Huzzah! I've kept the dream alive and made a second article in as many weeks. That's 100% consistency, baby.

Today we've got copies upon copies upon copies and a trip to the Wild West(fall).

Spelling It Out

Congratulations to the winner of our second WCDC, Demonxz95 and their treasure for the Dalaran Heist, Mark of Dalaran!

We'll look forward to seeing what they come up with for week 1.04 - hopefully something a little less tricky this time!

Sweet Six Shooter

This week saw the return of our Fan Community Spotlight, this time going over clukurduk's "Gunslingers of Westfall".

This Wild West themed expansion features a full 135 cards, and really takes advantage of the theme in a way that still feels very true to Hearthstone.

I've included a few of my favourite cards below, but make sure to check out the Interview above, and the full thread to see all of the cards.


That cactus is giving me serious Final Fantasy flashbacks.

Roger Roger

Our final note is that the next competition has begun! We're looking to start up a counterfeiting business this time - get copying by clicking the link below!