Blizzard has pushed out a hotfix to realms which removed the ability for Ysera, Unleashed to create Nozdormu.

With such a unique, targeted hit to the card, one must wonder if Nozdormu's days in Standard are limited. Especially considering that Blizzard just over week ago was talking about their plans of rebuilding the Classic and Basic sets. Although Nozdormu is beloved by many for the flavor aspect of the card, it has never really been a competitive staple so relegating it to the Wild format wouldn't have any big changes to the game.

What do you think about the change?

Quote From cmdylux

Hey everyone,
We’re currently deploying a hotfix (18.0.3) that includes the following:

  • Nozdormu can no longer be summoned from Dream Portals created by Ysera, Unleashed.
  • Fixed a Battlegrounds bug where Nat Pagle, Extreme Angler could cause combat to have different outcomes from each player's perspective.

These changes will take place on the server side, so you won’t need to download anything if you’ve already updated to 18.0.