We've got a handful of new Hearthstone card backs added in today's 25.0 patch which paves way for March of the Lich King. These five new card backs come from the expected rewards track rewards but also a few of next year's ranked play seasons.

As always, you can use our card back gallery to see all of Hearthstone's beautiful card backs, which gets updated with each patch.

March of the Lich King Rewards Track Card Backs

These two card backs are obtainable on the March of the Lich King rewards track, though the first will require the paid Tavern Pass.

  • Darion Mograine - Only the most virtuous Knight of the Ebon Blade is worthy of wielding this card back in battle. (Tavern Pass)
  • Death Knight - It was truly a grave day when they marched upon Silvermoon. (Reward Track)

2023's Seasonal Card Backs

Previously, Blizzard added in the Savory Soup card back for January but now we know February, March, and April's card backs as well! Could any of these give us a hint to what expansion might be coming next year?

  • Lunchbox - Warning: This card back may induce hunger, envy, and insatiable cravings for adorable food. (February 2023)
  • Sparkling Sprout - It might seem all-natural, but it's a plant. (March 2023)
  • Tranquility - Reflect upon this pool, and your victories may also blossom. (April 2023)

Internally, these are the names Blizzard has used for the card backs:

  • Lunchbox - BentoBox
  • Sparkling Sprout - Growth
  • Tranquility - Koi _With_Lily

Are you looking forward to adding any of these card backs to your collection?