Or that's at least what HSReplay's individual deck stats for Diamond-Legend at the time of writing claim. The first two are no-brainers - they're on the top of the meta listing too. The following three, however, are surprisingly high on the list. Tricks of small sample sizes or something more? Let's take a look.

Enrage Warrior

Enrage Warrior is a strong meta deck. In other news, water is wet. The deck emerged as a top contender after the balance changes more than a month ago, and has remained near the top ever since.

Aggro Pure Paladin

Or maybe I should call it Enraging Paladin; the times I've lost to an unanswered snowball of a simple 2/1 Sanguine Soldier are too many. If you manage to keep the early aggression at bay, there's always the lottery of The Countess that can decide the game as well.

Rainbow Mage

Overall, the archetype isn't doing that hot but this list is the current bronze medalist based on the stats. It undeniably has a place in the meta, but at the same time the deck is not the easiest to pilot and has generally bad matchups against the top two of the meta, which hinders its rise to the top.

Relic Demon Hunter

The true unicorn? This statistical anomaly has somehow made its way beyond the 60% winrate despite having so many unfavorables against the meta decks that I lost count. Are the Spell Damage-centered tech cards truly that powerful?

Control Warlock

Fun to play but frustrating to play against. If Sargeras gets to slap down the portal, you're increasingly likely to have a bad time playing against the deck. Maybe Reno, Lone Ranger will come and save everyone from the endless Demon army soon...

Which decks have you found to be working well after the balance patch? Let us know in the comments below!