We have only a single competition left to go, and the fourth birthday of our site happens in two days. There's a lot of excitement going on.

Conversation this week is a reminder that we're close to the end, of not just the season, but also for Out of Cards to fully transition into Out of Games.

Wake Up Call

As is usual, we are first going to remind everyone of our victor of the previous WCDC. Give it up for Wailor and their Cranky Hibernator.

Since we're at our last competition of the season, Wailor will be in charge of the first competition of Season 7... if there is one (more down below).

Final Turn

Our future of the WCDCs remains uncertain. This season was an attempt for Linkblade91 and I to finally get the competitions kicking back into gear. The Fan Creations forum and the competitions in general are not as readily viewable as many other part of the site are, and as such, we were initially under the belief that not many people ended up joining since they were not aware that a competition was even happening. Even though Card Design Conversation always advertises the current competition, it's always at the bottom of the article where some people might not see it.

Throughout this season, we tried putting up more reminders that these competitions were going on with a redirect article to the Discussion Topic for each one a day after the competition went up. Additionally, we also thought that rewarding a prize that wasn't just being in charge of the next competition's theme would encourage more participation. I had even tried advertising the competitions outside of the website itself to people I know. Evidentially, these things didn't work out since our participation this season happened to be at an all time low even with our advertisements. And it's not like people weren't aware that this was happening since there was news about this on the front page that's basically impossible to overlook.

Although this can also be attributed to the fact that Out of Games is simply not a huge website, it's simply an unfortunate truth that the Fan Creation community of any card game is a niche community, and people who want to compete can be considered a niche within a niche. Now this makes sense since people who go to a card game community will obviously want to talk to other people about playing the real cards and want news on what happens in the actual game, and what the community comes up with on their own is something that less people would be less involved with, but despite our best efforts to give fan-made content the spotlight it deserves, it simply comes up short.

In terms of the season, this is most evident by the fact that participation for the eighteenth competition of this season was so low that we ended up with exactly enough submissions to have every submission be guaranteed a spot in the finals, after we had already lowered this season to accommodate for the lack of submissions in general. As such, we question if it would even be worth it to host another season. This may be the end of the road for the WCDCs, at least until we know for a fact that more people would be a part of them.

If you have any thoughts to share, you can share them down in the comments of this article, or the feedback thread for this season. We appreciate all of the words everyone has given us in regards to the season.

The Final Stretch

You still have time to compete in our final competition for the season. In this competition, all you have to do is just make a card with a deckbuilding restriction.