It's a short update this week as I prepare for this Saturday, among other boring IRL duties, and I hope you all manage to find some time to relax yourselves whether you'll be celebrating or not. After all, rest and relaxation is vital to keep your creativity flowing - don't burn yourself out, no matter what it is you're working on!

Conversation wishes you a happy holiday, and in case I don't manage to update next week then a very happy New Year as well!

Tree Tops

Congratulations to the winner of the latest WCDC, linkblade91 and Cenarius, Forest's Heart!

They're in charge of next week's theme, so be prepared for that!

Harvest Season

We've twice the competitions this week as our special Winter Veil celebration returns!

As usual with our special competitions, you have three separate prompts to choose from, so click the banner below to join the festivities!

Of course the regular WCDC is still ongoing, so buckle up for some Spell School Combos before clicking below to join.