There are some pretty important quotes in life. It is Albert Einstein that once told us that everybody is a genius, bit if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. You might agree and believe there is/was learning potential in all human life regardless of how much of it they've taken, or you might disagree and believe that some people truly were just destined to be idiots from the very beginning. Wherever you are, there are inspirational words all around us that could help us grow as a person. What does this subject have to do with what I'm about to talk about? Absolutely nothing at all! Now that that opening statement is out of the way, we can get the Conversation running.

Conversation this week will be talking about words and what they represent

Health Is On The Way

First order of business as always is congratulating our last winner, so give it up for Icefiremage with their Life Geode.

They will be in charge of the theme next week. Be sure to stick around for it.

Wording Is Key

One thing that really took everyone by surprise was the announcement of Tradeable and Magnetic in the Core set. It was then announced that Tradeable would be returning as an evergreen mechanic, and while Magnetic won't be, someone at Team 5 evidently thought that it should be given a second chance. Could this possibly imply a Mech-heavy expansion later in the year?

Overdraft Card ImageWargear Card Image

Almost half a year ago when Death Knight was announced (yes, it actually has been that long already), it was announced that it was coming back with Reborn. Although at this point, we knew that an old expansion mechanic would be coming back, none of us were quite sure which one it would be. The announcement of Reborn returning was a big moment for those of us who make custom cards. While these mechanics would previously be confined to their own expansions and nowhere else (with end of year mini-sets being a minor exception), the return of a new keyword sparked some discussion for using them elsewhere. Whilst using Reborn on a custom card outside of Saviors of Uldum might've been frowned upon no matter what, with it being returned as a keyword, there's now some room where you can do just that.

Tradeable has been a very well-liked mechanic in the game's history, so it makes sense that it would be a prime mechanic to come back. With it now being evergreen, and Magnetic popping in to say hello for this year's Core set, who's to say what other mechanics will become evergreen? Probably not Overkill, I'll tell you that much. If you were to ask me, I'd say next in line would probably either Twinspell or Sidequests. Evidentally, this discussion fits perfectly with the currently ongoing competition.

To The Core

With the talk of our Core set and returning mechanics, our current competition is... all about the Core set. Click the banner for Hard Core below to go to the competition page for our next main competition and get to designing a card for the 2023 Core set.

At this point, the entry period is closed, but at the time of this article going live, we're still in the final voting phase of our April Fools Competition, Inconsistently Consistent. If you haven't gotten your vote in, you've still got time. Unless this article is over 8 hours old, then you've got no time at all.