We've reached the end of the first Season of our WCDC! I don't know that I'll keep these up during the off-season; I guess we'll see if I find enough things to talk about next week to make it worthwhile! Perhaps a fortnightly endeavour instead, who knows.

Of course, our focus this week will be on the first Season of the WCDC, and whatever the future of it entails.

It's Grime Time

We begin with congratulations to the latest winner of the WCDC, Hordaki and their Galleon Goon!

They'll be in charge of the theme of the second competition of Season 2.

Hindsight in 2020

You know I had to.

In lieu of a traditional Fan Community Spotlight, Demon has put together a post celebrating all of the winners of our first Season! Check it out!

I must say, it's awesome seeing all the great designs people have had again; I'm especially pleased by how varied the designs are, in part due to the fantastic variety of prompts everyone came up with. I'm going to take a moment here to highlight my favourite winner - MathU's Felwing Hatchling.

I love so much about this design.

  • The art is amazingly appropriate for both the Demon Hunter class and the Journey to Un'Goro expansion. It's often difficult to find a piece that exactly suits your needs, but this slots in there perfectly.
  • The simplicity of the effect belies how well balanced the card is. This can be a strong play, sure, but it's costed appropriately compared to similar minions, with a slight bump in stats because Outcast isn't quite as good as Battlecry. It's the perfect common card, something which is a lot harder to do than you might think.
  • They kept it thematically appropriate; despite the obvious temptation to make this a Demon (and there's an argument to be made that as a Felwing it should be), it's correctly a Beast, as every minion which Adapts in JtU was. Even the cards like Gentle Megasaur or Lightfused Stegodon which Adapted other non-Beasts were Beasts themselves.

Adieu 'Til Part Deux

Now, of course, I don't have a competition to direct you to as we've reached the end of the Season!

Season 2 doesn't currently have a set start date, but we anticipate it starting up around the time that the next expansion launches - though of course, as we currently have no information as to when that is, we'll judge it as it goes. Fingers crossed we hear something soon on that front!

In the mean time, we want to hear from you how you felt the first Season went. We've discussed various aspects of it over the course of the Season, but feel free to use the comments here or in Demon's Recap to let us know what you think worked well, what you weren't a fan of, what you think needs improving - any and all thoughts are welcome! I'll try and dip in when I can to discuss with you all.

One thing I do want to throw out there is that we do at some point want to start up larger competitions - like Class Design Competitions - again. We want these to be able to run as smoothly as the WCDC is able to under our new system, so I can't give any sort of timeframe for when that'll be available; we want to make sure that entering is as easy as possible, and that people are able to present their ideas cleanly without requiring too much work on our part to maintain everything.

So! Give us your thoughts, your ideas, and we'll come back better than ever for Season 2!