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Alright, this combo is pretty straightforward. It doesn't quite do a full 30 damage without some shenanigans, but as a Demon Hunter you should be trying to chip the opponent down into range anyway.

The idea is to use our new friend Il'gynoth to turn the innocent Aldrachi Warblades into horrifying knives of death.

We start by playing Aldrachi Warblades on a prior turn (I know, I know, that's why it's OTK-ish). This is to give us as much mana as possible to pile damage onto them.

On a following turn, simply play Il'gynoth and start piling damage onto your weapon. With 6 mana remaining, double Twin Slice and a Chaos Strike gives you a 12 Attack weapon, which can hit face for a total of 24 damage. If you manage to copy a Twin Slice with Zai, the Incredible, you can up this to 14/28 damage.

Kayn Sunfury and Consume Magic are your 'pls no Taunt' protections, while Skull of Gul'dan is, of course, something to try and help you pile even more damage on in a single turn by discounting any of the combo pieces.

The other Lifesteal cards are there as contingency options. Eye Beam and Felscream Blast, for example, can each give you an extra 3 damage to work with, while Insatiable Felhound could just be sitting there, being a good boy from a previous turn.

The remaining cards are just generally quite good, and should be used to clear the way or get chip damage in.

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