[Updated on January 2, 2023]

We've already mentioned the grand return of Rattlegore as part of the special Hearthstone hotfix patch, but it also definitely deserves its own place for everyone to see; plus there's some extra info to be shared. After all, this is somewhat of a precedent: the promise has been kept and a solution has been delivered. It might not be to everyone's liking or - in some very particular cases - necessarily the most fair option, but for most Mercenaries players out there, this particular event restoration should more than do the trick and quell any of the previous frustrations.

If you are not familiar with the whole story, the short form goes like this: special limited-time Rattlegore event was initially announced to last until November 29, but then unexpectedly disappeared a week earlier on November 22. At first, the Hearthstone team seemed to dismiss the incident as not such a big deal, but the resulting justified outrage from the community eventally prompted them to promise to do something about it. For a longer version of this story and Blizzard vs player reactions, see:

And now we're back to where we originally started:

Quote From Blizzard
In Patch 24.6, the Rattlegore event ended a week earlier than initially published, resulting in some players missing their chance to complete all the event Tasks. We’re bringing the event back with plenty of time for everyone to finish. From now until January 3, you can complete 10 special Rattlegore event Tasks to earn Rattlegore, two random Rattlegore Portraits, and 700 Mercenaries Coins!

Now that's a pretty generous extension. It's not being brought back just for the remaining week, but more than four weeks total until January 3, 2023 (presumably ending at 10 AM PST for all servers). Which will make it by far the longest running special event in the brief history of Hearthstone Mercenaries. 

However, be careful if you haven't yet completed any of the tasks: since Patch 25.0 arrived on November 29, it's been possible to find Rattlegore in packs along with all the other Mercs. And that might (have) cost you a different Epic character. 

Welcome Back, Rattlegore

If you have already completed all of the tasks before the sudden cancellation, this has no real bearing on you. You won't see anything changing in your Village, and Toki will keep offering the usual daily task. For anyone else, the Rattlegore quest-chain has once again replaced that slot. If you have only completed some tasks previously but not all of them, you get to pick up where you left off. And be able to proceed at your own pace. 

Quote From Blizzard

The Rattlegore event will pick up right where you left it last time the event was live. That means nobody will need to redo any Tasks they already finished and players who already finished the entire event will not be impacted by this update at all. Players who received Rattlegore outside of the event period and have not yet completed the event Task rewarding the base Rattlegore will receive a random Rattlegore Portrait instead when they complete that Task. Players who already have all Rattlegore Portraits and then complete an event Task awarding a Rattlegore Portrait will instead receive 75 Rattlegore Coins.


Receiving a portrait instead of an actual Mercenary could be seen as rather unfortunate. Hopefully there weren't many players opening their packs and pulling Ratlegores between Tuesday and now.

Rattlegore Card Image Rattlegore Card Image Rattlegore Card Image

All Rattlegore Event Tasks

So now might be a good time to remind anyone who is just starting out what is there to expect: 

VisitorTask nameDescriptionRewards Quote
Event RattlegoreTask 1: Your Mother's a Nice PersonComplete Moroes fight without ever using Taunt ability.50 Rattlegore Coins Rattlegore. Rattlegore. Rattlegore.
Event RattlegoreTask 2: QuackeryComplete Sayge, Seer of Darkmoon Bounty with at least 4 Orcs in The Darkmoon Troupe.50 Rattlegore Coins, 25 Role1 Premium0.pngNeeru Fireblade Coins Rattlegore? Rattlegore.
Event RattlegoreTask 3: Time is FireComplete Prince Malchezaar fight without spawning any Malchezaar's Imps in Felwood.Mercenary: Rattlegore (Variation 745) RAHTtle gore?
Event RattlegoreTask 4: No Pathetic MercsComplete C'Thun Bounty with all your Mercs alive in The Darkmoon Troupe.50 Rattlegore Coins, 50 Role2 Premium0.pngC'Thun Coins Rattlegore. Rattlegore. Rattlegore.
Event RattlegoreTask 5: Clown FiestaComplete Heroic Silas Darkmoon Bounty with at least 4 Beasts in The Darkmoon Troupe.75 Rattlegore Coins Rattlegore? Rattlegore.
Event RattlegoreTask 6: Guests OnlyComplete Curator Bounty using 6 unique Merc types in The Blackrock Mountain.75 Rattlegore Coins, 50 Role3 Premium0.pngMurloc Holmes Coins, 25 Role1 Premium0.pngNeeru Fireblade Coins RAHTtle gore?
Event RattlegoreTask 7: Wash Your HandsCast Rattlegore's Rusted Blades at 10 speed or slower.Mercenary: Golden Rattlegore (Random) Rattlegore. Rattlegore. Rattlegore.
Event RattlegoreTask 8: I Love Spells!Complete Heroic Babbling Book fight using all abilities Spell Schools.100 Rattlegore Coins Rattlegore? Rattlegore.
Event RattlegoreTask 9: Just One NightComplete Heroic Echo of Medivh Bounty with at least 3 Demons in the Felwood.50 Role3 Premium0.pngMedivh Coins, 50 Role3 Premium0.pngMurloc Holmes Coins, 50 Role3 Premium0.pngPrince Malchezaar Coins RAHTtle gore?
Event RattlegoreTask 10: Over 9000Trigger 5 Deathblows using Rattlegore's BONEFLAME!!! in a single match.Mercenary: Golden Rattlegore (Random) Rattlegore. Rattlegore. Rattlegore.


After all this time, there is a lot of advice out there as to how to best approach each of the 10 tasks. Old Guardian has a whole dedicated set of YouTube videos prepared just for the Rattlegore Event, and there are many relevant threads to be found on the Hearthstone Mercenaries subreddit or even on our forums (that evil Babbling Book). Feel free to share your own tips and tricks if you've already been through the whole thing! It might just end up making somebody's life a whole lot easier. 

Rattlegore's (and Chromie's) Coins and Bounties 

While this wasn't listed in Blizzard's 25.0 Patch notes along with the announcement of Chromie being the newest free Mercenary to be featured on March of the Lich King's Rewards Track, players had plenty of time to explore the existing Zones and find out that both Rattlegore and Chromie coins have indeed been added to a few chosen Bounties and are now grindable in-game.

Here is where you can find them:


Netherspite - Blackrock Mountain Zone

Yogg-Saron - The Darkmoon Troupe Zone


Echo of Medivh - Felwood Zone

Good hunting out there! 

Happy to see the special event returning and satisfied with the resolution, or would you have done anything differently? How many Rattlegore tasks still left for you to complete?