Hello everybody, and welcome back to another Fan Community Spotlight. Today I've got Beat with me to talk about their Dragoon Class. You may remember that I already covered the class on this series nearly a full year ago. More info on the class will be found in that previous interview. Why am I looking at this class again though?

Well, in the time since that FCS and this one, 3 full-size expansions and one mini-set came out. This means that 38 new cards for the class have been added. But it's not just the cards either because, during that time, there were other significant additions added to the game (namely the Demon Hunter class and Book of Heroes). There have been some new updates to the class. And with the Core set being released with Forged in the Barrens as well as new spell types being added to the game, there will be another one quite soon. And honestly, this is simply one of the best custom classes ever made and it's really awesome to see new cards for the class as new expansions come out.

The Dragoon

As a refresher, your basic hero for the class is Ezra Vermillion, who is a lord and commander of the Dragon Regiment. His lore is also explored in the fan-made Book of Heroes story for the class.

Your base Hero Power is Sharpen Claws, which gives a character +1 Attack this turn. Upgraded, it becomes Hone Claws which gives a character +2 Attack that turn instead.

The class also contains its own keyword, Supremacy. Whenever a card with Supremacy kills something during your turn, it will trigger a bonus effect. So now, it's time to interview Beat to talk about the Dragoon class (again).

What's been going on in the class since the last interview? How are the new sets like?

Beat: "The new sets have been going really well. It's been awhile since we've talked too, and now that we're in the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire set (and looking up for Forged in the Barrens and Core Set announcement...oh boy, there's a fucktonne of things we gonna do!), I have been having fun with making cards for the new set. As always, the biggest difficulty remains in looking for art, but I think for awhile I'm settled with my sources and I'll be excited to look out for more."

Scholomance introduced dual-class cards. What goes on when you try to combine fan-made classes with real ones?

Beat: "I think for me, what made the most sense with Dragoon is to combine the class with a class that's very themed around raw strength and honed discipline combined, while also fighting with honour and willpower never before seen, even if they are very rigid. And that obviously meant Warrior and Paladin makes the most sense to be dual-class'd with Dragoon. Now I have been thinking to like, combine them with Hunter/Demon Hunter, but as you know, they don't really mesh together theme-wise compared to Dragoon, where it only works because all three of them are very tribe-oriented class (well, kinda for Demon Hunter). But, yeah, Warrior and Paladin completely makes the most sense methinks. And while it's sad that that meant all four Warrior/Paladin cards is just kinda deleted, I think it's pretty worth it for Warrior and Paladin, since they get really good cards from this combo, too."

Are there are other cards you wish to highlight for any reason?

Beat: "Aside from the two you've seen up there, I think the set I feel proudest in designing has to go to the Darkmoon Faire one, it was really fun coming up with ideas and designs relating to them, and it took me awhile to get the groove going, but I am really happy with what I have now. Big shout outs to the fact that I brought back the "If your deck has no Dragons" condition, callback all the way from the KnC days of Dreadtalon!

Aside from those cards, my favorite also has to be Merrydrake Marhavian, it was just really fun to create another Corrupt Legendary so that Tickatus doesn't feel alone, and I like the raw power he represents, even if uncorrupted. You can mix and match your way with him, maybe as a late finisher, or even as a combo piece, combining him with Y'Shaarj and other cards can lead to unexpected victories ahead of you, I'd say. Though I'd also like to highlight a card I make for Ashes of Outlands, The Burning Crusader. Also a lot of raw power in it, and a lot of ways you can combo with it, or just really overwhelm them. Fun weapon!"

You're designing Book of Heroes and Duels content for Dragoon. What challenges are there when trying to design PvE content? Does it give you a chance to introduce real lore into the class?

Beat: "Man, Demon, you really gotta remind me that I haven't finished that one yet lol. But yeah, mostly the challenge is just me trying to cook up a good Book of Heroes for Ezra more than it is making more Kirtonos stuff for Duels, which is really just more flexible for me...except the 6th treasure which is specific dual class I hate that a lot but oh well. But yeah, it does make me want to introduce real lore more into the class, and not to mention all the stuff relating to Vera Wakefield during Year of the Dragon, too. It's just a lot of fun, and if we were to another interview like this, I would love to tell you her story during that time (or even going all the way back to League of Explorers), but right now it does make me feel satisfied to just do more content for Dragoon, really.

Also, isn't Squire Ezra and Vera in general just the cutest?"

Do you have anything behind the scenes you want to share with us?

Beat: "There's not a whole lot that goes behind the scenes much, but I will say nailing down the themes of Ashes of Outland took me a long time before I even eventually settle on something very non-Dragon related, because there isn't really a lot of Twilight Drake artworks or Nether Dragons, or anywhere close, so I just kinda let them all slide in favor of...well, Ethereals, which I had a lot more to work with. (Showcase all the Ethereal-related cards here)."

Do you have anything else you want to share with us?

Beat: "Yeah, so, Core Set is gonna be super exciting but also not for me? I really really hope they don't just completely phase out Charge just for Rush (I'm really sick of seeing that keyword), but like also, I am very excited to see how I can mix and match the Core Set every year, but also work out the new cards for the Core Set. Really can't wait and dread it at the same time! And Forged in the Barrens just gives me so much potential theme to work with too, so that's very exciting...though I am gonna big brain my way into designing for Mercenary mode..."

That's it for this interview. Click the banner below to look at the entire Dragoon class and let us know what you think in the comments. It's well worth it.