Hearthstone’s latest expansion Saviors of Uldum is one of the most exciting expansions yet and we can’t wait to see how the meta shakes up. We are excited to try out the new cards and see what the upcoming meta has the offer.

Here are our top ten cards from Saviors of Uldum so buckle up as this is going to be quite a fun expansion. A lot of these cards were picked based on their design and fun factor instead of listing them based on raw power level alone.

10. Plague of Murlocs

Plague of Murlocs Card Image

This is a card that got a lot of Wild players very excited. Big Priest is one of the strongest decks in the format and there is very little you can do about their board when they get the perfect draws. Being able to disrupt their resurrect pool with a single card can be potentially devastating. The card should also be strong against decks like Cyclone Mage, a meta deck that is capable of spawning multiple big threats in a single turn.

9. Anka, the Buried

Anka, the Buried Card Image

Anka, the Buried looks like a solid pick in any Deathrattle Rogue deck which is an archetype that didn’t quite take off despite all the support it has received over the years. But Anka has potential to give the archetype the push it needs. But what’s even more interesting is that you can combo Anka with Mecha'thun for an OTK combo. There have been quite a few Mecha’thun decks over the months and Rogue finally gets to join the party.

8. Activate the Obelisk

Activate the Obelisk Card Image Obelisk's Eye Card Image

Priest has always been a passive class and even though we have seen mid-range lists make it to the top of tier lists every now and then, the base hero power has always been a limiting factor. With Obelisk's Eye activated, you can not only heal for 3 but also generate stats on the board for just 2 mana. Recurring Villain is something that can make it into Quest Priest lists for potentially infinite value if your opponent can’t deal with it. There is a bit of combo potential as well if you play Leeroy Jenkins with your upgraded hero power and copy it with Vivid Nightmare for 18 burst damage.

7. Untapped Potential

Untapped Potential Card Image Ossirian Tear Card Image

Untapped Potential is one of the easiest quests to complete if you are willing to float some mana every turn. With the addition of Oasis Surger, Ossirian Tear is definitely one of the best Quest rewards on offer this expansion. One of the weaknesses of the Quest and Druid in general, is that they don’t have enough value generation in Standard to compete against slower decks so you definitely want to build your deck as aggressively as possible.

6. Elise the Enlightened

Elise the Enlightened Card Image

This is the third time Elise gets featured as a Hearthstone card, and this is definitely the craziest iteration we have seen so far. Druid can pull off some interesting combos with Naturalize, Flobbidinous Floop, Twig of the World Tree and Elise the Enlightened for milling your opponent indefinitely. It remains to be seen if Druid is capable of building a competitive highlander deck to make use of this incredibly powerful legendary minion.

5. Plague of Wrath

Plague of Wrath Card Image

Warrior gets some of the strongest boar clears in Hearthstone but they usually come with downsides. Brawl is random and can leave behind big threats while something like the Reckless Flurry requires you to have enough armor to wipe out entire boards. Plague of Wrath can be chained with any “whirlwind” effect in the game and you can take out large boards with ease. Control Warrior fans rejoice!

4. Hunter's Pack

Hunter's Pack Card Image

Zul'jin is one of the strongest hero cards we have in the game and it got even better with the addition of Hunter's Pack. Getting three random cards for three mana is quite a lot of value and if you love playing Spell Hunter as much as we do, you should definitely be packing it in your deck. While Mechs are quite dominant right now in Hunter decks, the addition of powerful cards like Hyena Alpha and Hunter's Pack might push Spell Hunter back into relevance.

3. Corrupt the Waters

Corrupt the Waters Card Image Heart of Vir'naal Card Image

Shaman's Quest card is by far the strongest if initial impressions from pre-release streams are anything to go by. It is the most popular Quest and we expect it to be relevant in the new meta. With Lackey synergy being introduced to the class, finishing the Quest isn’t going to be too difficult. You can generate quite a bit of value with cards like Swampqueen Hagatha, Weaponized Wasp, and other powerful Battlecry cards.

2. Mogu Cultist

Mogu Cultist Card Image

While it might not be the most practical card to play this expansion, it definitely has the “wow” factor that makes certain cards stand out in Hearthstone. Cards like Togwaggle's Scheme should be able to support a deck aiming to summon Highkeeper Ra and we definitely want to see if we can pull the combo off. It might not be among the strongest cards of this expansion but we definitely love its design.

1. Zephrys the Great

Zephrys the Great Card Image

“The perfect card” has arrived. The Team 5 developers have teased the card for quite some time and it is definitely one of the most complex cards ever printed since Hearthstone's release in 2014. In a sticky spot and need a board clear? Play Zephrys. Need a Fireball for lethal? Play Zephrys. Out of steam and need a big minion on board? Play Zephrys.

The only concern is Bomb Warrior easily counters highlander decks and we don’t know if Zephrys will be able to shine in the upcoming meta. However, the card is incredibly powerful in a vacuum and we can’t wait to see what this guy is capable of.

What are the cards you are looking forward to from Saviors of Uldum? Let us know in the comments below!