Hello everybody and welcome back to another Fan Community Spotlight. After being here just two weeks ago, Mr.Stupid is back with us again to talk about another project. This time, we're covering Fel's Kitchen, a mini-set to go with Food Fight at the Feastutorum. The lore of the original set is that Whizbang has taken the Boomsday Labs and converted it into an assortment of food stands and a celebration of the culinary world in general. This time though, we've also got master summoner Wilfred Fizzlebang joining the set to judge the food in the style of a competition series.

The Bake keyword from the base set still remains in the mini-set. Some cards may give you a Bake cost, which is a cheaper cost to pay than its normal mana cost, but delays when you play the card. Activate Bake by dragging the card with Bake to your hero.

Now it's time to go off to the kitchen. Can you smell what Mr.Stupid is cooking?

What is the mini-set about and how does it tie with the main set?

Mr.Stupid: "My idea for the miniset was an add one to the set, both thematically and mechanically. If the main set was the main course, then this is the yummy desert to follow it. Like how Maw and Order took a unique twist on the murder mystery, my set does something similar as it turns cooking into a reality tv show!"

How did you want to design the mini-set in relation to the base set? What cards do you think best signify what the mini-set is about?

Mr.Stupid: "I wanted it to be a mix of support for the archetypes I pushed in the main set, and some more general cards that could go into most decks. Cards like Chromatic Chef Junior is a mix of Dragon Quest support and big minions in general. While Hidden Immunity Idol is more of a quirky secret to really show the theme of being reality Tv."

Are there any other cards you wish to highlight for any particular reason?

Mr.Stupid: "I really like Mega Mushroom as it was one of the first cards I made for the miniset. Its a cool twist on my Bake keyword. Instead of spending more time instead of mana, you now spend more Mana and time for a massive effect.

Lightning Round was a bit hard to get down pat. I knew going into this that I wanted a payoff to combo rouge, but I didn't want something that just went face. So mixing the idea of a rushed challenge of making food quickly, I made it so its like you're doing all your work again for a big prize.

Lady Fyeri is a very wacky card of mine. Instead of transforming minions, I chose to instead transform spells. Both the effect and name are just very silly, yet perfectly fit the theme of my sets. A bit campy and goofy, but still undeniably Hearthstone.

Spoiled Squash is a cute and simple way to push Pain Warlock. Not only does it protect your hero with taunt, but the more you decide to tap into your Hp, the bigger and more spoiled this gets.

Both Coldcut and Crockpot Contestant are part of my main cycle for the set. With the big bad of this miniset being Wilfred and the quest rewards all being hero powers, I thought cards that could work with both your base and quest hero power could be cool. And speaking of Wilfred, He is a mix of his old version from TGT, and my bake keyword, letting you repeat the spells effects if you put the time to cook them.

Last major card I want to show is my absolute favorite. One of my favorites of all times. Time Judge Toki is both a wacky meme card, and something that can legitimately win games in the right decks. Its a great blend of my wacky themes and powerful risk reward idea for this set."

Time Judge Toki's Prizes

Do you have anything behind the scenes that you wish to share?

Mr.Stupid: "I want to say once more that I did not do this all alone. I have my own private server where my friends help me with feedback and ides. I would probably still be working on the main set if it weren't for them. So I just want to say a big thanks to them. They more than deserve it."

Do you have anything else you wish to share?

Mr.Stupid: "Lastly, I am still working on my project I hinted about last time. I can’t claim I’m anywhere near done yet, but I do have this I want to share! This core set here is just the ground work for my project, a massive piece that will encompass a full year of hearthstone, from three 135 sets to 3 smaller minisets. It may not be past Christmas yet, but the Year of the Axolotl has begun!"

The food is on the table and it's ripe for you to explore and taste. Click the banner below to look at the entire mini-set, or the banner below that to look at the base set.