We've got a small update coming to Hearthstone Duels this week which starts a brand new Duels season. The new season will include the brand new Showdown in the Badlands and we'll also see Descent of Dragons and Galakrond's Awakening added into the mix. Badlands cards will be playable early if you can find them in card pool offerings, but the deckbuilding aspect featuring them will not be available until the expansion drops on November 14.

Read on for more details on the updates coming to Hearthstone Duels.

Quote From Blizzard

On November 7, the current Duels season will end, ratings will be reset, and current runs will be concluded. At that time, Descent of Dragons and Galakrond’s Awakening will be added to deckbuilding and card pool offerings. Showdown in the Badlands will also become available in all card pool offerings at that time, but will not be available for initial deckbuilding until the launch of the expansion on November 14.

Bucket System Update

Adventure card sets will no longer have their own buckets. Instead, they’ll be rolled into an expansion set bucket. Curse of Naxxramas will be added to the Goblins vs. Gnomes bucket; One Night in Karazhan will be added to the The Grand Tournament bucket; Galakrond’s Awakening and Blackrock Mountin will be added to the Descent of Dragons bucket; and The League of Explorers will be added to the Saviors of Uldum bucket.

Card Pool Updates
  • The following card is banned from deckbuilding and all buckets:
    • Arcane Amplifier*
  • The following cards are banned from all draft buckets, but are legal for initial deckbuilding:
    • Embiggen
    • The Amazing Reno*
    • Goru the Mightree
    • Nozdormu the Timeless
    • All 5 forms of Galakrond*
    • Waxadred*
    • Flik Skyshiv*
    • Maw and Paw
    • Rheastrasza
    • Theldurin the Lost
    • Tae’Thalan Bloodwatcher
    • Spirit of the Badlands
    • Reno, Lone Ranger*

These cards are also banned from Discover and random generation effects.

Minion Update

Sr. Navigator

  • Old: Whenever you target this minion with a spell that costs (2) or more, add a copy of the spell to your hand.
  • New: After you target this minion with a spell that costs (2) or more, restore 3 Health to another random friendly minion.