Festival of Legends reveals are in full force and I want to know what you think of the set as we see it. I dig the music theme and many of the cards really hit the flavor home.

Conversation this week is a short one, and after a few long ones recently, you might appreciate this change of pace.

Bold Choice of Words

Our last competition was an unusual one in that we were tasked with making three cards and a keyword instead of just one card. Congratulations to Wassculaire for their Blood Scent, Deadeye Nightstalker, and Fenris Wolfbrother who use the Predator mechanic which is a bonus effect if the enemy hero was damaged that turn.

They will be in charge of next week's theme. Be sure to stick around for that.

Star of the Show

Our most recent Fan Community Spotlight took us to space with CivilKobold's custom expansion, Pilgrimage Through The Cosmos. Although space sets aren't necessarily a new concept to set creators, this expansion sets them apart from the rest through not only its card design, but also through using artwork made by CivilKobold themselves on every single card.

Here are some cards to give you a taste of what awaits beyond the sky.

Dead and Buried

There's still time to enter the competition, which happens to be the beginning of the second half of the season. Click the banner below to take you there - We're making removal cards.