Update: We misspoke earlier on how you calculate your multiplier. We were off by 1!
Update 2: Looks like your MMR can increase your star bonus. (Source)

Hearthstone's ranked play is getting a huge overhaul! Originally announced with the Year of the Phoenix information almost two weeks ago, the changes are going live with start of the April 2020 season. Here is everything you need to know.

Hearthstone's Ranked League System

No longer do we have only a numerical place on the ladder, but we've now got individual leagues much like other titles.

  • There are 5 leagues - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.
  • Everyone will start in Bronze at the beginning of each season.
  • Each league has 10 individual ranks from 10 - 1. Each rank requires 3 stars to move through.
  • The Legend rank has not changed and is the progression after Diamond 1.
  • New players have their own league that spans 40 ranks.

A feature that still remains from the previous ranked system is the introduction of ranked floors. These are ranks at which once hit, you cannot decrease from during that month.

  • Ranks 10 and 5 within each named league are your floors.
  • Rank 10 is your "promotional rank floor". Congratulations, you made it.
  • Rank 5 is your "non-promotional rank floor" - you still have work to do.
  • You cannot get knocked out of Legend once you get there.

Unlike previous iterations of Hearthstone's Ranked System, everyone's matches are now decided based on a matchmaking rating (MMR). Prior to the April ranked changes, your opponents were chosen by what rank you were on the ladder with no prior experience taken into account.

  • This allows them to reset everyone back down to Bronze 10 each season yet everyone still plays with opponents at their previous skill level.
  • With MMR-based games, things get fairer everywhere on the ladder.
  • Good luck sitting at Bronze 10 Legend players while you grind newbies for portraits - it won't be happening.

Here is an image with all the new ranks laid out.

The Ranked Stars Explained

Another part of the system is the ranked star bonuses, which have been updated and now use a multiplier to get you back up to your rank from the previous season.

  • Each season your rank starts at Bronze 10.
  • When a new ranked season starts, you earn a star multiplier based on your previous rank.
  • The maximum star multiplier you can earn is 11. That comes from reaching Legend.
  • When you reach a ranked floor (10 or 5) your star multiplier decreases by 1, slowing down your progression.
  • Your multiplier will be gone by the time you reach your previous season's rank.
  • You cannot lose your multiplier by losing games.

In the previous ranked system, going on a win streak rewarded you with a bonus star. This remains a feature of the new system and helps push you up to the top even more. If you went on a win streak and had a multiplier of 10, you'd be gaining 20 stars! Each rank has 3 stars so you would jump up 6 ranks thanks to that streak and multiplier.

There is an easy way to figure out what your base multiplier for the next season is. Simply add up the number of ranked floors you hit and subtract 1 (it can't go below 1). You may also gain additional multiplier based on your previous MMR. If you're Silver 5, you've hit 4 ranked floors which would give you a star multiplier of 3. Legend players will receive a star multiplier of 10, unless you are "high legend" which gives you a multiplier of 11. If you get close to a ranked floor, you should do your best to hit it to speed up your progression in the next season.

Better Rewards Than Ever Before

Of course, it wouldn't be a proper overhaul without also focusing on the rewards. We've got your usual end-of-season rewards but also, first-time bonuses each time you hit a ranked floor!

  • As soon as you hit 5 wins each season, you will now receive your monthly card back reward - no more waiting!
  • The first-time bonuses reward classic cards and packs to help new players.
  • End of season rewards that reward packs give you packs for the latest expansion.
  • End of season rewards are additive. Hitting a rank floor gives you those rewards and the ones before it!
  • Since this is a new system, everyone can earn the first-time rewards!

Hearthstone Ranked End of Season Rewards

Here is a table that shows you exactly what you will receive at the end of the season based on your rank.

Rank FloorLatest Expansion PacksRare CardsEpic Cards
Bronze 5010
Silver 10110
Silver 5130
Gold 10230
Gold 5250
Platinum 10350
Platinum 5370
Diamond 10470
Diamond 5471

Hearthstone Ranked First Time Rewards

Here's a table showcasing the first-time rewards, also seen above.

Rank FloorReward
Bronze 51 Classic Pack
Silver 104 Random Classic Rare Cards
Silver 51 Classic Pack
Gold 104 Random Classic Rare Cards
Gold 51 Classic Pack
Platinum 101 Random Classic Epic Card
Platinum 51 Classic Pack
Diamond 101 Random Classic Epic Card
Diamond 51 Classic Pack
Legend1 Random Classic Legendary Card

Closing Thoughts

The new ranked system is a welcome change to Hearthstone. The reward changes mean that higher ranked players are getting more rewards than ever which makes shooting for higher ranks a good goal for all players. Although it may feel weird getting reset each month to Bronze 10, it incentives playing so that you don't have to regrind the entire ranked ladder because you decided to not play for a month.