We've got an exciting day today with the release of the Forged in the Barrens mini-set, Wailing Caverns, arriving this afternoon. Since this isn't a full expansion launch and we're only seeing 35 new cards we don't have to be as prepared but it's always nice to have a one-stop shop to know what is happening.

Welcome to the Wailing Caverns survival guide!

The Wailing Caverns Mini-Set

  • 35 new collectible cards have been added to the game - 4 of them are legendaries!
  • The new cards can be opened in Forged in the Barrens packs or purchased in a special bundle for 2000 Gold (or $15 USD).
  • A new mechanic, Adventurers, has arrived - more on that later.
  • More spell school support has arrived for some classes and others see more tribe or mechanic synergies.

If you would like to see all the new cards, you can find the full list of them over here. Golden cards will be in our database as soon as possible after the patch goes live.

Wailing Caverns Adventurers?

Adventurers are new minion tokens that are each 2 mana with 2/2 stats that can be summoned by certain new cards. There are eight in total and they each have their own special effect.

Here are the cards that can summon adventurers:

Party Up! Card Image Final Gasp Card Image Devouring Ectoplasm Card Image Meeting Stone Card Image

And here are the adventurers:

Arcane Adventurer Card Image Burly Adventurer Card Image Deadly Adventurer Card Image Devout Adventurer Card Image

Relentless Adventurer Card Image Sneaky Adventurer Card Image Swift Adventurer Card Image Vital Adventurer Card Image

Patch 20.4 Features

There are several features and additions you should be aware of that are arriving with the 20.4 patch today.

Budget-Friendly Theorycraft Wailing Caverns Decks

We've got a few decks to shine the spotlight on for the Wailing Caverns. You can read our short write-up on these decks over here.

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Wailing Caverns & Forged in the Barrens Achievement Guides

We started launching our achievement guides over the past couple of weeks and wanted to let you know this process will continue next week and will include updates for any Wailing Caverns achievements we may have. If you're looking for any help on existing achievements, which can help you earn some last-minute gold with that sweet XP to buy the new mini-set, you should check out our Forged in the Barrens Achievements Overview. Alternatively, click on any of the class images below to get to our guides that are already published.



Wailing Caverns Trailer