The Twitch Rivals Team Arena Challenge has returned once again! 36 players are in 12 teams and will be fighting for $25,500 in prizing.

The official even page with updates on placements will be available on

Twitch Rivals Schedule

  • Stream begins - 9:00am PDT / 18:00 CEST
  • Phase 1 begins - 9:15am PDT / 18:15 CEST
  • Phase 2 begins - 3:15pm PDT / 00:15 CEST

Arena Rotation

The Arena rotation updated with the launch of Saviors of Uldum. These are the currently active sets.

A reminder that quests are NOT available in the arena drafting pool.


  • 36 players will form teams of 3 players (12 total teams) and may draft, discuss, and help each other in any way they see fit.
  • All players will only be allowed to play Hearthstone’s Arena game mode. No constructed, Tavern Brawl, Solo Adventure, or other game modes allowed.
  • There will be 2 phases of competition:
    • Phase 1 is the High Score phase where teams will combine their individual 3 runs (9 runs total, 108 wins max) to make a team high score.
    • Phase 2 is a Single Elimination Bracket where the top 4 teams from Phase 1 will fight for first place.
  • Phase 1 - Team High Score
    • All players may play up to three (3) total Arena runs.
    • The team’s total high score will be number of wins acquired across the team’s six (6) total runs.
    • A conceded/retired run counts as a completed run.
  • Phase 2 - Final Showdown
    • The top 4 teams will face-off in a single-elimination bracket using Conquest and newly drafted decks.