When one part of our story ends, the next one begins! We recently announced our transition to Out of Games, but that doesn't mean the card game side of things won't still be around because we're absolutely going to keep covering this content. My last Card Design Conversation was intentionally titled as eerily as it was in preparation for the announcement of Out of Games. This is something I'll talk about in more detail in future Card Design Conversations when we're closer to properly launching the site.

Conversation is about us moving forward and the new things we will see and experience.

Showclosing Duet

As is typical, we're going to start by announcing the winners our of previous WCDC. In this case, we happen to have a tie. Say congratulations to our two winners, Chegwin with their Thunder Bluff Thumper, and Linkblade91 with their Facemelter.

They'll both be in charge of the theme of the next competition, whatever that competition happens to be. You'll just have to wait until then to find out.

Reunion Tour

Our talk of music doesn't just stop at the competition winners though because it also happens to play perfectly into the theme of our most recent Fan Community Spotlight, MrRhapsody's "Rock in Azeroth Remixed" expansion. Back at the end of May of 2021 was when I looked at the original set, but in the time since, we've received a real music set and a new class.

Incidentally, the Solo mechanic from the set would be implemented in Festival of Legends in some form with the Soloist cards. The set is exclusively themed around heavy metal as opposed to the real set and most other fan-made music-themed sets which focus on a whole variety of genres. Metal truly is an extremely diverse genre and there's over a hundred different directions you can take it. I think Band Members are one of my favorite parts of the set just because of how flavorful it is and how well it fits the game with things like Spare Parts and Lackeys, which is why Virg Varkerness is one of my favorite cards of the set.

Down below is just a tiny taste of what you can find in the set. You can read more about the design process in the Spotlight article and look at the entire set in the forum thread.

Fortune Favors the Bold

You've still got time this week to participate in the current competition where we're making cards that conditionally gain keywords; click the banner to take you to the competition.