Another week down, this time with our new rules in place! How did everyone find the navigation for selecting multiple classes? What about the voting phase? We're always open to suggestions for everything, so feel free to let us know.

This week we're gonna be taking a laid back look at some continued updates - I had an idea for a topic I wanted to talk about, but I just don't have the time right now to sort out my thoughts on it. Maybe next week!

Cosmic Power

First off, congratulations to grumpymonk for winning the last competition with their Moonlit Peacekeeper!

Look forward to their theme next week!

To The Core

The series continues! The latest Fan Community Spotlight continues to look at Neoguli's Core Set reworks. This time, Demon Hunter and Hunter have gone under the knife.

This is an especially interesting one because Demon Hunter doesn't currently have an official Classic set, and we don't actually know what form an official set would take. We do know that the team is open to taking cards from the Demon Hunter sets this year and adding them to an eventual Classic set; whether that means a main focus on something like the Initiate set, or being open to adding something from Scholomance Academy (as an example) isn't clear.

Neoguli chose a mix of new and old cards to make up their Classic set, including some balance changes on powerful cards. I think this is an interesting direction to take, and while I don't think it's how I would've done it, I also think it meshes very well with how Blizzard might choose to do it. They seem more open to changing cards in a rework in addition to rotating, rather than preserving and rotating wherever possible (which is my view).

Here are a few of their new cards - make sure to check out the full article too!


Pure Class, Mate

Rounding us off is of course our new competition! You can't remain neutral for this one - in fact, the cards don't want any Neutrals at all!