How are you all enjoying the return of the Oozefest? I must admit that I've not been particularly involved in the preparations for it myself, but everyone else has been doing an absolutely fantastic job with it. Coming onto the site and finding out about all the content was a delight!

Conversation this week is double the fun!

Choose Three

As always, we must first congratulate the latest winner of the WCDC; Wailor and their Fertilizer, Grow Thorns and Surprise Shapeshift.

They'll be in charge of next week's theme, so keep an eye out!

Spooky Spectacles

We've got a very special competition going on this week to keep in the spirit of the season! As I said, I've not been involved in preparations for the Oozefest at all, so you can thank Demon for organising this competition (and Flux for putting together the banners).

Click the banner below to join in - and win candy and gold!

Double Trouble

Of course we've also got the regular competition ongoing - so click the banner to accept your Quest!