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UPDATE: Things have changed since Darkmoon released. Several new cards, additions, replacements added. Above Turn 7 is now less relevant and card draw + damage is priority, with aiming to have at least 2-4 damage done each turn to the enemy. Even managed to lower the cost by 1000 dust.

Replaced Glaivezooka with Headhunter's Hatchet, Snake Totem with Sandtrooper. Philosophy is that even your minions die, you gain damage or card draw advantage. Added Polluted Hoarder for card draw.

Deal Face damage, both early and late. Every 2 mana card is dedicated to pushing Face or delaying the enemy minions. No matter what card you draw, it's a threat that makes the enemy panic.

You also want to use your Hero Power as many turns as possible.

Bottom line is that you want your enemy dead by Turn 6-7. Above that is drawing and hitting.


Mulligan for: Hatchet, Mad Scientist, Sandtrooper, (Secrets Pack and Cat Trick are okay to keep)

Phase 1: Turn 1-3

 Turn 1 Hero power or use Mad Scientist to counter early minions. However, if you have Sandtrooper, have that come out as cannon fodder/early damage, skirmishers screening your Engines. 

Turn 2  Mad Scientist, Sandtrooper. If you have a Scavenger's Ingenuity, you get a 4/5 Phase Stalker for Turn 3!  Here you can set up a GC for Turn 3 2/3 and 4 Face dmg! Or save it all for Turn 5 with 2/3 body and a secret + 2 dmg.

Turn 3, one of the most important turns for the game. Choose to start your Phase Stalker secret drawing engine or put out more bait. Pack tactics will give you a 3/3 engine or glass cannon. Against aggro, this is great, but Priest, Mage, and Warlock have spells to kill Stalker. Use the glass cannons to bait them out. Update: Prioritize putting out PS first over new Darkmoon beast Manastalker, as you want the secrets weeded out so MS can get the damage card draws.

Headhunter + HP + minion attack should leave your enemy with 7 HP less.
Manafeeder Panthara Card Image

By the end of turn 3, your enemy should be around 22-20 HP.

Note: Cat Trick is to prepare for spell wipes. That way you get a Stealth 4/2 + HP = 6 Face damage even when your board's gone.

Phase 2:  Turn 4-6

Turn 4 is the building upon Turn 3. A Garrison Commander gives a 2/3 with 4 face damage. If Stalker is still alive, you get 2 secrets drawn out. A Felfire Deadeye + GC = 2 2/3 bodies and 4 Face damage. Or Knife Vendor for 4 Face damage.

Knife Vendor Card Image

Turn 5 doesn't offer much besides Hero Power and leftover glass cannons. Feeling lucky players can Garrison Commander here (see below). Scavenger's Ingenuity can also be played to get a Stalker, then cast a Secret. Or you can bring out Dragonbane early. UPDATE: Knife Vendor is a new Darkmoon card. Play this to bait out secrets or just get a 3/4 body + HP for 6 Face damage.

Another Darkmoon combo is Phase Stalker----->HP----->Manastalker. You'll get a 2/3 body, 2 Face dmg, then a card draw, and another 2/3 body. Don't mess up the order!

Turn 6 is interesting as that's open to a number of combos. Phase Stalker and Garrison Commander for 2/3 bodies, 4 face damage, and 2 secrets on the field. 

A more difficult but rewarding combo is Turn 5 Garrison Commander and a Turn 6 Dragonbane ambush. You can deal 4-14 face damage in an instant. At least 4 damage will hit face at least, but the rest can clear out any rabble minions. Try and crush any low-HP minions first and set up the 14 face damage. UPDATE: With Felfire Deadeye on Turn 5, a Dragonbane + GC on Turn 6 leads to the 4-14 combo early!

Phase 3: Turn 7-10

Card draw is essential here + using HP. Your enemy should be hovering around 10 or less health at this point.

Safest 4-14 combo is CG + Dragon Bane + 2 hits of HP for max damage


Taunts are still a PITA, so Maiev Shadowsong. Not only does she 'silence' the taunts and delays big minions/engines, but she prevents Deathrattle triggering.

I have not tried Steamwheedle Sniper or Frost Giant yet, but they're more controlly than I'd like.


This deck has trouble with Resurrect Priest and Secret Mage. Former for the wall of Taunts and Lifesteal. Latter for out Face Damaging me, along with destroying my minions before they touched the board. Might want to put a Flare for Secrets and silences for Priest.

Warlocks summon  Voidcaller to cheese out Mal'Ganis. Keep a Freezing Trap on hand.

Odd Demon Hunter and Pirate Warrior were big threats before the nerfs (and they still are). That's what Hatchet is for, to take out the early 2HP drops.

You'll also have to deal with Zephrys and Reno Jackson getting rid of your secrets and healing Face. All I can say is do as much damage before Turn 6 and afterward, do huge bursts of damage to counter Reno. Don't use Freezing Trap on them and remember the 4-14 combo!

Consider Hemet, Jungle Hunter for getting rid of all the 2-costs in your deck near endgame, so you can draw the Knives and Dragonbane.

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    Posted 3 years, 3 months ago

    What if you replace Micro Machine with Novice Engineer

    and replace Polluted Hoarder with x2 Lifedrinker or 2 Novice Engineerand 1 Lifedrinker

    I don't play wild much so maybe I'm wrong but Polluted Hoarder seems slow to me and there seems like better options than Micro Machine

    then again I don't know the reasoning to your card choices so maybe I'm wrong.

    • theo333's Avatar
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      Posted 3 years, 3 months ago

      I want to give the enemy a dilemma between Face damage vs giving me card draw, combined from into one minion.

      I have enough beasts in the deck, and I don't want to Scavenge a 4-mana Beast when I can draw the other 2-manas for damage/secret draw. Polluted Hoarder gives them a choice between 4 Face or another card for me.

      To  be honest, I'm moving away from Micro Machine in my next iteration due to how vulnerable it is.


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