In the world of Hearthstone there is a subtle language that transcends your perfect card plays and RNG - emotes. These simple, yet powerful expressions transcend language barriers and allow you to communicate, taunt, and empathize, all without typing a single word. But have you ever wondered what your go-to emote says about you?

Whether you're a seasoned veteran who has been through hell and back, or a newbie fresh out of the tutorial, the emotes you choose can reveal intriguing facets of your personality and play style. Are you the type who appreciates a well-fought battle with a "Well Played," or do you love to jump into Mindgames with an "Oops"?

Join us as we dig into the psychology behind Hearthstone’s emotes. Discover what your favorite emote says about you, and perhaps gain a new perspective on the players you encounter in the Tavern. Let’s embark on this journey of self-discovery and playful analysis, because in the end, every emote tells a story.

Thanks - The Courteous Player

Used to express gratitude or, sometimes, sarcasm.

You're a courteous player who likes to acknowledge helpful plays or concede with grace. When used sincerely, this emote indicates that you appreciate the small acts of kindness and cooperation within the game. However, if you often use it sarcastically, it shows that you have a cheeky side and enjoy playful banter. Either way, you are engaged with the tiny social aspect of Hearthstone, and you use it to add an extra layer of communication to your matches.

Well Played - The Sportsman

Used to congratulate the opponent on a good play or a well-fought game.

What "Well Played" Says About You: You value sportsmanship and respect in gaming. You appreciate good strategy and skill, even if it comes from your opponent. This emote shows that you are a gracious player who recognizes the efforts and strategy of others. You likely have a calm and composed personality, and you enjoy games for the challenge and learning experience they provide. For you, a well-played match is more satisfying than a quick victory, and you believe in giving credit where it’s due.

Greetings - The Polite Player

A simple hello at the start of a match.

What "Greetings" Says About You: You’re polite and acknowledge your opponent as soon as the game begins. By using "Greetings," you set a friendly and respectful tone for the match. This shows that you value good manners and believe in mutual respect. You likely appreciate fair play and see each game as a shared experience with your opponent, where mutual respect enhances your enjoyment of the game.

Wow - The Enthusiast

Used to express surprise or admiration.

What "Wow" Says About You: You’re expressive and not afraid to show your emotions. Using "Wow" indicates that you appreciate impressive plays and can recognize and admire skill when you see it. You likely enjoy the spectacular moments in the game and are not shy about acknowledging them. This emote reflects your enthusiasm and passion for Hearthstone, as well as your ability to appreciate the finer points of gameplay, whether they come from you or your opponent.

Oops - The Humorist

Used to acknowledge a mistake, either your own or your opponent’s.

What "Oops" Says About You: You have a good sense of humor and can laugh at your own mistakes. By using "Oops," you show that you’re honest about your gameplay and don’t take yourself too seriously. May we say you possibly enjoy the unpredictable nature of Hearthstone and see errors as part of the fun. This emote indicates a lighthearted approach to gaming, where even missteps are opportunities for amusement and learning.

Or you're just playing mind games and ultimately confusing your opponent. Oh the duality of emotes!

Threaten - The Intimidator

Used to intimidate or provoke your opponent.

What "Threaten" Says About You: You enjoy the psychological aspect of the game and like to get into your opponent’s head. Using "Threaten" reveals that you might be highly competitive and enjoy playing mind games. You have a bold personality and are not afraid to show confidence in your moves. This emote is your way of asserting dominance and adding an extra layer of strategy by attempting to influence your opponent’s state of mind.

Bonus: Sorry - The Canadian

Used to apologize, either sincerely or sarcastically. Sorry was removed from the game in 2016. 

What "Sorry" Says About You: If you frequently use "Sorry," you might just be channeling your inner Canadian. When used sincerely, it shows that you’re empathetic and considerate of your opponent’s feelings. You recognize when a play might be frustrating for them and use "Sorry" to show empathy. On the other hand, if used sarcastically, it reveals your playful and mischievous side. Either way, this emote demonstrates that you’re aware of the emotional dynamics within the game and know how to navigate them with a touch of humor and grace. Plus, who doesn’t love a good-natured apology, eh?