Something that has probably never received enough attention back in late September came about as one user found special cosmetic Coin art in "the card texture folder within game files", and consequently shared it on Twitter - only to receive a reply straight from Hearthstone Game Designer Cora "Songbird" Georgiou, who pretty much confirmed that as an indication of things to come.

Those particular files were first added to the game with Patch 24.4, which was when the Maw and Disorder Mini-Set also came out. Since then, we've seen one major patch with the version 24.6 (announcing March of the Lich King, i.e. more or less what the entirety of November was about). However, no new Coins from the previous expansions have appeared in our Collection Manager yet; so perhaps that honor will go to the upcoming Patch 25.0? If not now, then it might just not happen this year after all. 

And the special art in question? It's meant to be The Coin variant for Whispers of the Old Gods. Wonderfully thematic! 

As the texture files only contained the art and not the card itself, we do not know the exact zooming scale that Team 5 might use for the live version; however, if we were to take a guess, the Whispers of the Old Gods Coin cosmetic should look similar to the version featured above.

The Coin Collector

This is what Cora had to say on the subject back then:

Quote From Songbird

We've commissioned art for most of the old sets at this point. Not sure when they'll go into the game, but this is indeed Whispers of the Old Gods.

As you might understand, we have no official information regarding how players will be able to obtain this particular Coin skin; however, based on what happened for literally any other older expansion, we are fairly positive that:

That's what happens for older sets, naturally, as all modern expansions receive two Coin options (one collectible via Achievements and one purchasable with Tavern Pass), ever since the introduction of the Rewards Track to the game. And that's also what we're expecting for March of the Lich King, in case anyone's been wondering. 

Do you want to view all of the Coin skins added so far to the game? Check them out here! You can also find them within a special section of the Collection Manager in-game, where it's possible to set a Favorite Coin option to always appear in your hand. Including a Golden animated version, should you meet the deck requirements. 

But Wait: There's More to Come!

After confirming that this piece of art does in fact belong to the Whispers of the Old Gods Coin skin, Cora also talked a bit more about some of the other Coin cosmetics we're yet to see manifest.

Quote From Songbird

The Karazhan coin is my favorite. :)

I can't wait for Un'Goro ūüėć

Oooh that one is really nice too actually. Cool color scheme.

If they all come with this level of detail, then we are definitely in for a treat. 

In case you don't remember, the last time we saw a bunch of new Coin cosmetics being introduced for the older Hearthstone sets was a good year ago with Patch 21.6 - that's when the Deadmines Mini-Set dropped. Back then, they weren't even mentioned in the patch notes themselves, just sneakily added into the game. So it's certainly been a while. Is Tuesday's Patch 25.0 when that's going to change, or will we have to wait until early 2023? We'll keep you posted!

What do you think of this little preview and a tease of all the upcoming Coin cosmetics? How many of the currently existing 18 Coin options do you own yourself? Let us know in the comments!