Dragoon Custom Class

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    Click this link to read my interview about this class with Demon for further info about how this class came to be, design ideas, origins, etc. 

    Hero Power & Upgraded Hero Power:

    The Unfettered, Dragon and the Dragoon regiment commander hailing from the land of Nagrand, Ezra Vermillion is a man of power and command itself, with dragons and armies riding dragons at his command. Besides his dragon mastery, he is also a warrior capable of utilizing draconic powers to further his armies, and even lead them to victory. Dragons are the ultimate sign of power for Ezra, and that's not a bluff, for he commands a sizeable, large amount of them!


    Dragons: The best dragons all are in Dragoon. Whether synergizing with their tribes, spells, and weapons synergizing with the tribe itself, or even solid non-tribe-centric Dragons, Dragoon has all the powerful dragons.

    Minion swarms: A good Dragoon can always turn the tides with plenty of minions coming down before their enemies can respond.

    Buffs: Dragoons can always strengthen the battlefield with their powerful enhancements, draconic in nature, or what have you.

    Stalling: Encompasses both healing and Taunt. Dragoons do have these, but they tend to come rarely, require setups, or it only works with minions.

    Card generation: While there's a decent amount of generation in Dragoon, they tend to be very limited in scope or rare in numbers. (Mostly) Rely on your deck!


    Board clear: If a Dragoon needs a board clear to swing back to their favor, they deserve their loss.

    Hard removal: They don't need to hard remove, they have their minions to do their job.

    Class Keyword: Supremacy

    The Supremacy keyword is a simple one to grasp, akin to that of Combo. Minions, spells, and weapons with Supremacy will grant beneficial effects to you if triggered, whether it be stat buffs, card draw, or any of the sort. Always make use of your Supremacy cards as best as possible so you can always reap the benefits, for a Dragoon is supreme on the battlefield, and always have the upper hand.

    Hero Skins

    The Unfettered, Lord of The Dragons and Commander of The Dragoon Regiment from Nagrand. Binge-watches one too many fantasy puppet plays.She can gently, calmly, and peacefully tear you apart with her whelps. And itty-bitty nails. But mostly whelps.

    Default hero skin.

    Ezra's Voiceline

    Opening remarkKneel before your superior!
    Mirror startI bow to no one!
    Mirror greetingsYour pleasantries are unneeded.
    ThanksMost appreciated.
    Well playedHmph, well played.
    Oops*sigh* What a slip-up.
    ThreatenI will tear you asunder!
    SorryHow unfortunate.
    AttackBy dragon's fury!
    ConcedeYou're better than me. I'll concede.
    Thinking (1)Hrrrmmmm…
    Thinking (2)I must've left something out…
    Thinking (3)Quite a conundrum…
    Running out of timeI can't wait anymore!
    Almost out of cardsI'm almost out of cards!
    Out of cardsI'm out of cards!
    Error: Too many minionsThere are too many minions!
    Error: GenericI am naught but unable.
    Error: Hand too fullMy hand's overflowed.
    Error: Hero already attacked I just attacked!
    Error: Minion not readyLet's not get hasty, now.
    Error: Minion exhaustedThey already did enough.
    Error: Not enough manaI need more mana.
    Error: Need a weaponA weapon is needed first.
    Error: Can't play cardI can't play that.
    Error: Can't target Stealthed minionsI'm not seeing anything.
    Error: Invalid targetI…can't target them.
    Error: Must attack a Taunted minionA roadblock prevents me from glory!
    Selection in ArenaLet the might of the dragons bring you glory!
    Lunar New YearHappy new year.
    Winter Veil GreetingsHappy feast.
    Midsummer Fire Festival GreetingsThese flames invigorate my dragon's spirits!
    Pirate's Day GreetingsWhere's my Dragon's Day?
    Hallow's End GreetingsHappy Hallow's End! Enjoy this night.
    Noblegarden GreetingsEggs….. there are worse things to celebrate.

    Obtainable from leveling up your character to 20 in Diablo 3, available since Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

    Rena's Voiceline

    Opening remarkTry not to bore me, will you?
    Opening vs Dame HazelbarkThe old one herself. How quaint.
    Mirror startOooh, it'll be anything but boring.
    Mirror greetingsPleasure.
    WowHow did that happen?!
    Well playedQuite an amazing work.
    Oops I…..meant to do that.
    ThreatenSurrender now…..or die.
    SorryI feel deep sorrow for you.
    AttackFall before me.
    ConcedeI submit, do with me as you must.
    Thinking (1)Mmm…one-two…
    Thinking (2)Maybe if I ask…nevermind…
    Thinking (3)Thinking…thinking…
    Running out of timeUgh, this hurts my head.
    Almost out of cardsAm I….running out of cards?
    Out of cardsThere are no more cards!
    Error: Too many minionsNot enough space for my darlings.
    Error: GenericThat is futile.
    Error: Hand too fullI'm burning my cards!
    Error: Hero already attackedDon't rush me.
    Error: Minion not ready Don't get impatient.
    Error: Minion exhausted I don't want to overwork them.
    Error: Not enough manaMy mana is lacking.
    Error: Need a weaponI'm not holding anything.
    Error: Can't play cardThat won't do.
    Error: Can't target Stealthed minionsYou want me to target a mist?
    Error: Invalid targetI can't do anything to them. Somehow.
    Error: Must attack a Taunted minionA nuisance. Must get rid of it.
    Selection in ArenaThey're all nothing but easy prey.
    Lunar New YearThat's one year down.
    Winter Veil GreetingsHappy feast of Winter Veil.
    Midsummer Fire Festival GreetingsHappy Fire Festival….my it's too hot here.
    Pirate's Day GreetingsI just need to drink a bottle of rum for this, right?
    Hallow's End GreetingsHappy Hallow's End! My dragons look good in their costumes.
    Noblegarden GreetingsHappy Noblegarden!
    When playing Aspect AwakeningOoooh! I wonder which darling I should use.
    When playing Big Bad AssaultYes, my darlings, beat them up!

    After communing with the Dragonflights, the hardy dragon rider apparently relates most with magical arcane dragons. Somehow.Life is a lot simpler when she's just wanderlusting instead of getting sucked into zany weird adventures with those four other explorers...

    Obtainable from winning 1.000 Ranked games with Dragoon.

    Ezra's Voiceline
    The same one as the original one, duh :p

    Obtainable from winning 10 Standard Ranked or Casual games during Year of the Dragon.

    Vera's Voiceline

    Opening remarkI wander in search of adventure!
    Opening vs DeathwingOoooh, Deathwing! The bad Cataclysm dragon. Or something.
    [Deathwing vs Vera Wakefield]Hmph, insolent little one.
    Opening vs Elise Starseeker Ah, Miss Elise! Is this another training?
    [Elise Starseeker vs Vera Wakefield]Take it easy, Vera. We're just going for a little fun here.
    [Aranna Starseeker vs Vera Wakefield]I'll show my sister how weak her little brat really is!
    Mirror startOh my, I love that too!
    GreetingsHello, fellow adventurer!
    Mirror greetingsSame to you, too~
    WowThat's really awesome!
    ThanksWow, how can I thank you?
    Well playedSheesh, I'm nowhere close to your level!
    Oops I…screwed up. Big.
    ThreatenPlease don't make me or my friends angry…
    SorryOh, um…sorry.
    AttackAaaaaand slash!
    ConcedeI feel pooped. I'm outta here!
    DeathBut I have much to…
    Thinking (1)This is really hard…
    Thinking (2)My head feels ouchie…
    Thinking (3)Should I just do-wait no…
    Running out of timeWait, there's a time limit?!
    Almost out of cardsHuh? I only have one card left?
    Out of cardsOh no, I'm running on fumes!
    Error: Too many minionsI don't need that much minion, you know.
    Error: GenericYeah, as if.
    Error: Hand too fullWhy can't I hold more cards?
    Error: Hero already attackedCan I attack again later?
    Error: Minion not readyLet's let them calm down.
    Error: Minion exhaustedCan they attack again later?
    Error: Not enough manaDon't have enough mana.
    Error: Need a weaponGonna need to hold something.
    Error: Can't play cardCan't play that one yet.
    Error: Can't target Stealthed minionsSomething's real sneaky there.
    Error: Invalid targetNope, can't get that one.
    Error: Must attack a Taunted minionSomeone's taunting me here!
    Selection in ArenaThis is gonna be one great big adventure!
    Lunar New YearHappy New Year!
    Winter Veil GreetingsI love snow. It's soft, comfy, and it gets everywhere!
    Midsummer Fire Festival GreetingsHot festival means cool drinks and great summer!
    Pirate's Day GreetingsThe name's Vera. VeRRRRRRRRa!…Wakefield.
    Hallow's End GreetingsI've already gone as a dragonling…should I be a witch?
    Noblegarden GreetingsWhen you steal eggs, do you then eat them after that? I don't get it.
    When playing Dragon's StrengthI'm gonna make you feel powerful!
    When playing Supersonic RoarRawr! You scared?
    When playing DragonhornI call upon you, dragons! Cute ones preferably.
    When playing Defensive BearingStay rock solid!
    When playing Call of the Aspects
    Wow, strong dragons!
    When playing Rise from the Dunes
    Get up now!
    When playing Ysera Awakens
    Please do something less…destructive later!

    The young squire never thought it fit him to command dragons! He knows he'll always be his dad's squire forever. Or so he thinks.One day Ezra was ambushed by a bunch of malfunctioning mechs. Their body parts make for a surprisingly snug armor suit.

    Obtained by purchasing the Squire Ezra Bundle.

    Squire Ezra's Voiceline

    Squire Ezra uses some of the same quotes as Ezra Vermillion. Only different emotes are listed. For a full list, see Ezra Vermillion's quotes.

    Well PlayedYou're really good!
    GreetingsI'm itching to do things!
    Mirror GreetingsSo am I!
    ThreatenNnggghhh, don't make me angry!
    Opening RemarkTime to get some experience!
    Mirror startI'm gonna get more than you, though!
    Selection in ArenaI can do this…I can do this!

    Obtained by completing the Reward Track.

    Fullmetal Ezra's Voiceline

    Fullmetal Ezra uses some of the same quotes as Ezra Vermillion. Only different emotes are listed. For a full list, see Ezra Vermillion's quotes.

    ThanksMy thanks.
    Well PlayedYou know your power!
    GreetingsHail. Do you look for a challenge?
    Mirror GreetingsIndeed, and you're that challenge!
    WowMost impressive!
    OopsThat is…a calculated miss…
    ThreatenNothing will stand tall in my way!
    AttackDragon's might, come to me!
    Opening RemarkProve your mettle to me. Now!
    Mirror startYou're biting off more than you can chew.
    Selection in ArenaTime to collect more war trophies!


    Mastering the art of both domains of Magic and Creation, Ezra can now finally fulfill his dream of making strawberry ice-cream on the go.


    Obtained by completing the Tavern Regular Achievement.

    Chimera Ezra's Voiceline


    Card Sets


    (Note: As of March 25th, both original Basic and Classic set are now rotated out to the Legacy set in Wild, replaced by Core. Scroll further below to find out Dragoon's current Core Set!)

    In the Basic set, as with all other classes, the cards here serve mostly to solidify their core themes, what they can do, what they struggle to do, and what they can't do.

    Basic Set


    Extra Basic Cards

    Do you know how other classes reward their level 50-60 progress with Golden versions of 5 different Basic cards? Dragoon is no exception of course, and these 5 Basic cards are added in addition to their Golden versions when player levels up their Dragoon class from 50 to 60.

    (As of March 25th, all original Basic cards are now part of the Legacy set, so now you get these cards for free with no strings attached once you gain access to Wild format).


    The Classic set continues the core theme of Dragoon from the Basic set and solidifies it further while adding in a few unique/unexpected cards here and there. Since it's Classic it can be guaranteed that these cards will always find a home on a deck, whether it be a huge staple of Dragoon decks or just a card you see here and there, floating in and out of metas.

    Classic Set


    - As with Sense Demons, if there are no Dragons left in the deck while you cast Dragonhorn, it will add two 1/1 Feeble Whelps instead.

    Curse of Naxxramas presents Dragoon with a more...conventional card, so to speak. Or rather, a card that might, or might not help them: a Dragon with a Deathrattle that destroys a random enemy minion. Hard removal is scarce and very conditional with Dragoon, and this is a good example of that.

    Due to being the first-ever expansion, this expac is mostly a collection of cards loosely tied with a Mech theme or randomness. While Dragoon will focus on Mech synergies here, there mostly won't be any randomness here, but not because of Dragoon being a low-RNG class or anything. Like Hunter and Warrior, Dragoon will eventually take their Mech theme further than GvG, probably more so than the two former classes.

    Goblins vs Gnomes Set

    While this is the set that will eventually introduce Dragon synergies that will remain relevant for many years to come, unlike most classes Dragoon won't immediately hop on to the Dragon mechanics introduced in this class, instead, they will mostly have synergies relating to controlling Dragons (psh, holding Dragons. Dragoons are all about putting those Dragons out immediately!), and this mechanic will be often seen here on out, 1 or 2 Dragon synergy cards each set. Sometimes.


    In TGT, Dragoon furthers their Dragon synergies, much like Priest (kind of). More cards here that want the players to really get into Dragon-focused decks more. Also (intentional) Supremacy synergy comes up for the first time here.

    The Grand Tournament Set

    As is with the set introducing Discover, Dragoon will get its first Discover card which will continue the theme of Dragoon's Discover being narrow and specific, while a few other cards have unique elements to them introduced.

    - Verdant Squire is Vera's first canonical appearance in the game, so stay tuned for her future incarnations in future sets~

    In the same vein as Druid and Priest, Dragoon has 2 C'Thun support cards aimed to make C'Thungoon (that's what I call that deck) a thing. And in this set is also a few more unique cards, including a new debuff card...and a Big archetype card, and this won't be the only one any time soon.

    Whispers of the Old Gods Set

    Y'know how there are some classes in this adventure that supports a sorta-kinda Menagerie style, but not really? Well, Dragoon is going bold in that it will introduce three Menagerie support cards in this set!

    ...well, more accurately this set contains a Dragon, a Beast (a first for the class), and a Murloc! (probably will be the only one though).

    - Supreme Finlord doesn't annul a Supremacy effect to just draw a card, but it just adds a new Supremacy effect to Supremacy cards. For example, if you use a Crimson Blades to kill a minion, the weapon will gain +1 Attack but it will also draw you a card while Supreme Finlord is on the board.

    Here's another bold development: there's a lot of custom classes out there going Kabal or Jade in this expansion...well, Dragoon is part of the Grimy Goons! Sure they're not as cool as Kabal with the whole spell-slinging and red mist thingies and Jade with their green men that grow larger after each green men, but...Dragoon has buffs. Tons of buffs, and hardy minions to work with. So Grimy Goons they are. Probably also helps that Don Han'Cho is one hell of a slick ogre, able to convince Ezra to get all dirty and grimy.

    Call the deck in this expac Dragoon. Ha, get it?

    Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Set

    - For clarity's sake, if Smash-n-Run hits a minion and it dies from the 5 damage, it then transfers the destroyed minion's Attack because of the Supremacy effect to a random minion in your hand.

    - With Dragoon added as a Grimy Goons class, Grimestreet Informant is now modified to be this:


    Like a lot of the other classes in this expac Dragoon receives Beast, probably to the same amount that Druids or Hunters have, but this time around Dragoon is going to play and really stretch the power level of one of their limitations: Healing! Introduced in this expac is a set mostly focusing on healing...well, stalling for that matter. A new try in a Control shell for Dragoon.

    Journey to Un'goro Set


    - Regardless of when Lord Xah'dorah dies (unless Silenced of course), it will always only come back at the start of your next turn. If it dies on your turn, then during the end of your next turn it'll come back. If it dies on the opponent's turn, then during your turn after the opponent it'll come back at the end of your turn.

    Do you remember that short comic of a bard detailing a (probably fake) story of how the 9 famed heroes of Hearthstone dies and became a Death Knight due to Lich King's machinations? Well, just imagine Ezra in the panels where DK Malfurion and Rexxar kinda hangs out and they made Ezra a Death Knight there and there as well >.>

    Unlike the sets before where Dragoon settles on 1-2 mechanical themes of the cards they have, this one's mostly going to be a little broader in terms of what the cards are, although flavor-wise these are all ice/frost dragons or dragonspawn, seeing over Northrend with Sapphiron leading the dragons.

    Knights of the Frozen Throne Set


    Lich King Boss Fight

    "Submit your fangs and claws, Dragoon. They are but a scratch before me."

    Power Subjugation is the boss card The Lich King will play on his first turn. When he plays it, your minions can no longer gain Attack, whether it'd be from your Hero Power, or even stat buffs, although the Health buff would still apply. As Dragoon, you want to always maximize the use of your Hero Power by putting it on your minion, and you tend to want to buff your minions so they can survive against Lich King's onslaught too, but this card swiftly denies all of that, forcing you to use your Hero Power on your own hero and having to get creative in killing The Lich King.

    As a side note, this also means the tried-and-true classic strategy of running a Murloc deck during this time won't work either, since Murloc Warleader can't buff your Murlocs' Attack at all, so you have to be more creative in defeating the Lich King as Dragoon.

    The set that starts the powercreeps to end all powercreep, just like the other classes the cards in this set are exceptionally strong, and you can expect these cards to be staples in many decks for Dragoon to come. Two different themes are going on here: a team of dungeoneers and plunderers of the catacombs lead by a mysterious puppeteer (or is she a puppet?~) called Illia the Marionette, and the myriad of dragons and beasts protecting one of the catacombs' treasures: The Dreadtalon.

    Mechanics wise, this set further exemplifies the power of Dragons in this class, while also taking a direction of supporting Supremacy in both counts, directly and indirectly, while Spiteful Summoner is going to love Aspect Awakening, but of course, the main event here is the unique, never before seen build around The Dreadtalon. Can you build a deck that goes against the entire philosophy of Dragoon as a Dragon class?~

    Kobolds and Catacombs Set


    - The choices for Aspect Awakening is Alniaxtrasza, Zavathion, and Rylvagos.

    - Dreadtalon's effects is checked much in the same way as Rhok'delar, Lightforged Zealot and Lightforged Crusader. As long as there are no Dragons at all in the deck, the effect will always trigger.

    - Dungeon Run guide coming soon!

    Arena Exclusive

    In the Arena Exclusive event happening during KnC, players are asked to vote for what cards they can give to a class exclusively for Arena, and Dragoon is no exception, with three choice cards. Is it going to be the early removal/semi-Freeze effect Chilling Breath? Is it the pseudo-hard removal Curbstomp? Or is it going to be the simple, yet powerful Spirited Ax? Your vote decides!

    In this dark swamp ruled by Hagatha, darkness abounds as black dragons descend and malevolent creatures ride on the fields outside Gilneas itself, and especially the Twin Reapers, Nava & Thanatos under Hagatha's command, killing any poor adventurers and Gilneans that dared wander out the Gilneas' walls. But as with opposites, with darkness encroaching, so too the light enlightening and dissipating the suffocating void, as the dead Emerald dragon Thitazov helps those who would be close to death, lighting the path of the swamp.

    Mechanic wise, the cards in this set are well rounded and can create a good foundation for Dragoon decks to come, with either cards caring about securing the early lead, like Darkmire Drake and Nightfall Dragoon, or more value/control-oriented, like Headhunter and Nava and Thanatos themselves.

    Witchwood Set

    - Well, with the rotation of Genn Greymane and Baku the Mooneater alongside their support cards, it seems Blade of Eventide had to be put out to the Hall of Fame pasture too.

    - Since Headhunter adds an Echo copy of the minion he destroys, this of course means the copy is gone at the end of your turn.

    Mysterious Missives - Dragoon

    As you prepare to face the evil in The Witchwood, it would be wise to arm yourself with knowledge of the key players in this unfolding conflict. Fortunately for you, such knowledge has mysteriously materialized...

    The source of the following dossiers is a mystery, and it is uncertain whether you can trust the information contained herein. After all, in these dark times, rumors fly like a murder of crows.

    Still, even the slightest knowledge of who’s who could be just the edge you need to survive the curse.

    Read on, brave monster hunter.

    Mysterious Missives


    Profession: Ghost dragon, wholesome spirit

    Hobbies: Helping lost souls, healing the wounded Gilneans and travelers, leaving trails of breadcrumbs, building gingerbread houses, staying away from Emeriss.

    After the curse, mysterious things awakened within the wood. Restless spirits of many forms arose to pursue their otherworldly agendas. One such spirit is Thitazov, reportedly a member of the Emerald Dragonflight in life before he succumbed to the horrors of the Emerald Nightmare.

    Stories from travelers and Gilneans alike tell of a ghostly dragon that appeared to them when they were lost and protected them from the malevolent forces that haunt the deepest woods. Some spirits he merely drove away while others he purified, sending them to their rest. Those people who encountered him speak of him as a healer and guide, overwhelmed by the grace of his presence. More than one was heard to remark, "We owe him our lives."

    Is he truly the ghost of an Emerald Dragon? Or is he merely a confused spirit, playing a role he does not understand? None can say for certain. But no matter his true nature, his service to lost and frightened people cannot be denied.

    Nava & Thanatos

    Profession: Reapers of the woods

    Hobbies: Killing, destroying, obliterating, annihilating, crushing, smashing, maiming, wounding, eviscerating, dismembering, disemboweling, devouring, striking, slashing, smacking, whooping, buffeting, breathing, sleeping.

    As the curse took its grim toll on Gilneas, another evil emerged: strife sown by hardship and turmoil began to claim just as many lives within the walls as the horrific monsters beyond. This fear and anguish served only to inspire Hagatha to greater depravity. She used this vengeful energy to call forth sibling spirits to express the anger and mistrust devouring the people in a somewhat more literal way…

    Born of the paranoia of the Gilnean people, Nava and Thanatos are intimately familiar with their vulnerabilities. Rare is the traveler who lays eyes upon them and returns to tell the tale. Those who have spoken of them say that they change their forms to prey upon the guilt and fear of the soul they intend to reap. A butcher saw them as a wolf and lamb, their faces obscured by blank white masks. A priest saw them as a felhound and gargoyle. A soldier of fortune saw them as the animate corpses of the last two people he killed. No matter their form, some things remain consistent: one always bears a set of wicked fangs and claws; the other a bow and arrow.

    Taverns of Time

    Each class in the Taverns of Time Arena event gets two really strong cards (that are luckily Arena-exclusive) and Dragoon is certainly no less strong, with Constellar's Envoy and Rewinding Scales.

    In the Boomsday Lab, Dragoons focuses on one of the more mundane things Dr. Boom doesn't really think much: manufacturing! Heavy industry is the theme for Dragoon here flavor-wise, where all of the cards are concerning industrial things like Mechs and flames, lead by the short-tempered dragonspawn Pyroblaster Zagrosz. Mechanics wise, this set continues the Mech synergy that was mostly on GvG and adds on more to it, like Warrior and Hunter, while also putting more emphasis on dealing damage being a core component in Dragoon.

    The Boomsday Project Set

    - Inciendary Break destroys minions around the chosen minion. Basically, it means the enemy minions opposite the chosen minion and the friendly minions adjacent to the chosen minion.

    - With the Rise of The Mech event, some of the cards here are buffed (well, already, since you guys weren't here during this). The two buffed cards are Plucky Pyromancer and Manufacturing:
    Manufacturing's text was changed from "Summon two copies of a friendly Mech." to "Summon a copy of a friendly minion. If it's a Mech, summon two copies of it."
    Plucky Pyromancer's stats are changed from 3 mana 2/3 to 2 mana 2/2.

    In Rastakhan's Rumble, Dragoon leads the team Tharon'ja's Serpents, championed by Aspect Champion Gar'hok. This team is especially known for wanting to win at any cost and getting out as much raw power as possible while never letting out too much of their power. Savage and brutal, a second is never wasted for them. They have all the upper hand, and they will crush you with as much power as possible.

    This set introduces and expands on hand and draw synergy, not seen since Faceless Envoy. Oh, and some of these cards happen to be Big ones too~

    Rastakhan Rumble Set

    - Aspect Champion Gar'hok works much in the same way as Tess Greymane. It will repeat the last 5 cards played, but minions won't trigger their Battlecries, and if a Hero card is a part of this, you'll only get the 5 Armor.

    Rumble Run

    As Rikkar had to choose as the 9 other Loas tried to convince Rikkar to join their team, he unexpectedly chooses Tharon'ja's Serpents, who has stayed mostly quiet and enjoying the spectacle of the other Loas wanting Rikkar to join their team. Tharon'ja smiled smugly to the other Loas. Really, why wouldn't that troll join him, honestly? He is all about being victorious and wanting to really crush the opponent. Qualities he knows the troll likes. It's not like this troll would ever betray him or anything...

    Click here to see the bundles, starting decks, and voicelines for the teammates and Dragoon champion if you didn't choose Dragoon, Aspect Champion Gar'hok.

    Starting Deck

    Brood's AltarBlade of Tharon'jaMask of Tharon'ja
    Flaxen Whelp Seething Axe Voodoo Doctor
    Swamp Dragon EggFaerie DragonRainbow Whelp
    KatarBomber WhelpBomber Whelp
    Rainbow WhelpMicrotech ControllerFungal Enchanter
    Littlest ForerunnerRunt LeaderHappy Ghoul
    Nightmare AmalgamSweeping SwarmTortollan Explorer
    Heavy Duty DragoonLava SaberVerdant Vitality
    Blackwing CorruptorWyrmrest AspirantDuskwind Vanguard
    Drakonid BruiserVerdant ScimitarAntique Healbot
    Book WyrmDragon PendantCleaver of Glory

    Rumble Run Teammates

    Rumble Run Bundles

    Nightfall DragoonColosseum BehemothZagrosz' Inferno Bomb
    Mountain WhelpBone Drake Incinerate
    ScalewormScaled NightmareFire Breath
    Drakonid BruiserVolcanic DrakeGrimestreet Corporal
    Omega DragonChillmawConflagration
    Sightless RangerCrowd RoasterMagnataur Brutalist
    Darkmire DrakeHeadhunter Menacing Dragotron
    FlamewarperScarlet Dragon Bilescale Drake
    Drakonid CommanderChromaggusBook Wyrm
    Nava & ThanatosLord Xah'dorah Explosive Ride!
     Primordial DrakeChillmaw
     AlexstraszaPrimal Rage
     Nava & Thanatos Sapphiron
     NefarianCrowd Roaster
     Red Aggressor Devouring Devilsaur
     Rheastrasza Frost Flurry
     Sinestra Armageddon Wyvern
     Aspect Champion Gar'hok Venom Breath
     Deathwing, Dragonlord 
    Draconic CoreHaulMechanizer
    Bone WhelpWyrm's SphereFaithful Lumi
    Flaxen Whelp Draconic Insight Galvanizer
    Wyrm's Sphere VehemenceMechwarper
    Bomber WhelpCasino RoyaleUnderminer
    Faerie DragonExhilarateUpgradeable Framebot
    Firetree WitchdoctorFaceless EnvoyBronze Gatekeeper
    Molten WhelpSupersonic RoarNightmare Amalgam
    Netherspite HistorianVerdant SquireSpring Rocket
    Rainbow Whelp BibliothecatMicrotech Controller
    Blackwing TechnicianDaring ReporterPiloted Shredder
    DragonhornErudite DrakonidReplicating Menace
    Mountain WhelpTharon'ja, the SerpentSteel Smold-a-bot
    Nightmare AmalgamAzure DrakeGearscrapper
    Runt Leader Cleaver of GloryManufacturing
    Verdant Squire Draconic BoltMenacing Dragotron
    Duskwind Vanguard Fight PromoterWargear
    Twilight DrakeScarlet MagiserpentZilliax
    Twilight GuardianUnited RetaliationFlamewarper
    Azure DrakeSavage OgreseerMissile Launcher
    Blackwing CorruptorVenom BreathPiloted Sky Golem
    Cobalt ScalebaneMountain Giant 
    Dragonmaw Scorcher  
    Drakonid Bruiser   
    Illusive Rimescale   
    Vermillion Glider  
    Bone Drake  
    Book Wyrm  
    Power SurgeRestoration
    Forbidden RoarLush Restoration
    Acherus VeteranVoodoo Doctor
    Seething AxeRainbow Whelp
    Lance CarrierEarthen Ring Farseer
    Spectral FervorFungal Enchanter
    Crimson GeneralHappy Ghoul
    Silverbone ClawTortollan Explorer
    Wild ResonanceVerdant Vitality
    Arena FanaticHozen Healer
    Duskwind VanguardLifedrinker
    Grimestreet VigilanteRegeneratin' Thug
    Overwhelming StrengthVitality Mender
    Steward of WyrmrestDarkscale Healer
    Wyrmrest AspirantAntique Healbot
    Dragon PendantMajestic Fennec
    FungalmancerTol'vir Vitalizer
    Dragon's StrengthDevouring Devilsaur
    Lesser Garnet SpellstoneScarlet Dragon
    Forbidden RoarSeething Axe
    Eye of the DragonSouthsea Deckhand
    Bone WhelpBloodsail Raider
    Flaxen WhelpKatar
    VehemenceRummaging Kobold
    Shrieking ShroomNo Man's Maul
    Runt LeaderEbon Dragonsmith
    Microtech ControllerLava Saber
    Sweeping SwarmPhantom Freebooter
    FungalmancerHeavy Duty Dragoon
    Illia the MarionetteCaptain Greenskin
    Verdant ScimitarCrimson Blades
    Vermillion GliderLesser Garnet Spellstone
    Darkmire Drake 
    Lesser Garnet Spellstone 

    When you think about it, the Good and Evil classes are kind of decided alphabetically. Good classes are the first four classes in the Collection menu, while the Evil classes are the last five classes in the Collection menu. So hypothetically, Dragoon comes first, then Druid in the Collection menu.

    So, therefore, Dragoon's a Good class! This set aims to expand Dragoon's identity a bit further than just being a dragon class, with now a focus on buffs and its synergies, alongside Mechs and a few unique cards here and there.

    Rise of Shadows Set


    - Asha Ravensong's effect basically makes any buffed minions have a Shimmering Courser effect, and yes, if you damage an enemy minion with a spell and it doesn't die, it will also have a Shimmering Courser effect, meaning you can't target it with your spells anymore.

    - Hydraquatom's Deathrattle targets separate enemies, so it won't hit the same enemy twice.

    "Why is a gnome the one who's in charge of the dragons?"

    Astarea represents Dragoon in Dalaran Heist, a rather maniacal dragontamer-to-be who's currently trying to collect as many dragons as she can, living or dead. Wouldn't that go against what the League of E.V.I.L is pla-ssssh, she doesn't know that yet. In addition to the normal Sharpen Claws hero power, she also has access to Power up! and Quick Hatch.

    More info on Dalaran Heist coming soon!

    Default Hero Power.Play 10 Supremacy CardsAttack with your hero 15 times.

    Guess who's back? It's Vera, now all spiffed up and fully invigorated by desert magic!...well, a somewhat corrupted, dark desert magic. Foreshadowed by Vera Wakefield being a hero skin for Dragoon in Year of the Dragon, she returns in an all-new form, becoming the fifth Explorer! (for more lore details see the Tombs of Terrors tab)

    Set-wise, this card marks more of Dragoon's focus to buffs, while also adding in a bit more of Mech synergy, but also...continuing more and adding even more support for the Big Dragoon playstyle. Oh, and of course, Highlander support since all the other Good classes gets Highlander support.

    Saviors of Uldum Set


    - Come Hither's Discover effect takes the minion from your deck, not summoning a copy of the minion from your deck.

    - Desert Dreadnaught's Supremacy effect allows it to take any aura or Deathrattle effects of the minions it kills (the enemy minion's Deathrattle will always trigger first though) alongside their stats.

    - Might of The Sands' requirement works with:
    – Hero Power's temporary Attack buff.
    – Equipping a weapon.
    – Buffing a friendly minion with buff spells.
    – Friendly minions gaining Attack through various effects.
    – Wide buffs also work, i.e. Eye of the Dragon or Rise from the Dunes.

    Unlocked at the Final Chapter

    In Tombs of Terror, you control Vera Wakefield, seen here looking absolutely different compared to her alternate hero skin and original Verdant Squire days, now allying herself with the League of Explorers. In her wanderlust journey around Azeroth, she came across Uldum to find that the place is either ransacked or infested by evil manifestations. Disbelieving of what she sees, she was almost nearly taken by Hagatha until Elise pulled a daring rescue, escaping with Vera from Hagatha's search. When the dust settles, Vera thanks them and was about to go her way again avoiding Uldum, but the other four Explorers start to think about their numbers disadvantage...and they happen to have this weird sandy black lotus headdress from one of the Uldum tombs, shining with dark energy...and this girl is wandering around Uldum...she can be a useful Explorer in saving the world!

    So after a few convincing by Elise, Vera decides to follow and be inducted into the Explorers as she wears the magical sandy black lotus...and she feels the pulse and power of desert swirling inside her...and her appearance changed as she founds herself a new sand spear, a translucent dragon tail and the power to control sands!...and dark energies. It seems the black lotus the Explorers found was half-corrupted by Rafaam's influence, and luckily for Vera, she doesn't get the full brunt of corruption, mostly now she's able to control both demons and dragons on her command!

    More info and cards on Tombs of Terror coming soon!

    Default Hero Power.Take 50 damage during your turns.Summon 35 Demons and Dragons.

    Tombs of Terror Treasures


    Vera Wakefield


    Sometimes magical black lotus just gives you a magical desert spear. Just ask Vera.

    Defeat 5 bosses

    Flowers can grow in the desert! All you need is just a little dark magic and fel magic.

    Damage Plague Lords (50)

    A rebellious teenage demon who decides to spend her life with archeology instead. Perhaps all teenage demons should try rebelling.

    Defeat a Plague Lord

    Finding your way through the desert requires on-field experience, and he'll prove that he's got it.

    Defeat the first four Plague Lord

    After leading the way against the Plague Lords, this explorer deserves his promotion.

    Defeat 2 Plague Lords

    Sometimes you just have to tap into your inner dragon self.

    Defeat 3 Plague Lords

    The death-iest, deadliest, whatever-other-verb-that-means-death lance that has ever graced Uldum.

    In the Final Chapter of Tombs of Terror, the Explorers finally made it through the E.V.I.L bosses and reached Dark Pharaoh Tekahn, now the Plague Lord of Flames, as Tekahn laid out his plans in trying to destroy Uldum for his own gain, and for Rafaam's unexplained reasons. Vera, having enough of this world unsanctimoniously ravaged, recklessly advances towards Tekahn and tries to fight him head-on...only to get Tekahn to stab her with the sharp end of his staff, and dropped her atop the pyramid they were on top of, killing her instantly...

    Enraged by this callous act, the four Explorers fights off Tekahn head-on, to avenge Vera and to save the world! They succeeded...for a little bit before Rafaam abandoned Tekahn and reveals his true final plan: unleashing the Ur-Dragon himself, Galakrond!

    Meanwhile beneath the pyramid as a sandstorm erupts on the now silent and decrepit Uldum, Vera awoke from her near-death experience, her form returning to normal as she lost her power, her black lotus headdress wilting and decaying. As she grabbed the lotus in her hand, she feels a large amount of energy erupting from the black lotus, and the lotus explodes in flower pieces, revealing...the spirit of The Earthwarder himself, Neltharion, completely free and pure, uncorrupted, a sight that hasn't been seen since he was corrupted to be Deathwing! What can this possibly mean?

    With Doom in the Tomb, Verdant Squire and Sinestra make a comeback (from LoE and WoToG respectively) after staying in the Wild pasture for awhile. Hmmm, these cards feel very Dragon-y as Dragoon shifts away a little from Dragon synergies...what's up with this?~

    Five minions of this class join Battlegrounds: Bullfrog, Onyx Forgescale, Vermillion Glider, Steel Smold-a-Bot, and Rheastrasza.

    Patch 21.2 Rework Update: Smold-a-Bot and Rheastrasza is getting removed (still existing here for posterity), but alongside Master Nguyen and Cariel Roame, another new hero is added: Vera Wakefield, from the League of Explorers!

    As the conclusion of Year of the Dragon's storyline unfolds, and with The League of Explorers being one member short, they briefly pray to the gods and titans of Azeroth to aid them in this showdown, to stop The League of E.V.I.L. from wreaking havoc or resurrecting Galakrond. And as the battle rages and they accidentally fell and got picked up by 4 of the Dragonflight leaders...the 5th one showed up just as Reno is having difficulties! It's Vera Wakefield, returning from the dead (not that she's ever dead) riding the corporeal spirit of Neltharion, Incorruptible. Can the League of Explorer truly save the day now, with Vera returning with the good Black Dragonflight, led by the original Neltharion himself?

    So. This is a Dragon-focused set. Dragoon is a Dragon-focused class. What do you think they will focus on? Beasts? Secrets? Of course Dragons! And for the first time, a sort of spell-focused set, with cards caring about spells. And in a departure much like Warrior, where they get the Legendary weapon Ancharrr, Dragoon receives their second-ever Hero card, Dragonmaiden Vera, the now-dragon knight who will do her best to defeat Galakrond.

    Descent of Dragons Set


    - If there are no dragons in your hand, then Dragonmaiden Vera will immediately summon Dragons from your deck until your board is full.

    - Empowering Scales works the same way as Elemental Allies, if you fail to cast a spell for 3 turns in a row, the progress will be reset back to 0.

    In this adventure, Vera once again aid the Explorers in defeating Galakrond, and this time for real! 3 new Dragoon cards can be unlocked here, all of them focus on the build-upon spell synergy.


    After a set focused around Dragons, Dragoon once again takes a step back and focused on more new things, two different subthemes popping up in this set: Immune pops up a lot more here after Dragoon has a few cards about it, and a focus on weapon/hero attack. Flavor-wise, Dragoon also gets a little more specific than usual, this set being consisted of hardy ethereals led by Netherstalker Nauthis, formerly of the Burning Legion defender, now leading the Ethereum and follower of Mecha Jaraxxus' Rusted Legion. What plan are these Ethereals concocting?

    Ashes of Outland Set


    - Worth noting that an Immune minion can't be attacked, which means Taunt is useless on an Immune minion and the enemy can just attack something else, so a Taunted up Netherstalker Nauthis wouldn't work the way you think it would.

    - The addendum in Nauthis Prime's effect means that he absolutely can't get Immune from his effect at all, whether you copy him through various effects or what not.

    - Imprisoned Inquisitor's effect affects all your cards that can deal damage. Weapons you wield, damaging spells you cast and your minions basically have Lifesteal only for this turn.

    With the excursion to Outland finished, we have now arrived at the whimsical, totally-not-scary-at-all Scholomance Academy! Here, besides the usual training Dragoons get of dragon mastery in any capacity and intermediate weapon mastery, they can also take a double-major honor rolls in two classes: Taking up arms as a Paladin and emphasizing more on self-strengthening or armoring up as a Warrior and...well, of course dragon taming. As always. Both Warriors and Paladins now can also have more taste of Dragon synergies due to the Dragoon pairing!

    Scholomance Academy Set



    - Drake Shift of course just means that your minion is now part of the Dragon tribe. If they were another tribe like Beast or Mech (or even All), their tribe automatically changes to Dragon.

    - Stalwart Andormu's effect means that any spell you cast to your characters by targeting to them are cast twice. Basically any spell that is just blank "Do X" wouldn't work, but any spell like Libram of Hope, Saddle Up!, or even board buffs like Level Up! and hand buffs like Drake Shift are casted twice.

    - Academy's Bladeworks means nothing can't ever destroy your weapon. So it will always stick until 1 Durability, and Ooze effects are basically nullified.

    Before Ezra Vermillion became known as the Dragon Knight and Dragoon Commander of Nagrand, he wasn't really anyone special back then, not like most famed heroes of Hearthstone. No, he was actually just the son of a Sir Gale Vermillion, a well-known dragon knight of Stormwind. Though not just a son, he was Sir Gale's squire, noting his adventures and helping his father out in his adventures. But on one chance visit to Nagrand, Ezra found himself face-to-face against a huge clefthoof! Not for no reason, too, turns out Ezra was brought along here because his father wants to test his skills and warrior prowess against the clefthoof. And from this clefthoof fight, Ezra's life will be tumultuous and filled with many conflicts, all of which shaped him to become the illustrious dragoon he is today...

    In this Book of Heroes, you will fight through 8 bosses, all of them signifying an important event for Ezra, all divided to 3 phases of his life: Ezra as a squire of his father, Ezra as a wandering dragoon looking for purpose, and Ezra as the commander of dragons he become.

    Squire EzraBoss 1: Banthar

    More (Voicelines, Hero Powers, Bosses) will come soon! Stay tuned!

    Who else could represent the ever-illustrious lineage of dragon tamers and powerful dragoons but...the grumpy Scholomance groundskeeper? Well, it's not like Grea or Andormu wants to join in for this weird event Kel'Thuzad has cooked up (they say they're too busy teaching, but he knows they're too afraid to lose!). And so, representing the Dragoon is Kirtonos the Herald! And he'll make those young Dragoons know to no longer mess and do pranks on him again!

    Kirtonos' Hero Power

    Available by defaultCollect 5 Epic Darkmoon Faire cardsCollect 1 Scholomance Academy Legendary Dragoon card

    Kirtonos' Starting Treasures

    They didn't get their usual Corn Drac-Os, and they're all grumpy about it!Hegemony shmegemony, you still kill them!It's very persuasive as long as you let it do its thing.
    Available by defaultCollect 90 unique Darkmoon Faire cardsCollect 15 Epic Scholomance Academy cards
     They hear one more "streak" joke…you don't wanna know what they're gonna do…Cummerbund completely crowded with cinder. Cool.After finally reading the racing manual for the 69th time, Dane found a loophole. 
    Collect 125 unique Madness at the Darkmoon Faire cardsCollect 12 Darkmoon Faire Legendary cardsCollect 150 unique Madness at the Darkmoon Faire cards

    Kirtonos' Voiceline


    ThanksAhhhh. Thanks for that.
    Well PlayedVery good show, heheh.
    GreetingsGood day to you…
    OopsThat's gonna took a lot of cleaning.
    WowFantastic. I think.
    ThreatenYou don't want to get locked in the storage room, don't you?
    AttackAway with you.
    ConcedeHmph, back to the hallways…
    Opening remarkAlright, which student are you? You know I don't like impostors!
    Mirror startBah! As if you're the actual Kirtonos!
    Opening remark vs Star Student StelinaPerhaps if you weren't so pompous about your "reputation".
    Opening remark vs Forest Warden OmuIt's all good, Warden. There are worse places to clean.
    Opening remark vs Professor SlateHave you considered less…putrid funguses?
    Opening remark vs Mozaki, Master DuelistAh. High self-confidence. I like that.
    Opening remark vs Turalyon, the TenuredI much prefer my rooms and pets, thank you.
    Opening remark vs Mindrender IlluciaTrust me, Lady Barov. There's nothing inside of me worth exploring.
    Opening remark vs Infiltrator LilianAre you sure this is the place you really want to infiltrate?
    Opening remark vs Instructor FireheartI look forward to your 'teachings', Instructor.
    Opening remark vs Archwitch WillowYou have no idea what I can be, do you?
    Opening remark vs Rattlegore
    Ahahahaha!…now time to be put down, aberration.
    Running out of timeOh, right, the duel!
    Almost out of cardsOne card left…
    Out of cardsWell, no more cards.
    Error: Too many minionsToo much things.
    Error: GenericI'm afraid I can't.
    Selection in DuelsOh? It's my turn now?

    Unused/Opponent's Opening Remarks

    Star Student Stelina vs Kirtonos the Herald*gasp* Janitor! You're never gonna snitch on me again!
    Forest Warden Omu vs Kirtonos the HeraldAh, Kirtonos. I apologize in advance for what will follow.
    Professor Slate vs Kirtonos the HeraldNow, now, janitor, you know my research needs VERY specific mushrooms!
    Mozaki, Master Duelist vs Kirtonos the HeraldHa, what is the janitor doing here? I'll sweep you out!
    Turalyon, the Tenured vs Kirtonos the HeraldAre you sure you're okay continuing your menial job, Kirtonos?
    Mindrender Illucia vs Kirtonos the HeraldI've always wondered who you really are…
    Instructor Fireheart vs Kirtonos the HeraldDon't get weird about it! It's just cleaning tips!
    Archwitch Willow vs Kirtonos the HeraldYou're just a skulking janitor…know your place!
    Opening remark vs Headmaster Kel'thuzadHeadmaster. Please allow me the honors, if I may be so bold.
    WelcomeEnjoy yourself in Scholomance.

    Come one, come all! To the grand and majestic Darkmoon Faire, where the dragons are all manic joybringers, where everyone flies most assuredly without wings, and where you can feel like you've changed...for the better! In this set, we've got two themes and mechanics coming in: circus-like and jester dragons coming in to clown on you led by the adorable black dragon magician Marhavian (who is totally under the risk of getting all giant from Old Gods' influence!) that are based around damaging you and overwhelming you, and rambunctious goblins flying away on the Faire with the help of one Ziggie Sparks. Because they can fly! Without the help of those stinky Dragons! And that's why they're part of the Dragonless package, harkening back to KnC during Dreadtalon days!

    Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Set


    When the race is on, everyone gets excited at the Darkmoon Faire to see...well, everything that can happen. Race mishaps, possible accidental death while racing, bunch of animals suddenly escaping the faire, racers eyeing each other trying to get the lead...lots of things to get excited about! And this set, too, exemplifies that flavor, with cards specifically relating to racing outside of the racers themselves, an imprisoned dragon from warriors...and even a reckless...paladin racer? 

    Core Set 2021: Gryphon

    After 7 years of unchanged Classic cards, we finally enter our first ever rotating Core Set! Many cards of Basic and Classic, unfortunately, had to be put to the Legacy pasture (at least Blade of Eventide is now back to being part of the Witchwood set!). But, a lot of the staples and favorites (to me at least) stays, not to mention many of them reworked too, and some of them from past expansions, and three new cards for Core Set! Exciting stuff, isn't it?

    Core Set 2021: Gryphon

    - Original Core Set cards that are now mainstays are Eye of the Dragon, Molten Whelp, Katar, Fire Breath, Sweeping Swarm, Heavy Duty Dragoon, Crimson Blades, and Dragon's Strength!
    - Expansion cards that are now rotated in to Core Set 2021 is Flaxen Whelp, Big Bad Assault, Vehemence, Verdant Squire (what with Verdant Squire already coming in during Doom in The Tomb, too.), and Frost Flurry!
    - Many Core Set 2021: Gryphon of old are getting reworked, up to and including:
    Molten Whelp gaining +1 Attack, from 2/2 to 3/2
    Fire Breath completely reworked, from "Deal 3 damage to an enemy minion and 2 damage to the enemy hero." to "Deal 3 damage to an enemy minion. Supremacy: Deal 3 damage to the enemy hero.".
    Verdant Squire gaining +1 Attack, from 3/2 to 4/2
    Dragon's Strength's rarity now becoming Rare, and giving Rush as well, from "Give a minion +6/+6" to "Give a minion Rush and +6/+6.".
    Frost Flurry's cost lowered from 7 to 6.
    - Ebony Destroyer, Blackscale Caretaker and Korialstrasz are the new cards of the Core Set 2021!

    Ah, the Barrens. The land of the Horde, a sprawling landmass of unlimited potential where centaurs and quilboars ruled the wilderness...and also where Dragoon will strike their fortune and blow things up! Yup, Dragoon here is part of the Horde, led by the rocketeer goblin villain-for-hire Zeelo Greenblast, who according to him, has been outcasted (no pun intended) by both Gallywix and the goblins at large, and Dr. Boom! Must be a real piece of goblin if even Dr. Boom don't want anything to do with him. And he'll make sure those who tried to underestimate him will regret it! This set comprises of two themes based on Zeelo himself: Hero attacks (all about getting in and blasting the enemies' faces!) and Fire spells (after all, Zeelo himself is a rocketeer.)! With Kreenig Snarlsnout alongside him, none can oppose Zeelo's explosive march!

    Forged in the Barrens Set


    - Blast Away doesn't trigger a minion's effect that requires it to kill a minion, since it deals damage based on the Attack damage, not from the minion attacking itself.
    - Blazefist gives you the attack the next turn, yes, and it also will be gone at the end of the next turn.

    A dangerous adventure to some weird low-light cavern with the other Horde 'friends'? Sure, why not! It took Rokara convincing him to do so, but maybe this is where the Naaru shard is located that he can gave out to Gallywix, right? Well, that's neither here nor there, perhaps. There's a big snake that works with hero attacks, bunch of other adventurers coming in every few times or so, but more importantly...weird cave like this is a fine target to blow up! 

    Would you look at that? We're at Stormwind, now! And it means the Alliance mercenaries get to show their stuff more...though don't think of that as Zeelo just laying dormant! While the other Horde 'friends' are just kind of busy with their own things (Tamsin trying to destroy Stormwind? Guff just being a dumb himbo and playing around in some park? Whatever), it's a good chance for Zeelo to do what he gotta do, as Kazakus gave instructions on: DEMOLISH STORMWIND! Or, distract the big guys up top while Tamsin is doing the most things...something like that? Eh, those details hardly matter to him right now! With a focus on Mech driving in once again for Dragoon, on top of a few fascinating cards, especially a certain big guy from back then, Zeelo is sure to make an impact with his demolition plan!

    United in Stormwind Set



    MERCENARIES! It sure is a mode.
    Here are a few Mercs for the mode based on this class right now.

    Ezra Vermillion

    Original Skin

    Level 30 Stats: 13/71

    Second Golden Skin

    Level 30 Stats: 13/71

    Third Golden Skin and Diamond Skin

    Level 30 Stats: 13/71

    Unlocked by default.

    Level 2: Gain +2/+2.
    Level 3: Gain +3/+3.
    Level 4: Gain +3/+4.
    Level 5: Gain +3/+5.

    Unlocked at Level 5.

    Level 2: (3) Speed faster.
    Level 3: 4 Speed.
    Level 4: (4) Speed faster.
    Level 5: 3 Speed.

    Unlocked at Level 15.

    Level 2: 6 Speed.
    Level 3: 5 Speed.
    Level 4: 4 Speed.
    Level 5: 3 Speed.

    Unlocked at Level 30.

    Level 2: +3 Attack.
    Level 3: +4 Attack.
    Level 4: +5 Attack.

    Unlocked after Task 7.

    Max Level.



    Unlocked after Task 2.

    Level 3: Restore 30 Health.
    Level 4: Restore 35 Health.


    Drakonid Bruiser

    Original Skin

    Level 30 Stats: 13/71

    Second Golden Skin

    Level 30 Stats: 13/71

    Third Golden Skin

    Level 30 Stats: 13/71

    Unlocked by default.

    Level 2: 6 Speed.
    Level 3: (2) Speed faster.
    Level 4: 5 Speed.
    Level 5: 4 Speed.

    Unlocked at Level 5.

    Level 2: 5/5, 3 damage.
    Level 3: 6/6 4 damage.
    Level 4: 7/6, 5 damage.
    Level 5: 8/6, 6 damage.

    Unlocked at Level 15.

    Level 2: Deal 13 damage.
    Level 3: Deal 16 damage.
    Level 4: Deal 18 damage.
    Level 5: Deal 20 damage.

    Unlocked after Task 7.

    Max Level.



    Unlocked at Level 30.

    Level 2: Deals 3 more damage.
    Level 3: Deals 4 more damage.
    Level 4: Deals 5 more damage.

    Unlocked after Task 2.

    Level 2: +2 Health, +2 Fire Damage.
    Level 3: +3 Health, +2 Fire Damage.
    Level 4: +3 Health, +3 Fire Damage.


    Original Skin

    Level 30 Stats: 7/75

    Second Golden Skin

    Level 30 Stats: 7/75

    Third Golden Skin

    Level 30 Stats: 7/75

    Unlocked by default.

    Level 2: 6 damage to both.
    Level 3: 8 damage to both.
    Level 4: 9 damage to first part.
    Level 5: 9 damage to both.

    Unlocked at Level 5.

    Level 2: +4 Arcane Weakness.
    Level 3: +5 Arcane Weakness,
    (2) Speed slower.
    Level 4: +6 Arcane Weakness.
    Level 5: (3) Speed slower.

    Unlocked at Level 15.

    Level 2: Deal 4 damage.
    Level 3: Deal 5 damage.
    Level 4: Deal 6 damage.
    Level 5: Deal 7 damage.

    Unlocked after Task 7.

    Max Level.



    Unlocked at Level 30.

    Level 2: Deals 2 more damage.
    Level 3: Deals 3 more damage.
    Level 4: Deals 4 more damage.

    Unlocked after Task 2.

    Level 2: +3 Health.
    Level 3: +4 Health.
    Level 4: +5 Health.

    Zeelo Greenblast

    Original Skin

    Level 30 Stats: 6/70

    Second Golden Skin

    Level 30 Stats: 6/70

    Third Golden Skin

    Level 30 Stats: 6/70

    Unlocked by default.

    Level 2: 8 damage, Fire Combo: 6 damage.
    Level 3: 12 damage. Fire Combo: 8 damage.
    Level 4: 14 damage. Fire Combo: 9 damage.
    Level 5: 16 damage to both. Fire Combo: 10 damage.

    Unlocked at Level 5.

    Level 2: 10 Speed.
    Level 3: 9 Speed.
    Level 4: 8 Speed.
    Level 5: 7 Speed.

    Unlocked at Level 15.

    Level 2: Deal 4 damage.
    Level 3: Deal 5 damage.
    Level 4: Deal 6 damage.
    Level 5: Deal 7 damage.

    Unlocked after Task 7.

    Max Level.



    Unlocked at Level 30.

    Level 2: (2) Speed faster.
    Level 3: (3) Speed faster.
    Level 4: (4) Speed faster.

    Unlocked after Task 2.

    Level 2: +1/+4.
    Level 3: +2/+6.
    Level 4: +3/+8.

    Going into the Deadmines now, are we? Well! Aren't ya in luck! Not only are we getting right inside of Deadmines, we are even going to see a lot of Pirates on the way! Everybody loves that tribe, right?
    Anyway. Cards. Yes. Deadmines, with one Pirate card for Dragoon and some other assortments of such. This part of the story would also be where Zeelo still kinda dips off after he's involved with Tamsin, helping her out and getting rewarded with getting part of the shard, and goes home back to Gadgetzan...but is he really home? Will he return back to his old friends with a conscience, even if he gets what he needed?

    Ah yes, the Alterac Valley. The final countdown as things get rocky, dicey, and any other such metaphors! So many things that can go wrong, will go wrong here at once! As it turns out, oops, Zeelo needs to go back because what he brought back ain't enough for the Gadgetzan peeps. And so, with a heavy heart, he unfortunately needed to catch up to the others he formally forsakes himself...whoops! Returning back to Alterac and fighting with the rest of the Horde, Zeelo figured one of the best ways to fight back is to just send in hordes (ha) and hordes of scrappy little things to overwhelm them stupid Alliance people!
    And so, Kraftwerks exists! A Libram-like archetype for Dragoon focusing on the scrappy little 3/3 Rush Mechs that you can upgrade as much as you can! And don't worry, Kraftwerks come with their own unique deckbuilding requirements! Oh, also some Control-ish cards. Which is pretty cool as well.

    Fractured in Alterac Valley Set


    The Onyxia's Lair! With everything in Alterac blowing off and everyone letting off steam and doing the classic faction rivalry, it's only inevitable that we found out who orchestrated everything, and more importantly for Zeelo, the person who got him in this hullabaloo in the first place! Who else but that stinky dragon-but-disguising-herself-as-a-human woman from the Alliance court? And that troll paying him a fat sum to stay close to Tamsin, too! Oh, those two are gonna pay big time!
    Also this is a Dragon set. Works great for me, hahah! Two new Dragons (and the big boy from Stormwind returns to lend her sister a claw!) and one more Kraftwerk support for this set. Good stuff~

    Core Set 2022: Hydra

    We now enter the land of a new Standard era. Well, 3 months ago, anyway. I think? With the release of Voyage to the Sunken City, a new Core Set has to emerge, of course. The set for Dragoon, much like the other classes, are mostly the same with a few changes (and a new addition!), though it's pretty, shall we say, buff-y~

    Core Set 2022: Hydra Set


    - Eeyup! Aspect Awakening is back!
    - Removed cards from the old Gryphon Core Set: Eye of the Dragon, Katar, Heavy Duty Dragoon, and Big Bad Assault.
    - New cards entering the Hydra Core Set from old expansions: Rise from the Dune, Sable Explorer, Breaker Javelin, Aspect Awakening, and Sinestra
    - And changes to the cards in the old Gryphon Core Set that stays as well, such as:
    Molten Whelp is now a 1 Mana 2/2 from 2 Mana 3/2
    Verdant Squire nerfed with -1 Attack, from 4/2 to 3/2, back to her original stats.
    – Following the buff to Fiendish Circle, Sweeping Swarm gets the same buff as well, costing 1 less Mana, from 4 to 3.
    Rise from the Dune costs 1 less Mana now, from 5 to 4.
    Ebony Destroyer gains +1/+1, from 7/7 to 8/8.
    Sinestra costs 1 less Mana now, from 9 to 8.

    Can I just say this expansion probably has the coolest theme song ever? It's not my favorite, but...underwater dubstep with Night Elf language? There's something so sick about that. If only Hearthstone still commands high attention and captures a lot of people still...
    *ahem* Anyway. As we venture into the Voyage of the Sunken City, we see Nagas coming to the game...which means, at last, new tribe for Dragoon to work with! Gosh, it's been so long since we have a synergizing tribe for this class, right? With Nagas becoming a focus for this expansion as a new synergizing tribe for Dragoon, in fact, so much of a focus many of the cards feel like it supports that theme, much in the same way as Mage and Hunter, not a lot of other themes shines through here. With two Dredge cards, and a theme of Naga recursion with its many cards, topped off by an undying big boy Dragon Colossal, this expansion is a surge of newness for all of y'all!

    Voyage to the Sunken City Set


    - How Rakusagos, Seaborne works simply is that it's an 8 mana 8/6 Dragon big boy with Rush that's Immune whenever it attacks. It's a Colossal +2, so it summons the Rakusagos Talons you see in the token section, which is the reason why its Immune if it attacks. If one of those tokens die, nothing else happens. But if both dies, whether together through an AoE that doesn't kill Rakusagos, Seaborne, or just opponents trading badly against those two, Rakusagos, Seaborne essentially becomes Dormant, waking up at the start of your next turn, resummoning those Rakusagos Talons again as well.

    (Throne of the Tides Mini-Set)

    Throne of the Tides. All about the petty fights between octopussy monster Ozumat and the Lord of Tides himself, Neptulon the Tidehunter who was done very dirty during GvG (which I personally don't mind I love Murlocs but hey). Dragoon's all about the Ozumat side, which is why they still didn't have an Elemental after so long. Heh. Contained here is a Fire synergy card, and Supremacy synergy...and also a heal card? What does these things mean?~


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    More to come soon, maybe?

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    July 8th, 2022
    - Updates the thread again with the latest expansions, Core Set 2022: Hydra to Throne of the Tides.
    - New achievements! From Stormwind to Sunken City.

    July 7th, 2022
    - FINALLY! Updates the thread with expansions from The Deadmines to Onyxia's Lair.

    October 19th, 2021
    - Added two new Mercenaries: Ezra Vermillion and Drakonid Bruiser.

    September 16th, 2021
    - Added the expansion for United in Stormwind and the Wailing Caverns FiTB Mini-Set.
    - Added a new BG hero - Vera Wakefield from Dragoon.
    - Removed Steel Smold-a-Bot and Rheastrazsa from Battlegrounds.
    - Added new Achievements for Stormwind.

    May 14th, 2021
    - Bristleback Soldier is changed from "After your hero attacks an enemy, this minion attacks it." to "After you play a minion, give your hero +2 Attack."
    - Added Achievements for Dragoon in Barrens, Darkmoon Faire, and Core.

    May 11th, 2021
    - Updated Legendary Themes video to include themes for the Forged in the Barrens' Legendaries, Zeelo Greenblast and Kreenig Snarlsnout.

    May 10th, 2021
    - Added dialogue for Squire Ezra and Fullmetal Ezra, and finishes the additional dialogues for Kirtonos the Herald in Wizard Duels.

    March 28th, 2021
    - Added old Basic and Classic cards into the Legacy set.
    - Added Forged in The Barrens and added several tags for some of the old Dragoon spells.
    - Added Achievements for Dragoon.
    - Changed a few cards:
    -- Bloodlust Whelp is changed from a 3 Mana 3/3 "Battlecry: If you control a Dragon, gain Immune and attack an enemy minion." to a 1 Mana 1/3 "Whenever an enemy minion takes damage, gain +1 Attack."
    -- Roar of the Dominance's mana cost is changed from 4 to 2.
    -- Ethereum Portal's mana cost is changed from 7 to 8.
    -- Neltharion, Incorruptible is changed from 8 Mana 8/8 to 9 Mana 12/12.

    March 20th, 2021
    - Added Gryphon Core Set 2021 for Dragoon, alongside retroactive buffs for the original versions of Fire BreathVerdant Squire, Dragon's Strength and Frost Flurry.

    February 20th, 2021
    - Added the rest of Duels stuff, including dialogue, 3 new Signature Treasure and a new Hero Power.

    January 27th, 2021
    - Added Madness at the Darkmoon Faire and The Darkmoon Races mini-set.

    November 15th, 2020
    - Changed a few cards:
    -- Defensive Bearing' effect changed from giving +2 Health and Taunt to +1/+2 and Taunt.
    -- Call of The Aspects' Cost is down from 9 Mana to 7 Mana.
    -- Vera, Ascendant Squire went from:
    --- "Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, the first card you play each turn costs (4) this game.", to:
    --- "Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, the first card you play each turn costs (4) less this game."
    -- Forewarn Blast went from:
    --- 2 Mana - "Deal 2 damage. Supremacy: Your next spell costs (2) less this turn.", to:
    --- 0 Mana - "Deal 1 damage. Supremacy: Your next spell costs (1) less this turn."
    -- Aspect Heralder's stats is up from 8 Mana 3/3 to 9 Mana 6/6.
    -- Kirtonos The Herald went from:
    --- "Whenever you play a card, draw a card of the same type.", to:
    --- "Whenever you play a card, summon a random minion from your deck with Cost equal to the card."
    - Updated the weapon frames of old weapons.
    - Kicked off the reveal of Dragoon's Darkmoon Faire cards with 2 new cards: Rowdy Fairegoer and Merrydrake Marhavian.
    - Added a new Book of Heroes and Duels section.

    August 29th, 2020
    - Changed a few cards:
    -- Stalwart Andormu's name changed to Nestwatcher Andormu.
    -- Free the Whelps!' name changed to Free-range Whelps.
    -- Kirtonos the Herald went from:
    --- "Battlecry, Spellburst, and Supremacy: Draw a Legendary minion.", to;
    --- "Whenever you play a card, draw a card of the same type."
    -- Draconic Hatchet's effect changed from gaining +1/+1 to +1 Attack.
    -- Academy's Bladeworks Cost is down from 3 Mana to 2 Mana.
    -- Reworded Bloodlust Whelp and Saddle Up! to be more clearer.

    August 25th, 2020
    - Added Scholomance Academy.

    June 5th, 2020
    - Added all hero skin voicelines (Ezra, Rena and Vera).
    - Changed Tharon'ja, The Serpent who went from:
    -- "Whenever you draw a card, draw all copies of it from your deck.", to;
    -- "After you draw a card, add a copy of it that cost (2) less to your hand."
    - Finished the Rumble Run infos for Dragoon.

    June 3rd, 2020
    - Changed two cards:
    -- Empowered Scales went from:
    --- "Sidequest: Cast 2 spells for two turns in a row. Reward: Give your Dragons +1/+1 (wherever they are).", to;
    --- "Sidequest: Cast a spell for 3 turns in a row. Reward: Give your Dragons +1/+3, in hand and board."
    -- Armsmaster went from:
    --- "Supremacy: Gain +1/+1 (also applies to your own weapon).", to;
    --- "Supremacy: Give this minion and your weapons +1/+1 (wherever they are)."

    May 24th, 2020
    - Finalizing and finished the main post of the thread.

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    Flavor Texts, Voicelines, Legendary Themes and Artist Credit


    Dun! Dun, dun, dun!

    Artist: Chris Rallis

    Not as delicious as molten cakes.

    Play - I spew fire!
    Attack - Hot fire!

    Artist: Rudy Siswanto.

    The proposed name was "3 Gauntlet Knives", but it's not as cool.

    Artist: Veli Nyström

    No, the red is from ashes and paint. Totally not blood.

    Play - The fire, shall burn brighter!
    Trigger - Kindle!
    Attack - Ashes to ashes!
    Death - Extinguished…..

    Artist: Jason T.N.

    Always handy for a firecracker festival.

    Artist: Caio Monteiro

    Welp, four whelps.

    Artist: Unknown

    Not even you can prevent forest conflagration. Because it already happened.

    Artist: Adam Paquette

    Punches boulders and babies on a daily basis.

    Play - Are you ready to rumble?!
    Attack - Smash!

    Artist: Fujiyama Monta

    Warning: You might cough up flame and choked in soot after use.

    Artist: Chris Rahn

    He smacc
    He cracc
    But most importantly, he big dracc.

    Play - Now! Besiege them!
    Attack - Strike through!
    Death - Died in battle…

    Artist: Grafit Studio

    (This applies to the rest of the Whelp tokens)

    *whelp noises*

    Artist: Sam Nielson


    Ranking up to Inquisitor will give you a much, MUCH bigger hammer.

    Play - I shall make the Crusade proud!
    Trigger - For the Crusade!
    Attack - Begone, heretic!
    Death - I'm not done……

    Artist: Ralph Horsley

    How long can you blow the dragon horn? Hint: Certainly not longer than 3 seconds.

    Artist: Jen Zee

    Calling Onyxia as "Omnomnomyxia" is punishable by ingestion.

    Artist: Steve Ellis

    Glide to the left!
    Glide to the right!
    Two slides this time!

    Play - It's time to heat things up!
    Attack - Burn, baby, BURN!
    Death - *pained dragon screech*

    Artist: Jack Wang

    I can't believe it's not a red sword made of flames!

    Artist: Wang Ling

    Always able to get out of their dog-sized leashes anytime they take flight.

    Play, Attack, Death - The same as Volcanic Drake

    Artist: Lucas Graciano

    Also known as 'Ranting Ax'.

    Artist: Indar Gunawan

    Sadly, the dragon only found out now that the roar doesn't turn him yellow and more spiky.

    Artist: Musketeer Studio

    You know what he likes more than drawing? KNOWLE-spells. Spells.

    Play - The magic, it's within my reach.
    Trigger - Ah! The knowledge.
    Attack - Step aside.
    Death - Guuhhh…..

    Artist: Fujiyama Monta

    He loves sandwich.

    Play - Decimate…..all.
    Attack - Die.
    Death - I'm down……

    Artist: Cygames Inc.

    Thankfully, they didn't die in the end.

    Artist: Mathias Kolross

    Apparently just whacking your staff once is all it takes to become a dragon.

    Play - The dragons, they hear me!
    Attack - Out of my way!
    Death - *roars pitifully*

    Artist: Unknown

    Because it's a lot more threatening than 'Primal Fart'.

    Artist: Victor Fernandez

    This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a HOLY HECK GIGANTIC DRAGON!

    Play - Cower before your end, mortals!
    Attack - Let life cease!
    Death - I….fall….

    Artist: Sandara Tang

    (Animation: After he activated his Supremacy effect, the board will start shaking and floating up all other characters until they're dropped, shattering any characters Crush-style that doesn't survive the effect).

    She always thought saving Wrathion would net her more than a faint acknowledgement from him.

    Play - My brood shall rule the skies…..
    Attack - Burn.
    Death - I've failed…..

    Artist: Alex Konstad

    (Animation: Rhea flies from above and drops to the battlefield with a blazing wreath of fire besides her, as an egg drops and hatches besides her and out comes Drakonid Bruiser (the aforementioned 4/4 Dragon with Charge). The egg animation also happens after her Supremacy activates).

    (This applies to the rest of the Dragon tokens)

    Play, Attack, Death - The same as Volcanic Drake.

    Artist: Billy Christian

    Goblins VS Gnomes

    Rumors say this mech has seen better days before it's forced to fight a bunch of family vigilantes.

    Play - *noises of whirling*
    Attack - *noises of drilling and clawing*
    Death - *noises of machine shutting down and self destructing*

    Artist: Dmitry Burmak

    D'awww, who's the cutest, face destroying whelp? D'awww, is it you?

    Play - *little screech*
    Attack - *screeching intensifies*
    Death - "Rrrrraaaa……"

    Artist: Brad Rigney


    Just a little nibble won't hurt, right? Right?

    Artist: Miguel Coimbra

    Finally, all those years of deep learning Rock'em Sock'em Robots can be put to good use!

    Play - "Wanna fight, scrappy?"
    Attack - "Hrraaaaggghhhh!"
    Death - "Scrapped ouuuuuu……"

    Artist: Anvilgard

    Sometimes it'll never hit the target, just bolts away in a dragon-like fashion.

    Artist: Raymond Swanland

    You know what they say, no such thing as too overkill.

    Artist: Anton Kagounkin

    Pictured here: What Garrosh wish he could do back in Theramore.

    Artist: Sebastián Franchini

    Deathwing was just as arrogant and egotistical as he is now, only difference being there's no C'Thun or N'Zoth to push him around like an indentured servant.

    Play - "My power, is absolute!"
    Alternative Play (when playing against Alexstrasza) - "Let's see how strong you are without your brood!"
    Alternative Play (when playing against Malygos) - "I'll see to it your madness will be buried with your fate!"
    Alternative Play (when playing against Nozdormu) - "Come on, what's a little power hunger?!"
    Alternative Play (when playing against Ysera) - "The Emerald shall not help you today!"
    Attack - "All! Will! Fall!"
    Death - "I shall return….."

    Artist: Graven Tung


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    Extras: Achievements!

    Gameplay: Darkmoon Faire

    Hoopla UnboundSummon an 8+ Cost minion from your deck with Jump the Hoops.
    Multi-Fire JugglingDiscover Flame Juggling from Pyredrake Jester, then cast it after that Pyredrake Jester activates its Supremacy.
    No Dragon No Problem (1/3)Summon 20 minions from your deck with Ziggie Sparks.
    No Dragon No Problem (2/3)Summon 50 minions from your deck with Ziggie Sparks.
    No Dragon No Problem (3/3)Summon 90 minions from your deck with Ziggie Sparks.
    Don't Quit While You're Ahead (1/2)Draw 20 cards with Pub Bets.
    Don't Quit While You're Ahead (2/2)Draw 60 cards with Pub Bets.

    Gameplay: Barrens

    Set-Up for DestructionAttack with a 5/3 Chieftain's Axe while gaining 10 Attack from Blazefist.
    Snort-ering from SuccessDeal 14 damage with Kreenig Snarlsnout, 3 times.
    And I'm Like "Fired You!" (1/3)Cast 10 Dragoon Fire spells. 
    And I'm Like "Fired You!" (2/3)Cast 30 Dragoon Fire spells.
    And I'm Like "Fired You!" (3/3)Cast 50 Dragoon Fire spells.
    Lustrous Shedding (1/2)Save 35 Mana on Deviate Lustercoils.
    Lustrous Shedding (2/2)Save 70 Mana on Deviate Lustercoils.

    Gameplay: Stormwind

    Demand 101Buff 15 minions you play with the buff from Supply Tank.
    Total Mechanical ProwessPlay 12 Mechs on one game as Dragoon.
    Black Rock Blaster (1/3)Play 15 2-Cost Dragons.
    Black Rock Blaster (2/3)Play 30 2-Cost Dragons.
    Black Rock Blaster (3/3)Play 60 2-Cost Dragons.
    Blast Processing (1/2)Destroy 10 minions while you Trade Mobile Blaster.
    Blast Processing (2/2)Destroy 30 minions while you Trade Mobile Blaster.

    Gameplay: Alterac Valley

    Build Brown Bots with KraftwerkSummon an 8/10 Kraftwerk with Taunt and "Battlecry: Deal 2 damage."
    Humongous Rite What?!Summon a 30/30 Glacial Wyrm with Draconic Rite.
    Attack on Behemoth (1/3)Attack with Behemoth of Icewing 20 times.
    Attack on Behemoth (2/3)Attack with Behemoth of Icewing 30 times.
    Attack on Behemoth (3/3)Attack with Behemoth of Icewing 40 times.
    Many Whelps! (1/2)Summon 30 Onyxian Whelps with Whelps of Sinestra.
    Many Whelps! (2/2)Summon 60 Onyxian Whelps with Whelps of Sinestra.

    Gameplay: Sunken City

    Nar'jirring Tea TimeDiscover 6 cards with Nar'jira in one turn.
    Underwater City In-Birth Exe: Endless[vsc]Summon Rakusagos, Seaborne from his Dormant state 14 times.
    Dredgers, Assemble! (1/3)Dredge and play the copied card from Angling Assembly 25 times.
    Dredgers, Assemble! (2/3)Dredge and play the copied card from Angling Assembly 50 times.
    Dredgers, Assemble! (3/3)Dredge and play the copied card from Angling Assembly 100 times.
    Tidy Tides Tiding The Tide (1/2)Summon copies of Supremacy minions with Tidefall Wyrm 20 times.
    Tidy Tides Tiding The Tide (2/2)Summon copies of Supremacy minions with Tidefall Wyrm 40 times.

    Gameplay: Core

    Twilight Hammer Can't Touch This! (1/2)Play 15 Dragons with their cost reduced by Korialstrasz.
    Twilight Hammer Can't Touch This! (2/2)Play 50 Dragons with their cost reduced by Korialstrasz.

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    Basic Class Guide

    - TBA

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    Hi, nice class! But i have a hard time understanding your keyword - Supremacy.

    You seem to also have a different tooltip here and in the article. I dont understand how some of the cards with Supremacy trigger it, since there is no way they can kill a friendly minion. Can you explain how the keyword works? Thanks.

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    Quote From sinti

    Hi, nice class! But i have a hard time understanding your keyword - Supremacy.

    You seem to also have a different tooltip here and in the article. I dont understand how some of the cards with Supremacy trigger it, since there is no way they can kill a friendly minion. Can you explain how the keyword works? Thanks.

    I might have...a habit of changing Supremacy's tooltip here and there for some reason. But uh believe me, it works as any other effects that needs to attack and kill a minion (if on a minion), or just damage and kill a minion (if spell). And yeah, in cases of spells, you can totally use it on your own minions if you need an activation immediately.

    Thanks for the reply on this thread, but uh...I'm really not done here aaaaaaa pls stay outta here for now >///<

    Edit: Oh I get why now...damn, that was a big miss there XD

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    And finally I've reposted everything important from my Imgur album here, which means this thread's finished! Mostly.

    Let me know what you think of this class, y'all :3

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    More to come soon, maybe?

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    Damn, you've done a lot of work to this. I love it.

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    Quote From Beatdoof

    Show Spoiler


    There is definitely HOMAM3 music in there, right?:D

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    Quote From sinti
    Quote From Beatdoof


    Show Spoiler





    There is definitely HOMAM3 music in there, right?:D

    Nope, all the music here are ripped straight from World of Warcraft, much like all of the Hearthstone legendaries :p

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    Well well well welly welly well well well, after going through a hardy exam and life business in general I came back here to see the new Scholomance Academy expac and DUAL CLASS CARDS OH MY GOD

    The dual class combo for Dragoon will be:
    1. Dragoon/Priest
    2. Dragoon/Warrior

    Look forward to a week or two or so of me posting teaser arts to get y'all excite on this class again (and me as well).

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    After a few consideration I decided to do this following class combination instead:

    • Dragoon/Warrior
    • Paladin/Dragoon.

    And to kick things off ala Blizzard reveals, here's some 2 new cards! Think of these as if they're revealed early on :3

    Thanks Nikko (HearthCards Creator) for supporting custom dual class cards now!

    (Read up more about Familiar Aspect in the main thread post.)

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    More to come soon, maybe?

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    I've seen the Dragoon legendary themes video, and I've been wanting to ask this question for a long time. Where did their themes come from? I know Neltharion from GvG comes from Xaxas, though.

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    Quote From RealJC1234TheToonist

    I've seen the Dragoon legendary themes video, and I've been wanting to ask this question for a long time. Where did their themes come from? I know Neltharion from GvG comes from Xaxas, though.

    They all came from WoW. If you (or anyone else reading this) want complete breakdowns of where they all came from:

    • Rheastrasza: Badlands
    • GvG Neltharion: Xaxas
    • Gamon: Welcome to Orgrimmar
    • Sinestra: Twilight Hammer
    • Hussar: The Lost Isles
    • Xah'dorah: Zandalari
    • Zaevanicus: Stranglethorn Vale
    • Sapphiron: Frostwyrm Lair
    • Illia: Deepholm
    • Thitazov: Valshara
    • Nava & Thanatos: Dragonblight
    • Zagrosz: Ogre Highmaul
    • Tharon'ja: Dazar'alor
    • Gar'hok: City of Gold
    • Korvas: Gunship Battle
    • Hydraquatom: Utgarde Keep
    • Uldum Vera: League of Explorers
    • DoD Neltharion: Earthwarder
    • DoD Vera: League of Explorers
    • Nauthis (Both): Netherstorm

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    The Scholomance legendary themes were revealed today. Shan'do Wildclaw has Thitazov's theme! Prediction!

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    Posted 3 years, 1 month ago

    Oh shit reall-oh, it's slightly different compared to my Thitazov lol. Phew.

    So! Why don't we play a game today? I'll be posting 4 card teasers for today. Depending on which you choose, I'll get to reveal that card first, hehe.

    1. Already revealed!
    2. Already revealed!
    3. Already revealed!
    4. Already revealed!

    Cast your vote now! From 1 to 4, which would you like revealed first?

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    Luckily I've already casted the vote on another server I'm showing this in, and it seems people there wanna see the 3rd teaser more. So here it is!

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    Next reveal, as decided by some people I've sent this to the CHS Discord server, is the little bloody cute dragon!

    As always, vote for new cards from these 4 teasers!

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    More to come soon, maybe?

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