We've reached the end of the Season! A huge thanks to everyone who participated for helping to make the Weekly Card Design Competition as fun as it is with your awesome designs. Of course, I also have to thank all my fellow moderators for their help behind the scenes. It's a fair amount of work to keep everything running smoothly, but with their help we can keep it all on track.

Conversation this week reminisces, of course. See you next Season!

Ends Well

Congratulations to the winner of the final Competition of the Season, R and their Moonwell Keeper!

Look forward to seeing their input on the theme for the second Competition of Season 6!

Void Lord

The Spotlight turns its attention to MenacingBagel's "The BEHSU" Custom Set this week. What's the BEHSU, you ask? Why, the Backgammon Extended Hearthstone Universe, of course! Named after MenacingBagel themself (they also go by Backgammon elsewhere), this set has a bunch of references and in-jokes.

I think the most fascinating thing about this set is the backstory to it. You can read the full story in MenacingBagel's own words by clicking through to the interview, but the condensed version is that as a designer they started by creating cards that were entirely references. Eventually they started creating cards based on a different custom card creator, Murozondy; one thing led to another and an entire custom expansion was born featuring a variety of references to other creators and an entire storyline that stemmed from a few cards not saving properly.

It's such a wonderful example of the type of great community interaction that Hearthstone has fostered. Creating cards based on your fellow creators, designing an entire expansion with an interesting premise that started as a few jokes - it's really heart-warming to see.

Of course, even when you don't know the story behind it the cards themselves are still interesting. The Shatter mechanic plays in the space of C'Thun, the Shattered (who could have guessed?), and there's a new Behold keyword as well with some very interesting - if potentially imbalanced - designs.

Make sure you click through and read the interview at the link above, where you'll also find a link to the full set!

Final Five

As I mentioned before, Season 5 of the Weekly Card Design Competition has come to an end! Normally I'd be advertising the next competition at the bottom here, but we'll be taking a break before Season 6 as per usual. We've had a Feedback Thread up for a while, so make sure you leave any thoughts or suggestions you have there (or in the comments here) so we can look at ways we can improve the Competition.

Demonxz95 has also been busy this week - not only do we have the Spotlight above, but also our Season 5 Recap! Check out the previous winners from this Season and see how the classes are doing in overall wins. I've put a few of my personal favourites below, but truly each winner is amazing in their own way - some especially well-designed, some very neatly fitting the prompt, and some just a really clever way of thinking.

Thanks again to everyone for participating, and I hope to see you all again for Season 6!