A bit later than usual, but we're still kicking! Don't you just love when the universe conspires to cut your internet to shreds just when you finally have a chance to sit down at the computer? Let this be a lesson to you all - the more work you do in advance, the less chance anything will go wrong.

Conversation will be shorter this week, as I just can't remember what I was saying...

Mum's The Word

First off, congratulations are in order for anchorm4n, whose Bear Cub won the latest WCDC!

We'll see what they bring to the table for the next competition!

Ancient Relics

We've got a very interesting Fan Community Spotlight this week, highlighting an older set than usual - Coolboypai's "Tomb of the Forgotten", from all the way back in 2016!

I highly recommend reading the interview and checking out the set this week - not only is it a fascinating glimpse into Hearthstone's past, getting to see what kind of ideas might have been popular in the custom card community at the time and where the general idea of the game was in terms of balance and design philosophy, but the creator of the set has also remained a member of the custom card community for over 6 years, maintaining the CustomHearthstone subreddit.

I don't want to spoil too much for you, because it really is such an interesting read, but here's a couple of the cards highlighted in the interview for you to get an idea of what you'll see.


Reading about this set really made me nostalgic for my own early card creating days. I like to think of myself as a competent card designer nowadays, but I do remember some of my earlier designs having truly questionable wording. Balance was also a complete afterthought - my first ever custom class ended up with a broken combo after just a single expansion!

Perhaps next week I'll dig up some of my old cards and waffle on about all the myriad ways they could be improved - if I remember!

Rune The Day

We're laying traps for our opponents this week - but we're honorable folk, so we'll tell them what's gonna happen. Click the banner for your warning!