The Hearthstone Team has announced that Mercenaries, the new game mode that launched October 21, 2021, is no longer going to receive content updates.

The news comes after a post showcasing new updates coming to the mode which include dual-types, factions, and six new mercenaries to collect. These updates in Patch 25.4 are going to be the final content updates the mode receives, with Blizzard instead focusing their efforts towards the normal game and Battlegrounds.

Mercenaries was a mode that was met with poor monetization, low replayability with a dull grind, and unbalanced pvp. It should come as no surprised that more efforts won't be pushed to the mode.

Quote From Blizzard

After these updates, we will be focusing on making the Hearthstone and Battlegrounds modes the best they can be. At the same time, Mercenaries will continue to get support for bug fixes and periodic balance changes as needed, but no further regular content updates. With the new additions in this patch, we hope that Mercenaries will be a fun, fulfilling mode for players.

To everybody who has ever chased a Bounty or gathered around the Campfire, we thank you for making this chapter in Hearthstone’s history special, and we hope you’ll enjoy everything Mercenaries has to offer in 25.4. See you in the Tavern!