It's much more cheerful than the Ephemeral Blossom. That one's kind of a downer.

Hearthstone's 84th ranked season has arrived and with it, a card back to celebrate the past zodiac year! The Vale of Eternal Blossoms card back is yours to collect by winning 5 ranked games. Looking for decks? We've got some of the top decks to climb easily available or you can go find some community-created Hearthstone Decks to take you there.

What's Happening in March 2021?

Blizzard hasn't blessed us with many dates yet so things are up in the air right now.

  • March 12-15 - Masters Tour Ironforge
  • March 22/23 - Forged in the Barrens release.
    • Blizzard has not confirmed the date but the bundle ends its shop availability on March 22.
  • March 19 - Open Packs Early via At Home Fireside Gathering (Not Confirmed)
  • March ?? - Core Set launch