Happy Pride Month everyone! I hope everyone out there gets to celebrate it in whatever way they feel most comfortable doing.

Our Conversation this time features fictional in-game rewards. 

Twice The Charm

A fitting end to the latest competition, with two different winners! Congratulations to Arkasaur and their Cleanse Spirit;

and also to MathU with The Arbiter!

We'll have input on both of them for next week's theme, so look forward to that!

Center Stage

The Fan Community Spotlight has never been more appropriately named this week, as it turns its attention to MrRhapsody's "Rock in Azeroth" set. This musically inspired set is very in-depth, and while it features a lot of awesome cards and great mechanics, it was something else about it that caught my eye.

Make sure you check out the full interview to see what these cards are all about!

No, what really snagged my attention was the inclusion of both a hypothetical pre-order bonus and a hypothetical Battle Pass for the set, laying out the rewards you'd receive for each of them.

I adore this dedication to realism in designing a custom set. Not only does it give you even more areas where you can flesh out the theming of a set, it also gives you a chance to flex your creative muscles and show off your design skills - the custom card back and card packs here are delightful ideas.

Obviously something like this isn't necessarily within everyone's wheelhouse; I know I certainly amn't particularly artistically inclined, or at the least am very rusty in what little skills I had. The thing is, I don't find myself caring very much that my efforts to replicate something like this for one of my own custom expansions would be rudimentary at best. Just the idea of including it, to fully bring together a set in the fantasy of it actually being released as something people could pre-order and work along a Battle Pass for, appeals to me so much.

It's touches like these that remind me why I love investing time in creative hobbies - not just custom card creating, but any and all creation. You're always seeing someone coming out with the next awesome idea in a space, or taking something that exists and putting their own twist on it. It gives me that drive, that want to see if maybe the next time I hunker down and get creative, I'll be the one to wow people with something they've never seen before.

As I mentioned before, do make sure you check out the full interview for more on the process of creating the set, as well as a link to the full set of cards. I didn't touch on them much here, but they're just as full of love and attention as the bundle and Battle Pass are.

Solid Foundation

We're looking to build something big this week, so give us your best cards that have some room to grow! Click the banner to find out more.