Return to Naxxramas is out which means that the Year of the Hydra has officially received its final batch of new cards. Eventually, we'll also receive word of the new Core set, new Standard year, and the first expansion of that year.

Conversation this week is looking at that year.

Heroes of Warcraft

Remember when Hearthstone had that subtitle? No matter how much Hearthstone deviates from Warcraft, the game is still a Warcraft game at the center of its heart.

Our most recent winner of the WCDCs is BloodMefist with their Warlord Garrosh.

A Year Looking Back

Year of the Hydra was definitely a significant year for the game. Every expansion proved to be powerful, and the Death Knight has been one of the most major additions to the game in... ever. Even though Death Knight hasn't been perfect so far, and the Rune system has had its share of complainers, it's still proven to be an interesting and impactful addition to the game and I'd love to see where it goes. Triple-Frost Death Knight has also been one of my favorite decks.

It's at this point that I ask you, what does Year of the Hydra mean to you as a Hearthstone player. How have you fared during this time and how impactful was it for you? What was your triumphant moment during the year? What did you like or dislike about it? Do let us know.

End of an Era

Speaking of Year of the Hydra, we're still celebrating the year in our WCDCs with a comp - the banner below will take you to our current competition where we're putting utilizing all the main mechanics of the year.

Do also remember that we have a feedback thread for season 6 for you to share your thoughts on how the season has been running as a whole.