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Say, did you know that the way to someone's heart goes through their stomach? Well, it shouldn't be that surprising! For example, if you have ever flipped through Hearthstone's card back gallery, you might have noticed that some of the most beloved backs are also some of the most tasty looking.

There's Pizza Stone and Rise Up! for those who like a hearty meal, there's ones like Cupcake or Pie for all the sweet tooths, and there's of course the ever so refreshing Lemonade (which is also the 100% absolute best one, no question). Truly something for everyone's heart desires!

So, since it's Valentine's Day, we here at OoC thought to take this opportunity, and look at some of the delicious dishes that the community has been cooking up. That's right! Today we're not just going to look at one, but three mouthwatering pieces of Fan Art!

So, if you're ready hungry enough, let's get started!

Tavern Breakfast

The best way to start, is with a nice breakfast! This one's made by Fortune K, an UI Illustrator over at Riot, who also made some official HS art, like The Fist of Ra-den.


Fortune K imagined that a Hearthstone breakfast would be very hearty.
So therefore, we can see her putting together a meal consisting of some healthy, earthy ingredients, including her personal favorite: Eggs!


The gold-ish yellow color of the flames, and the crispy tones of the sausage and mushrooms give this card back a very welcoming and heartwarming feel. I also like how it contrasts nicely with the boarder!

Delicious Bread

Next up on the menu, we have some wonderful self-made bread by Concept Artist Katie Friese.


Katie had the idea to use different types of bread from all around the world as her inspiration.
I wonder if someone recognizes them?


Here we have Katie's favorites with a bit more detail.
A has a bit of flour around the edges for a more fluffy, powdery taste, B has some fancy decorations with a couple of fruity berries,
and C has fully baked through crust and tasty sesame.


Are we feeling hungry yet?
If so, feast your eyes upon the delicious result!

Chocolate Embrace

Got room for some sweets? Yeah? Well, then here, have some Valentine's Chocolate made by Concept Artist Kami Johnson.


Kami decided to design a card back in the style of a Chocolate Gift Box, because she thought that Hearthstone really needed more Valentine's day related card backs. Also, she really loves chocolate.


After decorating the box with some glitter, nice ribbons, and a lovely rose, Kami starts to fill it with all sorts of sweet chocolate treats.
Also, let's hope that hubby got the hint.


Now that's a Valentine's Gift you'd like to see!

If you want to see more from these artists, make sure to check out their galleries!

And that's it for this weeks spotlight! I hope you enjoyed this little Valentine's Day special!
What's you're favorite? Tell us into which of these fan arts you'd like to bite into!

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