The world of Fan Creations once more beckons us forward, to have a whispered Conversation in our ear.

It seems demonic forces are directing the flow of this week's discussion, though we may be able to escape their sway long enough for a quick swim.

Batter Up!

Firstly, congratulations to the winner of this week's WCDC, MathU with their fantastic Felwing Hatchling!

Look forward to their competition theme next week.

Diving In

We had another Fan Community Spotlight this week on Zozoth's "Deepsea Imperium" expansion!

The keyword they chose for the expansion is simple but effective, allowing for a great variety in modal creatures. One of my personal favourites is the Doomseer, which is a perfect example of a wide swing in effects that still feel like a cohesive card.

I also like that they weren't afraid to go for some more interesting design decisions, like having a sort of mini-C'Thun in the set which still functions by itself in the form of Jellyfish tokens.


Of course, as with a majority of custom content this doesn't feature any Demon Hunter cards, but don't let that get you down. Check out the full FCS by clicking the link above.

Keep an eye on this one too, as a follow-up for their next expansion is next on the table!


The recent changes to the Core Priest Set - along with prior attempts by myself and Cheese - have got people in a revamping mood!

Keeping with the somewhat demonic theme we have going lately, why not check out how Neoguli chose to revamp Warlock?

You'll have to read the thread and replies to see the design process and full vision for the new Core Set, but here's a couple of teaser cards to get you interested.


Demon Hunting

Don't you think it's unfair that Warlocks and Demon Hunters get practically all the Demons? Let's hunt down some for the other classes in this week's WCDC!