In an interview with the Los Angeles Times today, Blizzard President, Mike Ybarra, has confirmed plans to bring BlizzCon back in 2023.

This news is the latest to come out after at the end of last year, it was announced that this year's BlizzCon(line) was going to be cancelled in favor of reimagining what BlizzCon means. We don't have any other information at this time, and BlizzCon 2023 is almost certainly over a year away at this point, so we ask you: What do you think Blizzard should do for the new BlizzCon?

Quote From Mike Ybarra

We previously announced we’re taking a pause on BlizzCon while we reimagine it for the future but do want to return to a live event that enables us to celebrate the community,

We recently hired a new leader of BlizzCon, April McKee, who is hard at work on that plan. … We are committed to bringing back BlizzCon in 2023.