Clockwork Card Dealer - Standard

Tinkertown gnomes are testing their prototype card-bot: Optimotron! The card you draw on turn 1 will be a 1-cost card, if you have one. On turn 2, a 2-cost card...

How it Works

  • At the start of each turn, you will always draw a card whose cost is equal to the turn number.
  • If a card in your deck is not available to match your turn number, a random card is drawn instead.
  • Any card draw effects do not make use of the brawl's rule, it only applies to the first card drawn each turn.

Hot Decks for Clockwork Card Dealer - Standard

When We've Seen Clockwork Card Dealer - Standard

Week Started Ended Reward
Week #80 Tuesday, December 20, 2016 Saturday, December 24, 2016 1x Classic Pack
Week #206 Wednesday, May 22, 2019 Monday, May 27, 2019 1x Classic Pack
Week #319 Wednesday, July 21, 2021 Wednesday, July 28, 2021 1x Year of the Phoenix Pack
Week #352 Wednesday, March 09, 2022 Wednesday, March 16, 2022 1x Year of the Phoenix Pack
Week #381 Wednesday, September 28, 2022 Wednesday, October 05, 2022 1x Standard Pack


  • PoisonFang009's Avatar
    165 37 Posts Joined 08/22/2019
    Posted 1 year ago

    EZ Wins and ichman highrolls? why not


  • linkblade91's Avatar
    Global Moderator Serra Angel 1680 2547 Posts Joined 02/09/2019
    Posted 1 year ago

    You're guaranteed to draw Vanndar Stormpike when you want it, so that's the direction I went with a Relic Big DH. Relic Vault on 2, Relic of Phantasms on 3, etc. The problem was finding enough cards to fill out the deck: you don't want anything extra costing 2, 3, or 4, leaving me to grab a bunch of cards that cost 5 or more. I had a lot of congestion on turn 5, but guaranteed Alexstrasza the Life-Binder on 6 was nice, followed by Neptulon the Tidehunter or Raid Boss Onyxia.

    When the deck went off it went off, running over a Control Shaman. Far Watch Post would've ruined me, though.

    • Brentk1977's Avatar
      470 55 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
      Posted 12 months ago

      With a relic of extinction you can deal quite well with far watch going second and using a charge of vault on it.

  • MurlocAggroB's Avatar
    COMMENT_COUNT_800_HS 1160 846 Posts Joined 06/12/2019
    Posted 1 year, 6 months ago

    Far Watch Post definitely makes this brawl pretty unfun. I teched Holy Smite to counter it, but it's still a massive loss of tempo. Basically, you should concede if you're going second.

  • Thonson's Avatar
    HearthStationeer 1730 1663 Posts Joined 03/24/2019
    Posted 1 year, 6 months ago

    Did a Questline Priest.  Control cards to stay alive until playing the Shard on 10.  Took 2 games to get the win.  First one my opponent played the Tower on 2, really screwed my curve.

  • Melliflue's Avatar
    385 66 Posts Joined 06/01/2020
    Posted 2 years, 2 months ago

    I'm surprised they did not ban Far Watch Post in this brawl. Guaranteed on turn 2 and will probably force them to hero power on turn 2 and then play one turn late thereafter.

    I went for paladin with Righteous Defender, Far Watch Post, Mor'shan Watch Post, Rally. Must be infuriating to play against.

  • dapperdog's Avatar
    Dragon Scholar 1890 5289 Posts Joined 07/29/2019
    Posted 2 years, 2 months ago

    Deathrattle dhunter or spell mage works pretty well. Basically able to guarantee weapon on 1, boar on 2, skull on 6, deathspeaker on 7 is pretty nuts.

    For mage, its basically incanter's flow on 2 everytime all the time.

  • Tumbleweedovski's Avatar
    Protector of Elwynn 1470 596 Posts Joined 06/12/2019
  • aposteljoe's Avatar
    COMMENT_COUNT_600_HS 1165 644 Posts Joined 06/18/2019
    Posted 2 years, 2 months ago

    Constructed or random?

    Oh no, the Priest Questline is not live already :(

  • Trimutius's Avatar
    1580 2529 Posts Joined 03/16/2019
    Posted 2 years, 2 months ago

    Ooh... fun times. Turn 12 Mountain Giant

    But yeah I like this where you need to construct specialized decks

    • SnuggleKing's Avatar
      Enjoys Cake 670 81 Posts Joined 03/29/2019
      Posted 2 years, 2 months ago

      It's Standard only, so no Mountain Giant.


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