GOG Summer Sale – 6 Handpicked Roguelike Games

GOG is hosting their Summer Sale event which runs until June 27th, with over 3500 deals on all kinds of games! We’re continuing our series of posts covering games from different categories. If Roguelike games aren’t your thing, check out our other selections at the bottom of this post!

You can find the list of links to our handpicked games, as well as their cost, at the bottom!

Darkest Dungeon + DLCs

Darkest Dungeon is one of the older titles on the list. At its heart, it’s a Turn-Based Dungeon Crawler RPG in which your party of four ventures into the depths of the Not-So-Brightly-Lit Dungeons. Every run becomes a weighing of risk versus reward, as you engage in combats that might spell the end for your adventurers.

On top of that, the gloomy art style and narration pair nicely with the unforgiving nature of the game. Just – “Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.”

Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy might’ve been one of the titles to pioneer the sub-genre of Rogue-Lite back in 2014. It’s designed around failure, as every run in this Action-styled Sidescroller earns you the cash to unlock permanent upgrades. Every iteration of runs come with its own twist as your offspring inherits new flaws.

With the recent release of Rogue Legacy 2, the predecessor has sort of turned obsolete. If anything, it’s still worth giving the original a try now that it could be described a “retro” title.

Enter the Gungeon

The Gungeon welcomes you to give it a try! We’ve now come to a Twinstick Shooter that hands you a dodge-roll for you to maneuver around the countless amount of bullets thrown at you throughout. Gungeon puts an emphasis on getting flawless ratings at the bossfights for additional rewards. In a way, that’s the same kind of motivation the Dark Souls series is known for.

In terms of effective in-game improvements, Enter the Gungeon offers many Guns and Passive Abilities chock-full of popculture references that can be added to the pool of random things you can find in a run.

Loop Hero

For a more hands-off approach at a Roguelike, Loop Hero is a great fit. Your diligent hero keeps running laps and auto-fights enemies on a map by your creation. Finding a balance of what enemies to throw at them is key, as you try to farm up enough loot for the scripted encounters.

There’s hidden interaction between all the tiles that can be placed, so there’s some value in experimentation as your knowledge over the game’s mechanics expands. Let the min-max-management lead you to the mightiest Hero!


Inscryption celebrated its recent success thanks to the uniquely meta storytelling Daniel Mullins is known for. What may seem like any other Deckbuilding Roguelike unravels into an odyssey as you piece together the circumstances that lead you to this mysterious shack in the woods.

It’s definitely one of the darker games on this list, although that’s also part of the game’s charm. There isn’t much of an escalation compared to what the first hours of the game has to offer, but watching your squirrels shiver in fear in anticipation of their sacrifice is a different kind of eerie to be sure.

Book of Demons

Lastly we’ve got Book of Demons, a paper-craft-style game inspired by Diablo’s Action RPG gameplay. Unlike the other games on the list, this one lets you freely choose the length your runs. Perfect to weave in some fun without going the extra mile.

Notably, Book of Demons also has a Deckbuilding mechanic, turning your equipment and spells into a deck of cards from which you then choose from. Since the game even has a Demo on Steam with a sizable amount of content, you can see for yourself how that plays out!

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The GOG Summer Sale lasts until the 27th. Did any of these strike your fancy? Let us know down in the comments if so!

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