Hello everybody and welcome to another Fan Community Spotlight. It's been a long time coming, but this week is the week that we finally close out this multi-segmented installment. Today, we're looking at KingKuba's custom expansion, Bringers of Doom, for the fourth and final time. Close to two months ago, we covered the main set in the first installment. After that, we showcased the Battlegrounds content in the second part, and then Duels and Mercenaries together in the third part. As a closing to this set that has taken 4 installments to fully cover, we're looking at the expansion's mini-set, Doom of Stratholme.

I won't be posting the entire thing here, but the story has a cinematic told through cards. The city of Stratholme is in a burning ruin being used as a base of operations by Mal'Ganis and Balnazzar. Mal'Ganis had been using the Bringers of Doom (the class Legendary minions from the main set) as mere pawns for his scheme to achieve immortality and uses Deathwing in part of his plans to achieve exactly that. Arriving to assist the Justicekeepers is Jimmy, a former Doomsayer (whom also appears as a hero for both Battlegrounds and Duels) who might end up being the key to stopping this entire plan. The story doesn't just end here though because the entire set only covers the first of three sets to be featured in the Year of the Goat, and I intend to cover the other two sets when they get made as well.

The Doom Clock mechanic reappears. Your Doom Clock is a timer activated by certain cards, and if that timer reaches 0, you instantly lose the game. Many cards add time to your Doom Clock, stop it, or give you bonus effects based on how long you've had it active for. A more detailed explanation can be found in the first part.

The time has come... to give this project a grand finale! Now I bring KingKuba to the mic to talk about how this part of this monumental project come to be.

What is the mini-set about and how does it tie with the main set?

KingKuba: "Welcome everyone to the 4th and the Final Part of Bringers of Doom! If you haven't already, check out Part 1 (main 135 card set), Part 2 (Battlegrounds) and Part 3 (Duels & Mercenaries). And as always - remember to leave your feedback in the comment section! (Man, it has been a journey!)

Bringers of Doom Mini-Set "Doom of Stratholme" means a lot to the entire project when it comes to the storyline. The Justicekeepers found out where the operational base for Mal'Ganis and the Bringers is. It's in Stratholme, an iconic place in Warcraft's history which Mal'Ganis himself brought to ruin and where he clashed with Arthas Menethil. Here I encourage you to see the original post and its cinematic to know more, but basically - Mal'Ganis unleashed Deathwing as his ultimate key to destruction. The more deaths Deathwing causes, the more souls Mal'Ganis will be able to feast on. His plan is to destroy EVERYTHING to gather enough lifeforce for himself and become truly eternal. (And here I thought the main set was edgy lol). Luckily Jimmy, a former doomsayer and a powerful sorcerer you probably got to know as this set's Battlegrounds and Duels hero is joining the party to try to stop dreadlord's evil scheme. Now, will Jimmy and the Justicekeepers actually stop them? That's to be answered in Year of the Goat's second expansion!"

How did you want to design the mini-set in relation to the base set? What cards do you think best signify what the mini-set is about?

KingKuba: "Making a mini-set is the best opportunity to balance out some of the classes if they turn out too weak or incomplete, as well as nerf some of the strategies that seem too powerful through tech cards. That's my approach when it comes to designing custom mini-sets overall. Aside from that, worth noting are 4 new Abandoned Locations (these are not Location cards but spells, I made this before Castle Nathria came out) and Followers - Minions with 7 Health that directly support each Bringer's playstyle. I like to think of Followers as Doomsayers who chose to follow a certain path. All of them create Bringers' personal armies that defend Stratholme from intruders.

Most of the cards that represent the overall setting of the mini-set are of course those which represent events, mobs and characters in Stratholme - cards like City to Purge, Phase Hound, Fleshflayer Ghoul, Restless Soul, Ghostly Postman or both class Legendaries - Balnazzar and Aurius Rivendare - leaders of Scarlet Crusade and the Plague respectively, who both occupy the city.

But what signifies what Doom of Stratholme is about the most are both neutral Legendaries - Jimmy, the Savior and Deathwing, the Final. One can keep you and your opponent alive, the other can lead to your or your opponent's death. It's this conflict of creation and destrucion that this portion of the story is about."

Are there any other cards you wish to highlight for any particular reason?

KingKuba: "There's a couple of my favourites!

Dreadlord's Call and Gluttonous Felhunter - I legitimately think these cards alongside main set's Big Demon package could make it a really strong deck!

Primordial Soup - A simple Shaman spell from All spell schools. (Look Blizzard, I did it first!)
Seir's Follower - Probably my favourite Follower! Serves as a defensive body, although it can hurt you - but it can hurt your opponent as well. Intriguing card, isn't it?

Obvious Factsayer - This mini-set's only Epic. And it's really quite Epic, not gonna lie. Those Rush, Charge, Windfury and other multi-attacks can be really uninteractive to play against. Factsayer buys you a lot of time to prepare for that.

And this one I'll repeat, but Deathwing, the Final and the options you can Discover to "end this world!" are really cool for a Deathwing iteration! There are some downsides of playing it though - you need to keep the Doom Clock ticking as soon as turn 1! But that's not all, because then you then need to play the minion and then not die after playing one of the spells which affect both players. It's an option for either super hardcore control decks or Doom Clock decks which only care about early Doom Clock as a benefit. Really interesting card and probably my #1 favourite. (And yes, I would ban it from getting randomly generated, cause, y'know, Lady Prestor)"

Do you have anything behind the scenes that you wish to share?

KingKuba: "I had something behind the scenes to share, but some mysterious mage went to my house today and stole all my papers. That's a shame, because it was some TITANIC work!"

Do you have anything else you wish to share?

KingKuba: "I'd like to thank you Demonxz for a chance to present Bringers of Doom on outof.cards in its entirety, as well as you, readers, for following this project part by part. The entire process was a lot of fun for me!
Hopefully see you soon in a continuation, or some other project. As of right now, here's the list of what was already done:

- Here's the mini-set itself;
- Here's the entire Bringers of Doom project with everything (besides the mini-set);
- Here are all 170 cards put nicely into one place;
- Here's the Bringers of Doom pack opening if you want to have some fun with it;
- And here are my old interviews: Remastered Rastakhan's Rumble up to current card power level standards (+Added Demon Hunter) and my previous biggest custom expansion, Escape from Elwynn!

Thank you once again. The end has officialy come!



(or has it?)"

The end has come! Of this article, that is. But make no mistake, this isn't the full picture. Not only is there more of the mini-set to look at, but the entire project as a whole deserves your attention, and you can access that as well through KingKuba's links up above.