something completed accidentally, that's usually one of those. Chances are you'll be able to complete a remarkable portion of them without much trouble.

Because there are so many separate small pieces of flexible nature, it wouldn't make much sense to focus on every single achievement here and discuss it with its own deck. Instead, we'll aim to hit as many of them as possible in one grand take, and only separately cover a chosen few that warrant such approach. We may add a simple short note or two for the rest of them where it's applicable.

Edit: guide updated with the Throne of the Tides Mini-Set achievements.

Completing Various Neutral Alterac Achievements In One Go

  • Requirement: ---
  • Speed Rating: 6/5?
  • Related Achievements:

As usual, here's a way to complete multiple achievements in a single go. The trick is including as many grindy achievements as possible in a single deck, and then jam it on ladder in order to progress all of them, bit by bit.

The deal is simple: something goes in (say Treasure Guard or School Teacher), and then goes out as soon as the relevant achievement is marked as completed.

This time around I decided to go with Demon Hunter: card draw and Naga synergy are strong and will help you to go through a good portion of your deck while building a decent board in the meantime. It's definitely a pile of cards with very little synergy, but I actually won a dozen of games while achievement hunting!

  • If you're not a fan of either of those or don't have the necessary cards, just settle for your comfort class! Warlock and Shaman are also fine natural choices.

How to Complete the "All Your Mechs Are Belong to Us" Neutral Achievement

Mothership is one of the most interesting Neutral units of this expansion: not only it is good in Mech-specific decks, but it also represents a large pile of stats for any other list, and the Rush keyword is the cherry on top of the cake.

For this reason, you may want to include Mothership in basically any deck you play, but running it in Mech Mage and Mech Paladin will allow you to exploit these archetypes' synergies, such as Seafloor Gateway and Radar Detector.

by 1 year, 1 month ago
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by 1 year, 1 month ago
3 5280 5280 659 0

  • In normal conditions, you'll need Mothership to sink 38 times.

How to Complete the "Amalgam Aquarium" Neutral Achievement

There are currently 10 different minions types in the game, so you'll have to target each of them with Amalgam of the Deep. While some classes have more tribal synergies than others, there's no minion type that doesn't appear in the Neutral section (at least in Wild).

We think that the best way to complete Amalgam Aquarium is with Rogue, since Shadowstep gives you enormous flexibility and allows you to save up a remarkable amount of time. However, you can use any class you want, really.

  • You may want to focus on certain tribes, taking them out of the deck when you're done and replacing them with others.

How to Complete the "Army of Azshara" Neutral Achievement

Slow, but simple achievement that asks you to have fun with Hearthstone's new minion type. No real way to speed up Army of Azshara other than keeping in mind that this achievement will count not only played Naga, but summoned ones too. For instance, a powered up Coilskar Commander will give you 3 progression points.

How to Complete the "Hold Your Breath" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Attack with Divers 60 times.
  • Speed Rating: 2/5.
  • Related Achievements: none.

For clarification, this achievement asks you to attack 60 times with Pelican Diver, Slimescale Diver or Gangplank Diver. Not much else to add other that, once the Dormant effect ends, they're pretty good removal!

How to Complete the "Just an Old Fish Tale" Neutral Achievement

Another simple, but pretty long and boring Neutral achievement for you. Worth mentioning is that Just an Old Fish Tale counts not only Baba Naga's Battlecry damage, but even the one you deal by trading this Naga.

I personally paired up this achievement with Naval Mine's Minesweeper, but it's definitely an optional choice.

How to Complete the "Might and Magic" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Reduce the Cost of a spell in your hand by 7 using Barbaric Sorceress.
  • Speed Rating: 5/5.
  • Related Achievements:
    • Neutral's Army of Azshara.
    • Any other achievement that doesn't require you to run spells.

Easy one-turn Neutral achievement you can complete without too much difficulty. Just create a deck with as many 10-Cost spells you can, two copies of Barbaric Sorceress and only minions. I personally completed Might and Magic in Wild with Mage, a class that is well known for big spells synergy, but Druid is another valid target with Ultimate Infestation and Survival of the Fittest.

  • All in all, you don't need your deck to have many 10-Cost spells: the more you have, the more you're likely to complete the achievement, but you can technically pull it off with even just one expensive spell, like Hunter with Nagrand Slam and so on.

How to Complete the "Minesweeper" Neutral Achievement

Just like Just an Old Fish Tale, the damage dealt with Naval Mine through trades will progress this achievement just like its Deathrattle will do.

One of the simplest ways to complete Minesweeper is to include Naval Mine in a deck with buffs like Paladin with Alliance Bannerman, Noble Mount, Prismatic Jewel Kit and so on. Another interesting way to progress the achievement is with Rogue's Snowfall Graveyard for double Deathrattle procs.

I personally completed Minesweeper with Wild Inner Fire Priest. The plan is rather simple: you drop Naval Mine as a 0/2, and most of the times your opponents will ignore it. The following turn, you do all you can to buff it up and then you smash it into your opponent's face. You'll understand that such a plan has its own flaws, but we still think it's reliable to a reasonable degree.

How to Complete the "Rock, Paper, BLADE!" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Counter a minion and a spell that cost (5) or more with Blademaster Okani.
  • Speed Rating: 2/5.
  • Related Achievements: none.

Rock, Paper, BLADE! is frustrating because you must rely on your opponent cooperating with you (and we know how difficult it can be), but the most annoying part is that you are required to counter a minion and a spell that cost 5 or more, and not just one. Other than this, you have no real way to speed things up: just include Blademaster Okani in every deck you play (especially if you're already achievement hunting) and you'll eventually get there.

How to Complete the "Seashells by the Seafloor" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Dredge 50/100/200 times.
  • Speed Rating: 1/5.
  • Related Achievements: none.

Slow, but pretty simple and inevitable, since Dredge is one of Voyage To The Sunken City's new keywords: you literally need to play the new cards and possibly have fun.

There are some very competitive Dredge cards like Aquatic Form, Trench Surveyor and Gone Fishin', so completing Seashell by the Seafloor will not display any technical difficulties. If you want to take a look at all the available Dredge cards, consider clicking here.

How to Complete the "Seven-Sided Strike" Neutral Achievement

Just include Vicious Slitherspear in a deck with either lots of spells or a couple buffs and you're good to go. Some examples?

How to Complete the "Shale University" Neutral Achievement

School Teacher has no conditional Battlecry, so you can just include it in any deck you play, regardless of how Naga-heavy it is, and we guarantee it will perform decently.

The only thing you should be aware of is that Shale University requires you to teach Nagalings 16 different spells, so paper and pen may come in handy; however, this is hardly a problem, especially if you're going to include School Teacher in decks belonging to more than one class.

How to Complete the "Shiny Hunting" Neutral Achievement

Another achievement with no deep meanings: just play Treasure Guard and you're good to go. The fact that the unit has Taunt a 5 Health makes Shiny Hunting a lot more bearable, since the card provides decent defense and moves you closer to your other achievement cards like Queen Azshara, School Teacher and such. Works wonderfully in combination with Crushclaw Enforcer.

How to Complete the "Squelched" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Silence 30/60/120 minions with Smothering Starfish.
  • Speed Rating: 3/5.
  • Related Achievements: none.

In normal conditions, completing Squelched would be a real pain in the arse: not only 120 minions are quite a lot, but Smothering Starfish will Silence your side of the board too, potentially crippling yourself.

However, we located a rather convenient strategy in Wild, featuring the all-time MVP when it comes to achievement hunting: Mad Summoner. Here's what you should do:

This strategy can be repeatable up to twice per game, and each Smothering Starfish Battlecry will Silence 13 minions, meaning that you'll need slightly less than 10 full procs for Squelched to be completed - convenient, isn't it?

How to Complete the "Treasures Once Lost" Neutral Achievement

Another quick and simple Neutral achievement: play Queen Azshara four times and pick a different Relic every time. 

How to Complete the "Under Da Sea" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Play 25/50 Sunken cards.
  • Speed Rating: 2/5.
  • Related Achievements: none.

Unfortunately, there's no real way to speed things up other than playing (good) Sunken cards (click here to see all the Sunken cards available). Not all of them are seeing play right now, but

Pick one of them and play a bunch: you'll eventually get there.

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How to Complete the "Upside Down and Turned Around" Neutral Achievement

Even though the achievement's requirement doesn't seem to stress it too much, the 3/7 cards you add to your hand with Sir Finley, Sea Guide all have to be generated. With that being said, there are a few ways to complete Upside Down and Turned Around, and we'll showcase one for Standard and one for Wild.

Starting with Standard, we're going to have some The Fires of Zin-Azshari shenanigans. The plan is simple:

  • Kazakusan is another way to complete this achievement.

The Wild way consists in Togwaggle's Scheme shenanigans.

How to Complete the "What Lurks Below" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Destroy 40/75/150 enemies with your Colossal minions or their limbs.
  • Speed Rating: 2/5.
  • Related Achievements: none.

Just like Seashells by the Seafloor is about playing Dredge cards, What Lurks Below is about Voyage To The Sunken City's other new keyword: Colossal. Completing it is just a matter of time, and we are sure you've already made some decent progress on this achievement without even realizing it.

Play your favorite Colossal deck and make sure to land some kills here and there!

How to Complete the "Harold Who?" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Trigger the Battlecry effects of 25/50 Herald Naga.
  • Speed Rating: 3/5
  • Related Achievements:

Disclaimer: at the moment, the achievement is partially bugged: in particular, Herald of Shadows won't count towards Harold Who?. However, Herald of ChaosNature and Light will progress the achievement.

There are currently 4 Herald units that work towards Harold Who?:

You don't need to just play them, but also trigger their Battlecry.

Since we don't have an Ambassador Faelin type of card for Heralds, we suggest you to include them in a list that revolves around the respective Spell School: 50 Battlecry triggers aren't that many, so you should get there sooner than you think. Since the relevant part is the Battlecry trigger, Brann Bronzebeard will double your progression points.

I personally completed Harold Who? with the Wild Priest list you see below, and it took me way less than I originally thought when I started the grind.

How to Complete the "Killamari" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Destroy 3/6 enemies at once with Ozumat’s Deathrattle effect.
  • Speed Rating: 5/5
  • Related Achievements:

In order for us to complete Killamari, we need to play Ozumat on a board with no other friendly units and kill it while our opponent controls at least 6 minions. This Colossal costs 8 mana, so unless you have some ways to reduce its cost (Anka, the Buried, From the Depths) you'll need to stall for some turns without forcing your opponent to concede.

Other Resources

In case you're still deep in your achievement hunt, worry not: we prepared a guide for each class (and neutrals!) for you to take inspiration from, so that you'll be able to complete them in no time for those sweet sweet XP points.

Our clever community members set up a forum thread to share your achievement progression journey, and we have added an #achievements channel on our Discord server if you want to talk with others in real-time. If you need an assist, you can also respond to this guide and we'll do our best to help you out; the comments are also a great way to share your own decks that you've used to complete the achievements above.

Good luck tackling any of these achievements for your experience boost or just for the sake of satisfying completion!