Set sail! The Juggernaut is under my command! This week on Fan Community Spotlight, we're taking it to the seas for a nautical set by the name of High Seas of Kul'Tiras. This set is brought to you by a person who goes by the name of Mr.Stupid, but don't let that fool you as neither the person nor the set is stupid. In fact, this set is pretty cool. As is the status quo for aquatic-themed sets, you can expect some Beasts, Elementals, and Pirates which is fitting as the recently released Deadmines mini-set was also themed around Pirates and similarly featured Pirates for classes that previously didn't have any. The set also has a vacation theme to it, which is doubly interesting as I did show off my unfinished Azeroth World Tour set just 3 weeks ago. We're hitting the beaches in this set as we're in the beginning of November where it'll be pretty cold for us living in the Northern Hemisphere. Otherwise, it'll be almost perfect beach weather for you all down south.

As is typical for a custom set, we see the rise of a new keyword. The Tide has risen here and it'll also fall. Cards with Tide have a side effect on them that will swap a part of its normal effect for it each turn it is in your hand. Now it's time to give the helm of this ship to Mr.Stupid as we go on this oceanic expedition.

What exactly is this set about? What is the inspiration for the set theme?

Mr.Stupid: "This set was largely about adventure and discovery. It’s meant to feel like you’re growing stronger as the match goes on, or that you are finding small combos you’ve never seen before. It’s why I had a bunch of tempo and discover cards. I took a lot of inspiration from the Pirate stories I grew up on."

How do you get the idea for the Tide mechanic and how you fit it into the set in the way that you did?

Mr.Stupid: "Tide was based on the general sea itself. The highs and lows of tides switching things up. The back and forth of it keeping the cards from being stale match over match. I tried to keep both effects similar, yet unique enough at the same time. It was a hard act to do, but I think I got it."

What ended up being the easiest or hardest classes to design for and how did you overcome any challenges that you were presented with?

Mr.Stupid: "Easiest class was definitely Paladin. It was one of the first ones I worked on, and I got it done pretty easily. Hardest was definitely Priest/Warlock. I barely play those classes so coming up with ideas was difficult."

Are there any other cards you wish to highlight for any particular reason?

Mr.Stupid:" The card I want to show off is Tropic Storm. It’s kinda basic at first, but becomes a real finisher if you build up to it. It’s a great example to my idea of growing stronger as the match goes on.

Another example would be Serpent Speak. It’s goal is to help you build up to that finish, letting you drop your massive minions sooner."

Do you have anything behind the scenes that you wish to share?

Mr.Stupid: "This was my first ever set. It took me a long while before I got my footing and made cards I could be proud of. I even had to go back and redo all of rouge and mage due to not being satisfied with them. I also took help when needed, using ideas and suggestions from my friends."

How long have you been making your own cards? What design philosophies do you have that you wish to share and spread to new creators?

Mr.Stupid: "I’ve been designing cards for a little less than a year now, and I’ve always thought of fun first. I want to have cards that are both fun to play, and play against. It’s why I don’t have any freeze cards or secrets that lock out your opponent. I always love a back and forth in games."

Do you have anything else you wish to share?

Mr.Stupid: "I think it’s funny how this set came about. It was a bit of my own adventure of sorts, full of highs and lows. It taught me a lot on what makes cards fair and fun."

That will conclude this wonderful little sea-side adventure. I'd make a sea pun here, but those are always a C- at best.

Instead of that, I'll leave a banner down below which will take you to the entire set if you're interested in checking it out.