[Updated on November 13]

Among all the big expansion announcements and card reveals, the Knights of Hallow's End event is still ongoing. To make sure that you don't miss out on the rewards, we've prepared decklists suited for each step of the main questline, and can also help you estimate how close you might be to reaching the ultimate 1,000 XP goal and laying claim to your prizes. There isn't much time left now, so let's get to it! 

Questline Overview 

On the starting days of the event, players weren't able to complete all of the main quests, as the later ones were only getting unlocked with each passing day. But now that enough time has passed, we can go through all 5 quests in one sitting, earning 560 XP in the process!

For some of the above quests, we will showcase two decks: one that's fully geared towards a quick completion, and another well-rounded one you can try out while climbing the ladder. Keep in mind that you can also make progress in Casual and Wild mode, if you want to keep your ranks untouched or utilize different cards.

1: Ride Forth to Northrend!

  • Quest: Play 3 Knights of the Frozen Throne Hero cards
  • Reward: 60 XP

Upon comparing the original Death Knight cards, you might've noticed that most have a very high Mana cost. If your only goal is to play them and be done with it, Shaman's Thrall, Deathseer is the earliest to play at 5 Mana. One card we haven't included that helps with almost any kind of quest completion is Sir Finley, Sea Guide. This is just a very budget oriented build, mostly focused on using Dredge and draw effects to consistently find the Death Knight. 

Order in the Court is one of the few cards that can fetch you pretty much anything, if you're willing to make the related deckbuilding sacrifices. At least Uther of the Ebon Blade costs 9 Mana, so not many cards stand in its way. If you wanted to, you could cut the remaining 10-cost cards for the ordering on turn 8 to always lead into a turn 9 Uther.

As it is, the deck aims to assemble all 4 Horsemen under the protection of The Jailer's immunity effect. Ultimately we just replaced the standard Jailer Paladin list's Lightforged Cariel with the inferior Death Knight, which will probably affect your winrate negatively, but such is the way of chasing demanding quests.

2: Howl of the Unholy 

  • Quest: Play 5 Lifesteal cards
  • Reward: 70 XP

This is one of the easier quests, as Lifesteal cards may have been new back when Frozen Throne was first introduced, but over the years the mechanic stuck around. We again chose a Shaman list, as Ice Fishing finds you Deadscale Knight and Murlocula, while Tidal Surge and Canal Slogger are further Lifesteal cards that allow you to finish the quest in just one game.

Even if you don't want to actively finish this quest, it should complete itself at some point when playing any deck that runs Sire Denathrius. Besides that, Priest, Warlock, and Demon Hunter have the highest share of Lifesteal Class cards. One last thing to consider is that if you have the necessary Wild cards, this quest is even faster done with Neutral cards from the Witchwood and Uldum expansions.

3: Bonds of Blood

Of course, if you are reckless enough to tank some losses, why not play triple prince Demon Hunter? Only requiring one activation makes this quest another simple step. So much so even, that running a dedicated deck barely speeds it up in comparison to running an Aggro Keleseth deck, like the one below!

As already mentioned, this deck does a great job of not only activating Prince Keleseth once, but using Shadowstep and Snapdragon for even more deck buffs!

Please don't let The Mistcaller know about this one.

4: Flesh from Frost

This one doesn't give room for much creativity. We know the class, and we know the card, so now it's just about getting there. Vanndar Stormpike can help out by reducing the cost of Sindragosa, but overall it's just a matter of waiting until you have the Mana to summon the Dragon and destroy those Frozen Champions. The fact that the Legendaries only need to be "received" and not played makes it fairly doable.

5: Await the Lich King!

As it turns out, Hunter is more than well equipped to activate Arfus' Deathrattle 3 times. The actual process of using those cards shouldn't be that difficult either. If you're unlucky you are given the clunky Frostmourne or Army of the Frozen Throne, but the average card is cheaper than that.

If you just put Arfus and The Lich King in a Standard deck, this quest will take much longer. But at the very least it can be thrown into any sort of deck you might want to play! Other synergies we considered for Arfus were Demon Hunter using Tuskpiercer, or Warlocks reviving Arfus via Habeas Corpses.

How Long Does It Take To Complete the Event?

There's three methods of gaining event experience:

  • Main questline, worth 560 XP total.
  • Daily quests, worth 40/50 XP each day.
  • Single game rewards, on average between 3-7 XP, depending on length.

Note: Technically, other alternatives exist as well - you could always enter Mercenaries Bounties and just sit there for ~20-30 min before moving onto the next, thus earning a good chunk of Rewards Track and Event experience for rather passive (AFK) gameplay. The same might also apply to queuing into Battlegrounds and leaving the game on, if you've got no rating to lose or care about. Our focus with the following was mainly on the active ways of playing Hearthstone. 

Now that we've covered the main quests, we're left with 440 XP in order to claim all the event rewards. In other words, between 9 to 11 instances worth of daily mission-clearing would be all that's left to do. But wait! It's already well past the initial days of the event, and new daily quests become available only if the prior one was cleared (there is no way around the 24 hour limit). Which means that if you started relatively late, you are likely to come up short. 

Luckily enough, there's one factor of experience gain that isn't limited; even if it's simultaneously the slowest. We can estimate one regular game to earn you about 5 XP for the event, which means that you could complete the entire track by playing around 200 games. Likewise, for every daily quest you've missed, you can compensate that with 8-10 games played.

Banshee Tyrande Card Image

In other words, let's imagine the worst case scenario: If you have only the main quests and one daily quest as a bare minimum to work with, you'd need 400 more XP, which translates into ~80 games to be played. That means it's definitely advisable to start with you dailies as soon as possible if you want to save time on your way to get the Banshee Tyrande Priest skin as the final reward. Best of luck regardless of where on the progress bar you find yourself at!

How you been enjoying Hallow's End so far? What's your take on the decks for questline completion? Let us know in the comments below!