Dean Ayala continues his community engagement in a Wednesday night Q&A this week where he let some details slide on the upcoming core set cards!

Although his tweet didn't give us specific cards as he doesn't want to spoil anything, he did mention that some of those cards are from his favourites.

Quote From Dean Ayala

Tell us more about the core set for next year! What cards are you excited to see in standard?

Very sneaky. I don't want to spoil any cards! All of them will be released in due time. Some of them are my favorite ever cards, though.

Well, ain't that lucky! A week and a half ago, Dean made a tweet about his top 10 favourite cards in Hearthstone! Although this is definitely not an exhaustive list of his favourites, we might be able to look forward to the return of at least some of these cards to Standard. Which cards of Dean's favourites do you think will make their return to Standard? Let us know in the comments below!

Defile Card Image Ultimate Infestation Card Image Rin, the First Disciple Card Image Dr. Boom, Mad Genius Card Image

Dire Frenzy Card Image Fel Reaver Card Image Zephrys the Great Card Image Void Ripper Card Image

C'Thun Card Image N'Zoth, the Corruptor Card Image Powermace Card Image Aluneth Card Image

Quote From Dean Ayala

My Top 10 Favorite Cards

  1. Defile
  2. Ultimate Infestation
  3. Rin, the Disciple
  4. Dr. Boom, Mad Genius
  5. Dire Frenzy
  6. Fel Reaver
  7. Zeph
  8. Void Ripper
  9. C'Thun
  10. N'Zoth

(made in prep for a favorite cards poll….)

Not trolling at all here, I thought I read an article one time where it said your favorite card was Aluneth. Is that right and it just changed over time? Just curious!

I get asked that question so often I usually just answer with one of my favorite cards. I think Powermace and Aluneth would get honorable mention, though. (Source)

and this top 10 is sort of a combination of my personal pref and my favorite designs (Source)