Among all the novelties unveiled in the March of the Lich King announcement stream, one that deserves particular attention is the remarkable revamp of the Events System. By this, we pretty much mean all of the mid-expansion celebrations we see on a regular basis: Fire Festival, Winter Veil Festival, Lunar New Year, and Hallow’s End all fall into this category.

Well, it would seem that Team 5 has ultimately decided to step up their game and, starting from Patch 24.6 (released on Tuesday, November 1), every player’s profile Journal features a brand new interface for the duration of any designated event. Special Legendary Quests have now become a part of this integrated approach. 

  • A new tab has been added at the top of each player’s profile Journal.
  • There, you are able to find Legendary/Event Quests, featured rewards, and the remaining duration.
  • When an event is live, the regular Journal’s icon will be covered by a unique seasonal wax seal.
  • During each event, you will be provided with thematic special Quests.
  • Said Event Quests will provide XP on an Event-specific Reward Track.
    • Just like the Battlegrounds Rewards Track is separated from the Constructed Rewards Track, the Event-specific interface will follow the same rule.
  • Complete the Event Quests to earn special rewards!
  • You could also ignore any and all Quests and still accumulate Event XP just by playing regularly, but it goes without saying that's not the fastest route. 

Hallow's End 2022

The first event taking place under this new system has begun with the introduction of Patch 24.6: we are talking about 2022’s Hallow’s End, with a strong focus on Death Knight’s flavor. Knights of the Frozen Throne set is back in its entirety in Standard as part of the Core Set, for free and for everyone, until March of the Lich King goes live on December 6th.

Quote From Blizzard
We’re introducing a new Events System and interface with Patch 24.6! Now, instead of just Legendary Quests, players can complete thematic Event Quests to earn XP on an Event-specific reward track. Additionally, in-game events will have their own special place in the Journal. When an event is live, there will be a seasonal wax seal over the Journal. Open the wax seal and you will be directed to a special Journal tab for that event, which will show Event Quests, rewards, and duration all in one thematic spot!

The first event with this new Events System will be the Knights of Hallow’s End Event, which starts with Patch 24.6. To kick off that event, the entire Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion will be temporarily Standard legal and FREE for all players! Now you can relive the first time The Lich King came to Hearthstone as you prepare for his return in December.

Other Important Talking Points

With this new Event System being added to the game, there are a few notable improvements to the player’s experience.

Going forward, Team 5 will have a lot more options when it comes to designing seasonal events - before this system revamp, the devs were bound to the typical Legendary Quest Chains; which weren't bad at all, but had a few cons:

  • All the rewards were locked one behind the other: if you weren't interested in playing a specific game mode, you would've just lost on all of the other goodies available.
    • The new system allows you to just reroll the daily Event Quests you receive (the secondary ones). 
  • You could complete only one quest of the chain at time, while right now you have access to two quests at the same time.
    • As already mentioned, you can reroll the second quest, while the first one is part of a chain which will provide a new quest as you progress throughout (this is seemingly time-gated). 
  • All of the past events were quite similar and felt redundant: you received your Legendary Quest Chain, completed it by playing several game modes, and it was all over.

Although there might still be room for improvement, this is a considerable step in the right direction - which should elevate the variety of in-game experiences for everyone involved.

Now that we've had this new system available in the game for a couple of days, how do you like it?