Aggro Warrior is Back!!

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This is just Hearthstone 101. Play stuff on curve, hit them in the face. Mulligan for a one drop.


With that being said, Bloodsworn Mercenary is really great in this deck. If you use Inner Rage on Kor'kron Elite or Leeroy Jenkins and then double it up, you can do 14 or 16 damage, respectively (for only 7/8 mana). 


I'm not totally sure if Warpath belongs in here or not. I can't tell how aggressive the meta is yet. But even if it turns out pretty slow, if you can stick a Frothing Berserker and a few other things, then deal one damage to the board a few times, it can get out of control for your opponent pretty quickly. Frothing Berserker is another great target for Bloodsworn Mercenary.

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